Empower Your Brand With AR Product Visualization

Empower Your Brand With Immersive AR Product Visualization

With the increasing number of online shoppers, if one technological advancement has made online shopping easy, it has to be augmented reality product visualization. By overlaying virtual elements on real objects, augmented reality product visualization shatters the boundaries of traditional product presentation. It opens a new era in experiential shopping, design assessment, and interactive exploration, paving the way for a revolutionary way for customers to interact with products. 

In this blog, we will discuss augmented reality product visualization, some examples, its benefits to marketers, and future of AR.

What Is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is the technology that involves overlaying real-world objects and scenarios with 3D virtual objects using an AR device, which enables the virtual world to interact with real-world objects. It visually changes the natural environment or adds information to enhance the user’s experience. This information delivered through devices like smartphones or glasses is overlaid to offer an interwoven experience that can be used to change the perception of the real world. In layman’s terms, augmented reality provides an interactive experience by combining the real world with computer-generated content.

Because it offers an interactive and immersive experience, augmented reality is widely used in the entertainment industry, travel and tourism, classroom education, the medical field, social media platforms, and more. Using AR product visualization, brands can help customers better understand the product features and functionalities and decide whether or not it will suit their lifestyle.

Interesting Ways Companies Are Using Augmented Reality

Leading brands and companies have used augmented reality to their advantage‌. Listed below are a few approaches in which they implement augmented reality in different aspects.

Try before buying: Interaction with the product plays a crucial role in purchase decisions. Online shopping restrains customers from physically examining or feeling the product. This can leave the customers wondering whether the product will fit their environment. Augmented reality eliminates this barrier by allowing customers to try on different products like clothes, makeup, and more without physically interacting with them.

Augmented touring: Leading businesses like Mercedes, Hyundai, Starbucks, and more use augmented reality to educate customers about their products. They have added a digital component to their physical product to guide the customers throughout their shopping journey and enhance the brand-related experience.

One industry benefitting the most from augmented reality is travel and tourism, which offers travelers an immersive experience before they book a ticket. Take, for example, you want to visit Paris. Using augmented reality glasses, you can stroll around the cities and roads of Paris and check out which museums or cafes you would like to see.

Experiential marketing: Also known as engagement marketing or live marketing, experiential marketing is the technique to enhance brand awareness through live events, pop-up stores, virtual events, and interactive installations. This plays a critical role in helping the brand gain traction and increases the likelihood of garnering more audience through word-of-mouth marketing. 

For example, Tyson Foods promoted Jimmy Dean Sausage products using AR. They used a mobile filter trained by machine learning, scanning through which customers can unlock a coupon that will give them a free roll at Jimmy Dean Sausage. 

Another example of brands offering experiential marketing through augmented reality is the Pepsi campaign in the London bus shelter, where users could see flying saucers, UFOs, robots, and more such objects in the AR window while waiting for the bus.

Empower Your Brand With Immersive AR Product Visualization

Augmented branding material: Augmented reality can enhance the effectiveness of branding material like brochures by attaching a virtual component. This brochure or printed materials can serve as a gateway to more information, enhancing visual appeal, customer engagement, and efficacy. For example, businesses can create cards with AI-infused branding material to be shared with customers, who can scan them to access different contact options, information, and features.

Design & modeling: AR glasses and headsets help architects enter the building and check how the project will look and whether the design aligns with the goal. It also lets them make quick virtual changes on the go. AR headset visualization also helps urban planners with modeling and visualizing how will the design of the entire city turn out to be.

Entertainment: The increasing demand for an immersive experience by the audience has led to entertainment companies offering AR games. Take, for example, Pokemon Go, which was an AR-powered game and became a sensation.

How Does AR Product Visualization Help Marketers?

Ways of online shopping are evolving, and augmented reality enhances the business’s ability to attract the audience’s attention. With AR experience, brands allow customers to explore products they are interested in without touching and trying them physically. Instead of simply putting the product in front of the audience, augmented reality helps brands create a more interactive and immersive experience. If you are a marketer looking for new ways to showcase your product, implement augmented reality for its following benefits.

Expand market reach: Augmented reality can create a buzz around the product and expand the market reach. A well-designed AR experience with a unique appeal will instantly grab the target audience’s attention and leave a long-lasting impression. This high appeal of AR marketing campaigns will ensure that each ad gets more exposure and reach.

Promote the brand: Businesses can use augmented reality to excite their target audience about the product, enhancing brand identity and exposure.

Furthermore, by customizing the campaign’s content according to the needs and preferences of the target audience, they can offer a customized, interactive, and immersive shopping experience.

Enhance purchase decisions: Augmented reality marketing campaigns strengthen the decision-making capability of the target audience. This unique marketing approach can be used to help customers visualize whether or not the product in question will fit into their lifestyle. Augmented Reality removes the trial and error and disappointment, making the brand a preferred choice for the customers.

Save on marketing costs: If you think that since augmented reality is the latest technology, adopting it can be costly, you are in for a surprise. Despite the advancement in technology, augmented reality marketing is relatively affordable. This is because of the many user-friendly AR tools and platforms businesses can leverage without significant financial investment. Businesses can also use smartphones to create and deploy AR experiences through mobile applications. Hence, AR marketing is cost-effective for businesses looking to reach a broader audience base.

Minimize return: Since Augmented reality marketing campaigns allow customers to see how the product will fit into their lifestyle and provide all the information they need, it will help them make an informed decision. This better understanding of the product will minimize dissatisfaction and reduce the possibility of returns.

Boost social media marketing: Augmented Reality can make your post go viral on social media platforms.

AR is a proven way to compel the audience to engage with the product and explore it further. For example, Nike used AR to promote their latest sneakers, wherein they asked the customer to jump and dribble and track their scores. They were also encouraged to share their images on their social media profiles, which garnered a lot of attention.

Enhance conversion rate: Using AR, customers can visualize the product in the real world before deciding to purchase.

Furthermore, since it allows them to interact virtually with the product, they will be able to understand how the product will look and feel in their space. This visualization will minimize uncertainty and boost customers’ confidence in the product, ultimately enhancing the conversion rate.

Moreover, the attractive and engaging element of AR marketing captures the attention of and engages the customers by providing them with an enjoyable and memorable brand interaction. It increases customer engagement, boosting the likelihood of conversion since customers will want to explore the product further and purchase.

Examples of Brands Using Augmented Reality Product Visualization

Different brands use augmented reality for the above-mentioned benefits. Let us look at some examples of the leading brands that use augmented reality that you might have encountered but have not paid much attention to.

IKEA: If there is one brand that makes the optimum use of augmented reality, it has to be IKEA. It allows shoppers to visualize the product in their own space before purchasing. The IKEA Place application overlays to-scale furniture models in real-time or through the IKEA home planner, which customers can use to determine whether the product will suit their home or office design.

Empower Your Brand With Immersive AR Product Visualization

Sephora: Customers are generally apprehensive about buying makeup products online because they might buy lipstick or foundation coverage of the wrong color unless they try it. While many brands allow in-store visitors to test the products before purchasing, only some customers would be comfortable doing the same. Understanding this predicament, Sephora offers an in-store virtual kiosk. It has implemented a Modiface technology to scan lips and eyes before superimposing different lip colors, foundations, and eye shadows. This help customers visualize how the product will look on them and only purchase when satisfied.

StubHub: One of the biggest dilemmas of football fans waiting for the Superbowl is finding and booking a set that lets them enjoy the complete match without any hindrance. StubHub understood this and decided to include an AR feature in their mobile application, which offers a virtual 3D view of the US Bank Stadium along with the garages and concession stands. This helps the buyers visualize what it will feel like to be in the stadium, thereby minimizing the risk of paying for a seat that can disrupt their enjoyment.

Empower Your Brand With Immersive AR Product Visualization

Netflix: Netflix has been using experiential marketing and AR experience to promote Stranger Things. Earlier, they did so with an Instagram filter that would place the users within the Stranger Things universe from the comfort of their homes. To promote the latest season of Stranger Things, they invited viewers to an in-person location and participate in games that make them feel like they are part of the Stranger Things universe.

ASOS: ASOS has always been one step ahead of brands in the fashion industry when it comes to implementing the latest technology to enhance customer experience. While ASOS fully utilized AR by 2019, when the pandemic hit the world, it came up with the See My Fit technology, which allows viewers to fit clothes on the models using augmented reality digitally.

Further enriching the customer experience, See My Fit also shows how the clothes will look on models of different sizes and shapes. This technology has helped them boost sales and minimize the possibility of returns.

Gucci: Gucci is one of the first luxury brands to have adopted AR technology in its marketing campaigns. Its highly functional “try on” sneakers features give customers a view of how the product will look in real life.

Furthermore, they recently launched a virtual sneaker that can only be worn and shared online.

Modiface on Amazon: Similar to Sephora, to enhance the certainty over their purchase, L’Oreal has launched Modiface for its store on Amazon, which lets them digitally try on makeup, even on live photos and videos.

Amazon Salon: Amazon is planning to launch its new retail technology where users can gather all the relevant information about the product by just pointing to it.

Furthermore, there will be a QR code on the shelf, which users can scan to make the purchase.

Empower Your Brand With Immersive AR Product Visualization

Lacoste: French sportswear company Lacoste recently adopted augmented reality by combining 3D scanning with its augmented reality application. When customers visit a Lacoste retail location, they can put their feet on a designated AR graphic area and scan it through their phones. The app will personalize shoe designs according to the shoe size and how it will look on the person, alongside displaying other product-related information. This has not only enhanced the retail experience for the customers but also reduced the burden on the staff within the store.

Future of Augmented Reality Product Visualization

Augmented Reality transforms product visualization, and we should brace ourselves for even more significant changes. The growth of augmented reality in the virtual space has changed our lifestyle and interactions. With more and more tech companies making considerable investments in AR wearables, it won’t be wrong to say that augmented reality is on the road to massively changing the online customer experience. 

As of now, one of the most significant examples of augmented reality in action is Google Lens. Available on Android, this app allows users to scan QR codes and objects through the camera. It bridges the gap between the online and offline markets by helping users find the product online that they are viewing in the physical store. The ability of augmented reality to take up the conventional marketing method and convert it into a fully immersive experience will enhance the customer engagement level, thus boosting the conversion rate.

House of Blue Beans- Your Ultimate Destination for Augmented Reality Product Visualization Requirements

House of Blue Beans specializes in creating an immersive AR experience that will leave your customers in awe. Our AR experts will work closely with you to understand your vision and objectives and design custom AR solutions tailored to your requirements. We offer various services, such as

Augmented Reality Experiences: At House of Blue Beans, imagination meets reality since we incorporate cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions that seamlessly blend the physical and virtual worlds. Whether you want to create interactive product demonstrations, virtual tours, or gamified marketing campaigns, our team of experts will ensure that you can offer an immersive AR experience to your customers in a way that builds brand awareness, boosts engagement, and drives growth. With our expertise in AR technology, we offer tailored AR solutions that will transform your vision into reality and leave a lasting impression.

Our AR experience services include:

  • 360 Shoppable Room: Enhance customers’ shopping experience by allowing them to explore your product in a virtual showroom. A replica of your physical store, these virtual showrooms have products placed just like in your store. It will provide a 360-degree view of the showroom wherein customers can click on the product they like and purchase. Aside from strengthening customers’ decision-making, our 360 shoppable room will help boost customer engagement by offering them an interactive and immersive shopping experience, enhancing conversion rate, and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Visualizer App: Enrich your customers’ shopping experience and help them make the right decision by allowing them to mix and match different designs, textures, colors, and more. The visualizer application helps the customer understand which configuration fits their lifestyle best. Allowing your customers to customize the product per their preference will increase purchase confidence and gain a competitive edge. Our VR-based visualizer application helped Henkel boost their sales and enhance customer experience. Look at this case study to see how we assisted Henkel in achieving this.
  • Holoroom Pocket: Transform your customers into a world where they can interact with the product and understand how it will simplify their lifestyle with our Holoroom Pocket. Through CGI and our knowledge and expertise in VR, we create a holo room for your offerings, showcasing a relevant setting where we place your products. Using a VR headset, customers will enter the virtual world and experience how the product works. By visualizing and experiencing the product, customers can interact with it, increasing their confidence in purchasing.
  • Custom Experience: Take the guesswork out of customers’ shopping journeys by offering them a custom experience, helping them understand how the product will fit in their space. Using CGI and AR, we will offer custom experiences to help them understand how a product will look in their home, office, or bathroom.

3D Modeling: Visualize your concepts with the House of Blue Beans 3D modeling service. We have the expertise to create an exceptional foundation for your visual content, no matter your desire. We bring them all to life, from complex character models to detailed product prototypes to immersive environments.

Images: Our highly detailed and accurate images bring your vision to life. House of Blue Beans will ensure that every image captures the audience’s attention and boost engagement. Whether it is a white background, lifestyle image, or 360 spins, we have you covered.

Empower Your Brand With Immersive AR Product Visualization
  • White background: Make your product the center of attention with our clear white background images. With the House of Blue Beans white background image, your customers will focus on nothing but the product.
Empower Your Brand With AR Product Visualization
  • Lifestyle Image: Create captivating visuals and tell a story that makes your brand relatable to the customers with our lifestyle images. Aside from transporting your customers to a new world, our lifestyle images evoke emotions and inspire aspirations.
Empower Your Brand With AR Product Visualization
  • 360 Spin: Make sure your customers have the power to explore the product from all angles and perspectives with our 360 spin image services. With our ability to transform plain images into enriching visual experiences, we will leave your audience in awe.

Videos: Offer your customers an immersive and interactive experience with our wide range of videos. From product, how-to, functionality, and white background to inspirational, we offer different kinds of videos to make your product stand out. Look at this eCommerce video we created highlighting several electronic devices by a brand.

  • White background: Our seamless white background videos put your product in the spotlight. Understanding the importance of showcasing your product in the best light, we will create visually stunning videos with details highlighted in precision and clarity.
  • Functionality: Highlight your product’s features and capabilities with House of Blue Beans functionality videos. Whether you want to demonstrate intricate mechanisms or showcase an intuitive interface, with us, you can rest assured that the essence of your product will be captured in a visually engaging way.
  • Product: Create impactful and persuasive product videos to grab your audience’s attention and boost the conversion rate with House of Blue Beans. Through captivating stories and stunning visuals, our team of experts will bring your product to life like we did in the video for a furniture brand. Take a look.
  • How-to: Simplify learning with interactive and engaging how-to videos by House of Blue Beans. We will break down complex concepts to ensure your audience feels informed and enlightened, like in this video, where we explain how to install a fence. Check it out.
  • Inspirational: Inspire your audience with an emotionally engaging video that will leave a long-lasting impression on your target audience, like this one where we helped clients offer their customers a visual experience that resonates with their target audience.

Architectural Visualization: Showcase your ideas in stunning, photorealistic details with our architectural visualization service. Deploying our team of highly skilled designers and artists, we create immersive 3D renderings and animations like this video, so you can see your final space before construction begins.

Social Media Content: Stand out on social media with our dynamic and impactful social media visual content. We specialize in creating graphics, videos, and animations explicitly tailored to social media platforms by our talented designers and content creators.

Why Should You Choose House Of Blue Beans For Augmented Reality Product Visualization?

We will help you captivate your audience and stay ahead of the competition by combining our cutting-edge technology with our seamless integration abilities, which prove pivotal in creating AR marketing campaigns that are not only visually stunning but highly functional and user-friendly. Whether you want to create a buzz around a new product or boost your conversion rate, House of Blue Beans will be beside you to create an AR experience that will resonate with your audience.

Empower Your Brand With AR Product Visualization

House of Blue Beans guarantees

Budget-friendliness: We are a cost-effective AR visual content service provider that combines cutting-edge technology with innovative techniques to offer immersive AR experiences at a fraction of the cost. Our services cost 1/4th of what you will pay with the conventional method. Since we implement CGI, we only need product images to start the project. This eliminates the cost associated with traditional photography, like shipping the physical product, renting a location for the shoot, or hiring a dedicated photographer, further reducing the operational cost.

Quicker Turnaround Time: With us, you can rest assured that you will get your visual content within 10-12 days, unlike the conventional methodology, which can take up to 3 months. This will decrease your go-to-market time and also enable pre-orders. We implement proprietary software that encourages collaboration and asset management to further speed up the processing.

Top-notch Quality: We take pride in delivering premium visual content solutions to industry leaders and Fortune 50 companies like Lowe’s, Henkel, Honeywell, Target Retail, and more. Our visual content solutions are consistent with your brand guidelines since all our processes occur in a digitally controlled environment.

Judicious: We believe the success of campaigning the campaign lies in the details, so we create every AR marketing campaign with meticulous attention to detail.

Client-focused: Customer satisfaction is our priority. To make sure that we are enhancing customer experience, we will work alongside you to understand your target audience, your vision, and your objective so that we are creating AR experiences that can strike a chord with your target audience.

Integration Capabilities: Our AR product visualization can be integrated across different platforms, websites, or social media channels. This will enable your customers to make direct purchases after visualizing the product, streamlining the buying process.

Furthermore, our product visualizations are compatible across different devices and platforms, be it smartphones, tablets, or AR glasses.

Quick Loading Time: Since we create AR product images and videos with low-fidelity 3D models as the foundation, your visualizations will load faster, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for your customers when interacting with the product visualization.

Accurate Scaling and Dimension: Our AR product visualization accurately represents the product’s size and dimension in the real world. Our goal is to ensure customers get a clear understanding of the product dimension and how it will fit in their environment.

Augmented reality is a technology that has the potential to benefit businesses in more ways than one. By implementing augmented reality, brands save significantly on the marketing tool while expanding their reach and promoting their brand identity.

Most importantly, since AR-based tools and applications allow customers to visualize and interact with the product, it leads to an immersive and enjoyable brand interaction which can directly impact the conversion rate. 

With House of Blue Beans’ augmented reality services, you can captivate your customers and leave a long-lasting impression with an interactive experience. Our expertise in bringing products to life will help your customers visualize and experience the product like never before.

So what are you waiting for?

Reach out to the House of Blue Beans team of augmented reality experts and leverage the endless possibilities of augmented reality marketing today