3D Interior Rendering Services

Transforming Your Vision into Bold & Beautiful Interior Spaces that are Visually Engaging

Designing Interior Spaces That Communicate Visually

Visualize your space through aesthetically pleasing interior design renders that will ease out the communication and help you build something that will stand out. Whether you’re an architectural firm, real estate agency, or construction company, we can help you craft stunning interior renders from scratch.
What is 3D Interior Visualization & Rendering?

Interior visualization & rendering is nothing but the process of designing floor plans, decor, furniture, etc. by a highly skilled artist who uses visualization software. It not only allows you to place all the items inside a room but also highlights the position of important structural elements like decor, furniture, appliances, etc. Having a 3D interior render can also help you visualize a space even before it’s developed and prevent any potential design/construction flaws beforehand.

How does Interior Rendering help?

Interior rendering optimizes the process of interior design and streamlines the workflow. It gives you more freedom to create space that resonates with your vision. Moreover, it is cost-effective, and saves time. 3d interior rendering service can also play a great role in boosting marketing and sales of your real estate properties.

What are the use cases of interior renders?

3D interior renders have several applications as they are easily customizable and highly effective. For instance, they can be used for interior design presentations: with 3D renders, your plans will look realistic and bodacious. You can also use them to ease out the collaboration between multiple teams. It also helps architectural firms or real estate developers to bring walk-ins to the unit that they plan to sell or rent.

Who can use interior renders?

3D interior renders are used across multiple industries and various professions. Here are a few professionals that can benefit the most from our services: – Architects – Marketing and advertising managers – Real estate agents – Interior designers – Furniture designers – Investors

How 3D Rendering For Interior Design Can Improve Profits?

3D interior renders are much more convincing than hand-drawn sketches that look vague and unpolished. They will not only help you maximize your conversions but also take your marketing several notches above ordinary.

3d Interior Rendering Service | House Of Blue Beans

Our Differentiator

We’re a team of highly experienced professionals you can count on for your most intricate projects.

Work with our creative team remotely. Traveling to a physical PhotoStudio is not required.


Go live with stunning product visuals in under 2 weeks.


Create customer delight using high-quality content created with a stringent quality control protocol.


Save 75% in cost by leveraging our content creation technology.


Reuse virtual photoshoot locations & 3D assets to create refreshing content across campaigns, seasons & channels.


Organically Futureproof for AR, VR & Metaverse through CGI.


Produce creative briefs with our Creative team and scale your content pipeline.


Visualization management system enabling collaborative content development and asset management.

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Be it a Summer afternoon scene at a beach house or a seasonal greeting with snow.. Create all of it with a click.

Providing Premium 3D Interior Rendering Services

House of Blue Beans gives you the best quality product visuals, with quick turnaround time, at affordable costs. You don’t need to make trade-offs between quality or cost while working with us. Our primary focus is on delivering top-quality services to our clients.

Top-notch Quality

We’ve earned a decade of trust from renowned brands like Lowe’s and Target by providing photorealistic product visualization services. Our attention to detail covers shape, proportions, scale, textures, finish, shadows, and reflection, ensuring stunning visuals replace traditional photographs & videos.

Quick Turnaround Time

Our fast services save 80% of your time and deliver renders in just 2 weeks (vs. 3 months for traditional photography). Additionally, our proprietary Visualization Management System (VMS) enables collaborative content development and efficient asset and content management.

Maximize ROI

Experience our cost-effective content creation services across various channels, including print, e-commerce, signage, social media, and broadcast. With virtual environments and 3D models, we help you save big, leaving traditional photography expenses behind.

End-to-end Solution

Our proprietary pipeline begins with just 3-4 reference images and product dimensions from you, allowing us to easily kickstart the visual creation process. Our creative team aligns with your brand guidelines, ensuring a tailored and seamless experience from start to finish. Customized convenience for our customers is our priority.

Our Life’s Work

Creating artistic and enchanting interior renders for brands and businesses from across the globe


Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions

The cost of developing interior renders depends on elements like the size of your space, the complexity of the scene, the amount of supporting props and furniture, the detailing required, and several other factors such as total renders required and the overall intricacy of the project. Share with us your requirements, and our team will get back to you with an accurate proposal for your project.

Absolutely. We will never share any of your data/information with any third parties whomsoever. Additionally, we can also sign an NDA agreement to ensure your data remains untouched and in safe hands.

Turnaround time usually depends on the intricacy of the project. 

We offer two pricing models: standard and custom. Standard prices can be downloaded from the form below. For custom requirements, please send us an email to inquiry@houseofbluebeans.com


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