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Transform your product animation ideas into reality with our 3D video production service. Let us help you create high-quality videos that are impactful and inspiring.

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Fortune50 companies like Lowe’s Home Improvement and Target Retail trust us for our exceptional product video services.


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CGI Driven Video Production

Our video creation starts with 3D asset creation wherein our experts create photoreal 3D images of your products that look absolutely amazing. No, we don’t need physical access to your products. All you need to do, is send in product images as per our specifications and we do the rest. These product models are then used in photoreal CGI videos created for different use cases. Whether you need explainer videos, functionality animation videos, how-to videos, educational videos or more, HOBB has got your covered. We give your imagination wings and ensure the videos that showcase your products create the necessary marketing impact and drive sales.
What kind of videos can you create?

We can create a wide range of videos for your company. Whether you want simple product videos, complex product functionality animations, how-to or installation videos, and inspirational videos.

Where can I use videos?

Videos are one of the best means of marketing your product/services. You can use them across your website, YouTube, social media, TVC, and eCommerce platforms.

Why HOBB for videos?

We can create attention-grabbing videos that connect, inspire, and convince its viewers to invest in your idea, product, or service.

How to get started?

We will need a short brief about the project to get things rolling. Get in touch with our experts to learn more.

Explore Our 3D Animation Videos

Discover the magic of 3D product animation videos! Our captivating videos are 100% computer generated and crafted in 3D, delivering unparalleled realism and attention to detail. We help you create high-quality 3D animations of your products ranging from inspirational product animation videos to installation guides and architectural showcases. Check out a few of our 3D product visualization videos to get started today!

3D Product Animation Company Delivering Top Notch 3D Animation Services

House of Blue Beans gives you the best quality product visuals, with quick turnaround time, at affordable costs. You don’t need to make trade-offs between quality or cost while working with us. Our primary focus is on delivering top-quality services to our clients.

Top-notch Quality

We’ve earned a decade of trust from renowned brands like Lowe’s and Target by providing photorealistic product visualization services. Our attention to detail covers shape, proportions, scale, textures, finish, shadows, and reflection, ensuring stunning visuals replace traditional photographs & videos.

Quick Turnaround Time

Our fast services save 80% of your time and deliver renders in just 2 weeks (vs. 3 months for traditional photography). Additionally, our proprietary Visualization Management System (VMS) enables collaborative content development and efficient asset and content management.

Maximize ROI

Experience our cost-effective content creation services across various channels, including print, e-commerce, signage, social media, and broadcast. With virtual environments and 3D models, we help you save big, leaving traditional photography expenses behind.

End-to-end Solution

Our proprietary pipeline begins with just 3-4 reference images and product dimensions from you, allowing us to easily kickstart the visual creation process. Our creative team aligns with your brand guidelines, ensuring a tailored and seamless experience from start to finish. Customized convenience for our customers is our priority.


Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions
We are a 3D product animation company and we provide videos as per your requirements for all major online platforms such as eCommerce, social media, YouTube, TV commercials or large screens.

We can provide you videos with stock music at an additional cost but we do not write scripts, create voice overs and music mixes

No, physical products are not required. We can work with digital inputs such as images, dimensions, and other specifications. We will take you through the requirements during the onboarding process.

We offer two pricing models: standard and custom. Standard prices can be downloaded from the form below. For custom requirements, please send us an email to inquiry@houseofbluebeans.com

We can provide the videos in any format that suits your needs. Simply let us know your preferred format, and we will ensure compatibility across the desired online platforms.

Let’s Discuss Your Project Needs

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