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Modeling and Texturing Services

Developing realistic 3D product models & textures that are detailed & accurate
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3D models that are a replica of the physical product in virtual world. Acts as the first step towards 3D/CGI

Product Visualization | House Of Blue Beans


Texturing is the last step of the 3d asset creation process which brings products closer to life. It adds details to assets and helps its viewers interpret the product.

Types of 3D Assets We Provide

Explore the diverse range of 3D models we provide: from high-fidelity 3D models with customizable size, color, and texture to immersive AR/VR compatible low-fidelity 3D models.

High Fidelity 3D Models

3D models that are highly detailed, commonly used for creating photoreal marketing content.


3D Model Variants

Size, color and texture variations of the high fidelity 3D model to further create photoreal content.


Low Fidelity 3D Models

Low-fidelity 3D models that are optimized for new-age consumer experiences such as AR & VR.

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Industries We Serve

Check our work from different industries. Whether you belong to eCommerce or consumer electronics, our effective 3D product visualization has got you covered.
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Furniture & Decor

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Consumer Electronics

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Bath & Kitchen

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Architecture and Real Estate

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Hardware Tools & Electricals

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Consumer Goods

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Building Materials

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A Glimpse into Our Product Visualization Services

We have modelled more than 20k products. Contact us to get glimpse of a relevant portfolio


Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions

3D asset or 3D models are the foundation for creating CG eCommerce images, lifestyle images, videos, AR/VR experiences etc.

No, we do not require the physical product to create 3D models.

Not really, however CAD files help in the overall process in terms of reducing cost and time. We just require few images, dimensions and texture scans (in case of complex texture finishes)

Pricing depends on the complexity of the model, and the complexity is not related to the size of the product but rather the level of detail required in the design. You can find our price list below for more information, or if you have any questions, feel free to email us at .

We provide all commonly/globally used file formats that can help you get eCommerce ready as well as AR / VR ready.

Reference images from all angles, close up reference of complex areas of the product, pattern or texture reference images, pantone colors & dimensions.

With slight modifications & cost a Highpoly 3D asset can be converted to AR / VR ready 3D asset.


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