Henkel's Remarkable Growth With The Visualiser App

Discover how the Visualiser assisted Henkel in reinventing the grout business, improving the customer experience, and realising its commercial objectives.

Henkel, headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, was founded in 1876. The company is a global leader in sealants, adhesives, and functional coatings for both industrial and consumer uses. It manufactures and sells high-quality grouts used to fill gaps between tiles. Ceresit, Polybit, and Loctite are some of Henkel’s best-known grout brands.


Henkel, the client, was unable to help end customers visualize its adhesive brand Ceresit and choose the right grout color from 42 different options that the brand offered. Additionally, the product was sold in 16 different countries, where customers spoke 17 different languages. Last-mile delivery and customization had become increasingly challenging.

We created a simple, user-friendly web-based visualizer application that offered real-time grout selection options in all the languages. This helped end consumers visualize different grout colors along with tile colors similar to the tiles they had in their own homes in order to mix and match and make a more informed decision. As a result, Henkel was able to increase engagement time, reduce conversion time, and create more customer satisfaction.

Challenges Faced By Henkel With Its Former Application

Ceresit grout was available in a variety of colors. Henkel had to address the needs of a massive and ever-expanding client base that spoke 16 different languages.

All that the company had were a few photos and an out-of-date Visualizer application. They couldn’t modify the grout colors in real-time and show them to different language speaking customers for a floor or wall in a room.

As a result, Henkel was finding it difficult to promote the Ceresit grout line to consumers who were presented with the grout color selection dilemma.

Henkel knew the importance of their customers visualizing the grout color range in real-time and had them communicate in 16 different languages. The existing application couldn’t help Henkel’s cause.

Our Proposal To Build A Virtual Reality Based Visualiser Application

To promote the Ceresit grout line, we recommended Henkel use a sophisticated marketing tool that:

A Novel Approach To Improving The Application

We prioritised incorporating new languages and enhancing the user interface during application development. We obtained information about the issues and specifics about the requirements from Henkel. We then received the necessary inputs to enhance the application. Eventually, our in-house team worked on the specifications and produced a bespoke VR based visualiser.

Henkel's Remarkable Growth With The Visualiser App

Futuristic Solutions That Met Henkel’s Specifications

Henkel's Remarkable Growth With The Visualiser App

The upgraded application’s distinctive features include magnifying glasses and the ability to merge many images on a single canvas. Along with the foregoing, the VR based vizualiser application has the following advantages.

1. Improved Grout Colour Visualisation In Real-Time

The configurator has been customised to the brand’s specifications. When the customer mixes physical and digital parameters and visualises the result, the grout color changes in real-time. The customer can view how a particular color grout looks on a tile floor or on a wall in a room.

Henkel's Remarkable Growth With The Visualiser App

2. Effective Communication In 16 Different Languages

Henkel has customers who speak 16 different languages. The application includes a tailored UI that was designed and implemented to meet the individual and unique requirements of each language. This allows Henkel to easily access and approach its diverse clientele.

Henkel's Remarkable Growth With The Visualiser App

3. Simplified And User-Friendly Colour Picking Process

During product visualisation, the product configurator changes grout colour in real-time. This allows the customer to skip visiting the store for grout choosing and thus, considerably reduces grout selection time. Because the design configuration is digitally stored, the customer can begin the purchasing process online and complete it online/in-store.

Henkel's Remarkable Growth With The Visualiser App

4. Easy To Experiment And View Changes In Real-Time

The customers can play around with grout colours and patterns and compare them to the tile colour on the floor or wall in a room. A customer can try on several colour combinations and analyse them to choose the best colour.

Henkel's Remarkable Growth With The Visualiser App

5. Better Decisions In Less Time And Enhanced Customer Experience

The application offers the customers all of the essential adjustments and information. It allows them to view all of their options and know exactly what they’re getting. This removes uncertainty and assists them in making the right decision when it comes to the grout colour that fits best.

Henkel Found The Results Impressive, Evident And In Accordance With Its Expectations

With the virtual reality (VR) based visualiser, Henkel was able to not only present all of its grout colours on one platform, but also provide unprecedented visualisation of the whole grout range and detailed information in the 16 languages the company was after.

This aided Henkel in increasing brand recall value, decreasing conversion time, and converting more visitors into buyers! Henkel had a few nice things to say about us because the application enabled them to virtually reinvent their grout business and significantly improve their clients’ experience.
Testimonial Fernanda

It’s apparent. Our virtual reality based visualiser made Henkel’s vision come true / brought Henkel’s vision to life. It’s no surprise Henkel was pleased with our service.