Beyond Ordinary With Brand Lifestyle Photography

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If you own a business, it means you have a brand. What your brand stands for and the value it will bring to customers shows in every little thing you do, especially the type of visual content you post on various marketing platforms. 

Generating brand awareness and creating a brand identity through images is essential, mainly when you operate online, considering the cut-throat competition and decreasing audience attention span. This is where brand lifestyle photography can be your partner in success.

If you are wondering what brand lifestyle photography is, and how it will benefit your businesses, this guide will help you with that and much more.

What is Brand Lifestyle Photography?

Brand lifestyle photography is the type of lifestyle photography whose aim is to capture visuals ‌that convey the values, essence, and lifestyle which the brand stands for. The intention is to showcase a product by telling a story, evoke emotions, and establish a profound connection with the target audience. The consistency in the brand’s visual identity and style is showcased by adjusting different aspects like lighting, composition, reflection, and more.

Businesses commonly use it when the emotional response is critical to the customer’s decision-making process. Industries like fashion, home decor, beauty, travel, wellness, etc., use brand lifestyle photography to create a sense of desire and evoke emotions in their target audience.

Brand lifestyle photography communicates the brand’s identity and personality and resonates with the customers through a visual narrative. It will include people, backgrounds, and props targeting the brand’s demographics and aligning with its image. By portraying the brand’s desired lifestyle, it elicits emotions in the customers and encourages them to include the product in their daily life to enhance their lifestyle.

How Does Brand Lifestyle Photography Help Businesses?

Brand lifestyle photography can help your business create a distinctive visual style for your brand. By showcasing your products and services against an interesting background, you can communicate the value of your brand through a robust visual identity. There are even more ways a brand lifestyle photographer can help your business, as listed below.

Build a unique image: In today’s digital landscape, where you have to fight every second to be memorable to your target audience; creating an amazing image is paramount. Since brand lifestyle photography includes incorporating distinct visual elements and capturing unique perspectives your business wants to convey, it helps your business stand out from the competitors.

Build trust & reliability: By featuring genuine people and moments, brand lifestyle photography adds an element of authenticity which helps build trust and reliability. Businesses can develop a deeper connection with the target audience by creating a story around a product to convey the brand’s value, mission, and purpose. Customers who identify with the story are likelier to perceive a brand as trustworthy and reliable.

Enhance engagement: A highly-aesthetic and visually appealing image can capture and hold the audience’s attention, making them want to explore the product further, thereby boosting engagement. Furthermore, the visual narrative of brand lifestyle photography offers a compelling and immersive experience that encourages customers to dive deeper into the product and its offerings, further strengthening engagement. 

When Temple and Webster struggled to find a partner to help them with a high-quality product visuals, we helped them enhance their product visualization and boost customer engagement with our high-quality 3D models and product visuals. We have used our proprietary 3D modeling pipeline to deliver over 500 high-quality 3D models to Temple and Webster.

Build a community: Brand lifestyle photography is a powerful medium for businesses to share moments and experiences that resonate with their audience. This creates a shared sense of experience which encourages people to connect and engage with people who have similar interests, thereby fostering a sense of community.

Furthermore, brand lifestyle photography can inspire other people to share their experience using the product, also known as user-generated content. People contributing their perspectives and experience enhances engagement and builds a sense of community.

Make the product memorable: A brand lifestyle story tells a story about a product that customers resonate with and find memorable. The emotionally charged images evoke emotions that help develop a strong bond and make the brand memorable. Furthermore, brand lifestyle photography contextualizes the product by showcasing how it can be used and fit into the customer’s life. Customers envision themselves using the product, which makes it memorable and enhances its desirability.

Some Famous Examples Of Brand Lifestyle Photography

The companies mentioned below have been using brand lifestyle photography as a powerful marketing tool to create an association between the brand and the experience. Using brand lifestyle photography, these companies have enhanced brand recognition and made their product memorable.

Pepsi: The minute you think of Pepsi, it transports you to a world of energetic and youthful individuals engaging in various social activities, like parties, picnics, and social events. Such is the power of the brand lifestyle photography of Pepsi. It exudes a sense of fun, togetherness, and a vibrant lifestyle, creating an emotional bond with the target audience and helping Pepsi position itself as a beverage brand that aims to enhance people’s everyday life. The brand reinforces recognition and builds identity through its standard blue color and logo.

Go Beyond The Ordinary With Brand Lifestyle Photography

Target Retail: The marketing images of target retail show individuals, families, and friends engaging in and enjoying different activities together. It ranges from families enjoying cooking together to friends going about their lives using Target retail products. Target presents itself as a brand that simplifies daily life by showcasing products in contextual and real-life situations. It uses its signature red color and logo to reinforce and create a cohesive brand identity.

Go Beyond The Ordinary With Brand Lifestyle Photography

Titan: Titan is one of the oldest watch and jewelry brands that has stood out from the crowd, predominantly because of its ability to market in a way that implies how the elegance and craftsmanship of its product can help customers express individuality and enhance personal style.

By showcasing the watches and jewelry pieces in everyday settings or special occasions, Titan positions itself as a brand of sophistication and quality. It meticulously uses different aspects of photography, like lighting, reflections, and more, to focus on the product details, which are crucial in making the brand memorable and establishing a solid identity.

Go Beyond The Ordinary With Brand Lifestyle Photography

Cadbury: A household name in the confectionery industry, Cadbury has always created hype and exuded a sense of delight amongst its customers through images that showcase families, friends, and individuals relishing in the moment of togetherness, celebration, or indulgence. By capturing the joyful emotions in the image, Cadbury conveys the brand is about enjoying the sweetness of life. Cadbury successfully creates a memorable brand identity by incorporating vibrant colors, mouth-watering visuals of chocolate, and its distinctive purple color.

Go Beyond The Ordinary With Brand Lifestyle Photography

Urban Ladder: Urban Ladder is one of the leading names in home decor, furniture, and interior design, and rightfully so, considering how strategic their visual marketing is. Their images show beautifully designed living spaces, homes, offices, and other settings with Urban Ladder products and accessories. 

By exuding a sense of sophistication, modernity, and style, the brand positions itself as a high-quality, contemporary home furnishings provider. Through presenting home decor products and furniture in aesthetically pleasing and well-curated spaces, Urban Ladder aims to inspire its customers to enhance their lifestyles by adding their products to the home.

Go Beyond The Ordinary With Brand Lifestyle Photography

Lowe’s: The home improvement giant showcases home improvement projects and DIY activities in its brand lifestyle image. The core of their marketing lies in building an image that encourages individuals or professionals to transform their life, starting from home. It shows individuals or families engaging in different activities and using a Lowe’s product to accomplish them. This contextual marketing through photography helps Lowe’s customers feel motivated, inspired, and confident and positions the brand as the go-to provider for home improvement and DIY projects.

Beyond Ordinary With Brand Lifestyle Photography

Barrette Outdoor Living: Barrette Outdoor Living offers products and services that enhance outdoor spaces. Their brand lifestyle photography focuses on how people require and enjoy outdoor activities. Barrette Outdoor Living showcases its fences, railing, and pergolas products by capturing pictures in aesthetically pleasing outdoor settings, like decks and patios. They aim to convey a sense of relaxation and aspiration among their customers, encouraging them to connect with nature. It showcases the product’s utility within a lifestyle context by incorporating vibrant colors and combining close-ups and wide-angle shots.

Beyond Ordinary With Brand Lifestyle Photography

Marico: A leading personal care and well-being brand, Marico focuses on evoking a sense of self-care among its customers by showcasing how its products can transform individuals’ lives. Its images encourage self-care and well-being and position itself as a brand devoted to enriching lives through its high-quality products.

Beyond Ordinary With Brand Lifestyle Photography

Tips To Take The Perfect Brand Lifestyle Photograph

A picture says a thousand words, but bringing out the brand personality through a still image can be tricky. This is why we are here to help you with tips on ensuring your brand lifestyle photograph conveys your message and strikes a chord with your target audience.

Know your audience: A profound understanding of the different aspects related to your target audience can help you capture images that will resonate with the preferences and interests of your target audience. Perform thorough research to understand your target audience’s demographics, interests, and aspirations.

Define the story: A story can inspire people and encourage them to take action. This is why you must build an exciting story that makes your audience explore the product, engage with the brand, or purchase. You can influence consumer behavior by creating a visual narrative communicating your brand’s value and essence. Therefore, it is essential to determine the narrative that will give a clear direction to your photography.

Pick the right location & model: A background can make a significant impact on creating a brand perception. Depending on the type of product you are selling, choose a location that will portray your product in the best light possible. Similarly, decide on a model that best represents your target audience and those they find authentic and relatable.

Be creative with styling: Styling the different props, models, and backgrounds according to the brand’s identity can help a brand create a cohesive and visually appealing look. Every aspect of your photograph should align with what your brand stands for and must resonate with your target audience.

Ensure consistency: Consistency in creating the set and capturing brand lifestyle photography is necessary to ensure that your brand is easily recognizable and can reinforce brand identity. Ensure you follow a particular theme regarding color, typography, and other branding elements.

Careful post-processing: Enhance and refine images with careful editing using post-processing techniques. Ensure not to over-edit so that images look authentic and align with your brand.

Why Hiring A Service Provider Is Beneficial Over Doing It Yourself?

While you may be inclined to do brand lifestyle photography in-house due to the seeming cost benefits, hiring a service provider would help you in the long run.

Experience: Service providers like House of Blue Beans have extensive experience creating brand lifestyle photography for different businesses across industries. They have the tools and know the techniques to make your images stand out.

Cost and time efficient: With a service provider taking care of brand lifestyle photography, you don’t have to worry about investing in tools, software, or technologies. House of Blue Beans has the latest tools and technologies to generate high-quality brand lifestyle photographs. Furthermore, since you don’t have to spend time training your existing staff on various tools, and software, your image-generation process will be quicker.

Scalability: Doing brand lifestyle photography in-house means you will have to allocate resources when requirements surge. But what will you do with them when you don’t need them? By hiring a service provider like House of Blue Beans, your in-house capacity constraints will not obstruct the process. The team will scale up and down quickly based on your requirements.

Your Search For The Best Brand Lifestyle Photography Ends With House Of Blue Beans

We at House of Blue Beans specialize in capturing captivating and authentic brand lifestyle photography and bringing your brand essence to life. Leveraging the power of CGI, our skilled artists create mesmerizing visuals that transcend the boundaries of traditional photography. The CGI approach gives us unparalleled flexibility, speed, and control to create dynamic images with immersive narratives. 

For over a decade, companies like Henkel, Honeywell, Lowe’s, and Target Retail have trusted us to convey their message through visually striking brand lifestyle images. 

Beyond Ordinary With Brand Lifestyle Photography

Besides brand lifestyle photography, we offer the following services.

Images: From stunning brand lifestyle photography to intricate product shots, we will create high-quality and captivating visuals that leave your audience in awe.

  • Lifestyle photography: Besides brand lifestyle photography, we can help you with luxury and product lifestyle photography. We have two different types of templates, one of which you can choose to create your visual content- standard and customized.
Beyond Ordinary With Brand Lifestyle Photography
  • Standard Template: We have a massive library of pre-built templates with designs and themes catering to different sectors of the industries. Fashion, home decor, furniture, consumer electronics, we have got you covered.

With our standard templates, all that needs to be done is place the product image, and you are good to go. House of Blue Beans doesn’t charge for the template, and since no modifications are involved, you only have to pay for the 3D modeling process. You should go for the standard template if you have a strict project deadline and a limited budget.

Our process of creating visual content through a standard template involves the following:

  • You send us the reference image for the product.
  • We make a 3D model, place the product image in the 3D, and render it.
    • Customized Template: If you want every aspect of your visual content to follow set standards and seek creative freedom, choose a customized template. You can create designs from scratch by adding design elements that align with your brand’s image and identity through these templates. With customizable elements, flexible object positioning, and interactive control, customized templates will give your brand the differentiation factors and gain a competitive advantage.

Following are the steps included in creating visual content through a customized template:

  • You send us the reference image of the product along with your brand guideline and requirement details.
  • We share a mood board that will convey your brand’s message.
  • Once approved, we share the layout and the product’s appearance.
  • Upon approval, we customize the template by adding the product image and changing the template structure according to your requirement.
  • We then render the image.

Look at this table to decide which template would best suit your requirements.

FactorsExisting/Standard TemplateCustomized Template
BudgetWhen you have a limited/less budgetWhen there are no budget constraints
IndustryHome improvement, consumer electronics, bathroom fittings, building materialIndustries which require detail-oriented product demonstrations
Product ValueA safe choice for low-value productsA wise choice for high-value products
TimeWhen you are bounded by timeWhen there are no time constraints
PricingTemplate- free, Image creation starts at $150 (excluding modeling)Template- $490, Image creation starts at $640 (excluding modeling)
Creative ControlLimited creative controlComplete creative control
ApplicationIf you are creating visual content for e-commerce purposesIf you are creating visual content for social media marketing, ads, campaigns
Delivery Time7 days (including modeling)15-20 days (including modeling)
Long Term UsabilityCan be optimized for better user experienceSubstantial long-term reusability
Beyond Ordinary With Brand Lifestyle Photography
  • White background: Whether you’re a business, an e-commerce platform, or a creative endeavor, we understand the importance of striking, captivating white background images. With our cutting-edge technology and skilled team of experts, we are specialized in delivering impeccable, high-quality images featuring seamless white backgrounds.
Beyond Ordinary With Brand Lifestyle Photography
  • 360 Spins: Explore your products from every angle with our 360 spin images, allowing your customers to interact like never before.

Videos: Present your products and services through appealing and informative videos that will captivate your target audience and encourage them to take action, as we did here in this video. Whether you are looking for white background videos, products, inspiration, functionality, or how-to videos, House of Blue Beans has covered you.

  • White background: Unlike complex video productions with distracting backgrounds, at House of Blue Beans, we ensure that your content remains the center of attention so that your message stands out.
  • Product: House of Blue Beans understands the importance of showcasing your products effectively to captivate your audience and drive sales. We excel at delivering engaging and professional videos of your products.
  • Inspirational: Storytelling and visual artistry evoke emotions, motivate action, and drive positive change. Our passionate and creative artists will craft videos like this that leave a lasting impression on your audience.
  • Functionality: Getting your product in front of your customers and driving success requires showcasing its capabilities and features. Our team of skilled videographers and technical experts is committed to producing compelling videos that showcase every aspect of your product’s functionality.
  • How-to: The comprehensive library of how-to videos we offer covers a wide range of topics, whether you are a DIY enthusiast, a cook, or a techie. You can help your audience master new skills and overcome challenges with our videos, which include step-by-step tutorials and handy tips and tricks. Check out this video where we break down how to install a fence.

Architectural Visualization: The ability to effectively communicate ideas requires clear and captivating visualizations for architects, developers, and designers. With our cutting-edge technology and a team of skilled 3D artists, House of Blue Beans specializes in bringing your architectural visions to life with unparalleled precision and detail. Look at this 3D architectural rendering video of the house we created for a client.

Beyond Ordinary With Brand Lifestyle Photography

3D Modeling: From product design and architecture to gaming and animation, our team of 3D modelers and artists is dedicated to delivering top-notch, intricate 3D models.

Social Media Content: We at House of Blue Beans specialize in crafting engaging and eye-catching visual content for your business.

AR/VR Experience: We believe in the transformative power of augmented and virtual reality, and our mission is to create immersive experiences that inspire and captivate audiences. We helped a client create 360 shoppable rooms for their product to enrich their customer’s experience.

What Makes House of Blue Beans Different?

House of Blue Beans will enhance your brand’s visual storytelling and create a long-lasting impression on your target audience with cohesive brand lifestyle images. Our team of artists, with their creative minds, will meticulously plan and execute every photo shoot so that it reflects your brand identity and values. We at House of Blue Beans assure:

High-quality at the best price: A premium-quality image should not break the bank. We at House of Blue Beans offer CGI-powered, top-notch quality brand lifestyle images at ¼ the price of the traditional method. 

Since we use CGI and only need a few reference images to start the project, there is no cost associated with shipping the physical product, damage, or renting a location. This significantly brings down the overall cost.

Additionally, with precise light control, efficient workflow, and a greater focus on composition and the object in our digitally controlled environment, we ensure that the output is high-quality, free from external interferences, and consistent with the brand image.

Shorter-go-to-market time: Traditional photography involves setting up the scene, arranging props, positioning lights, preparing the camera, and many other processes, which take up a lot of time. Furthermore, being bound by the real-world limitations and laws of physics can make it quite challenging to take the perfect shot. 

This is not the case with us since we use CGI, where images are created through a virtual environment and assets that can be adjusted using the software, giving us more control and enhancing our efficiency. This is why we can deliver visual content within 10-12 days, which might take three months if you decide to take the traditional approach. Therefore, this empowers you to launch the marketing campaign quicker, giving you a competitive advantage.

Collaborative approach with attention to detail: To ensure that the image aligns with your brand identity, we work closely with your team to understand the intricacies that make your brand different. Furthermore, to ensure we can elevate the overall quality of the age, our team of experts pays close to every minute detail, from composition and lighting to expression.

Don’t believe what we say? Take a look at these testimonials that heap praises on our services.

Beyond Ordinary With Brand Lifestyle Photography
Beyond Ordinary With Brand Lifestyle Photography

Brand lifestyle photography has become an essential technique for businesses to connect with their target audience on a profound level. Using lifestyle photography, brands can create an authentic and relatable narrative by showcasing the value, experiences, and emotions attached to the brand. At House of Blue Beans, we strive to help your business not only capture the attention of your target audience but also build trust and foster brand loyalty through our carefully crafted lifestyle images. Our brand lifestyle photography will help your business stand out and forge deeper customer connections.

So what are you waiting for?

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