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At HOBB, we provide the next level of 3D product modeling services to meet the demanding needs of customers who want to impact their target audience through diverse and immersive visual experiences.
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3D Product Modeling Services For Evolving Consumer Experiences

In a world where consumer expectations from experiences are becoming even more demanding, cookie-cutter visual experiences aren’t going to make the necessary impact. New age experiences like AR and VR demand high-concept 3D assets (3D models) that act as the first step towards creating visual magic. In our company, 3D artisans create assets that are usable across various formats including product images, inspirational lifestyle images, videos, TV commercials, and much more.
What is the benefit of creating a 3D model?

It is cost-effective since a 3D model can be reused as many times as needed once it is created. This allows for a lot of flexibility, as changes can be made easily. Moreover, it is compatible with AR/VR experiences, which is a must in today’s virtual world.

What are the uses of 3D models?

3D models are the foundation for creating CG eCommerce images, lifestyle images, videos, AR/VR experiences etc.

Why us for 3D Modeling?

Our 3D product modeling service drives endless visual possibilities that result in an impactful sellable consumer experience. With 3D asset creation, the process of creating customer-centric visual experiences becomes quicker, better, and far less expensive when compared to traditional photography. Our 3D artists can create “to scale” photorealistic 3D Assets without having physical access to the SKU. The result is such that you will find it highly difficult to distinguish between the 3D product model and the actual product photograph.

How to get started?

Based on your use case, we provide customized solutions. To start the project, we require only a few images and dimensions of your product. Our team is happy to jump on a call to help you understand the required inputs.

What's Next?

Reach out to us and share your requirement. We will provide an initial ballpark costing. Once approved we can move into documentation and finally get going!

Product Visualization | House Of Blue Beans3d Product Modeling Services | House Of Blue Beans

Numbers That Speak

We’re one of the finest CGI agencies enabling our clients to create visual content their brand will be known for. And our numbers speak for us.

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Why Choose House Of Blue Beans?

House of Blue Beans gives you the best quality product visuals, with quick turnaround time, at affordable costs. You don’t need to make trade-offs between quality or cost while working with us.

Top-notch Quality

We’ve earned a decade of trust from renowned brands like Lowe’s and Target by providing photorealistic product visualization services. Our attention to detail covers shape, proportions, scale, textures, finish, shadows, and reflection, ensuring stunning visuals replace traditional photographs & videos.

Quick Turnaround Time

Our fast services save 80% of your time and deliver renders in just 2 weeks (vs. 3 months for traditional photography). Additionally, our proprietary Visualization Management System (VMS) enables collaborative content development and efficient asset and content management.

Maximize ROI

Experience our cost-effective content creation services across various channels, including print, e-commerce, signage, social media, and broadcast. With virtual environments and 3D models, we help you save big, leaving traditional photography expenses behind.

End-to-end Solution

Our proprietary pipeline begins with just 3-4 reference images and product dimensions from you, allowing us to easily kickstart the visual creation process. Our creative team aligns with your brand guidelines, ensuring a tailored and seamless experience from start to finish. Customized convenience for our customers is our priority.


Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions
What are the uses of 3D models?
In our 3d product modeling services, 3D asset or 3D models are the foundation for creating CG eCommerce images, lifestyle images, videos, AR/VR experiences etc.
Is physical product required to create 3D models?
No, we do not require the physical product to create 3D models.
Are CAD files required to create 3D Models?
Not really, however CAD files help in the overall process in terms of reducing cost and time. We just require few images, dimensions and texture scans (in case of complex texture finishes)
How does your pricing work?
A model’s price depends on how complex the design is, not necessarily the size of the product. It’s all about the details that go into making it just right. If you’re curious about the specifics, you can check out our price list here. And, of course, if you have any questions or need more info, just let us know by filling out the form below.
What file formats will be part of your final delivery?
We provide all commonly/globally used file formats that can help you get eCommerce ready as well as AR / VR ready.
What are the inputs required for creating 3D Assets?
Reference images from all angles, close up reference of complex areas of the product, pattern or texture reference images, pantone colors & dimensions.
Is the 3D Asset usable in AR / VR?
With slight modifications & cost a Highpoly 3D asset can be converted to AR / VR ready 3D asset.

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