Elevate Your Brand

Boost your brand with our CGI, AR, and VR expertise

Elevate Your Brand

Boost your brand with our CGI, AR, and VR expertise

Services Tailored for Your Industry

We create excellent quality visual content for your brand with our 3D rendering expertise.

Transformative Solutions for Your Business Challenges

Explore tailor-made solutions from a visionary 3D rendering company that creates real business impact.
Content Transformation

We can spot and fix your visual content gaps with our long-term expertise.
IMPACT: Enhanced Customer Engagement

Streamlined Go-to-Market Pipeline

We streamline the go-to-market process and pipeline for all your product visuals.
IMPACT: Faster Products Go Live At Scale.

Brand Standardization

We deliver a cohesive brand narrative by standardizing visuals across all channels.
IMPACT: Enhanced Brand Perception

Customized & Personalized Visuals

We work with you to analyze your target audience and develop custom visuals that resonate with them.
IMPACT: Improving Brand Relevance & Connection

PDP Enhancement Package

Post detailed research, we create images, videos & experiences for your Product Detail Page.
IMPACT: Improved Conversions

"Try Before You Buy" Experiences

We create virtual experiences of your product so customers can check out them remotely.
IMPACT: Increase Trust And Reduce Product Returns!

Universal Solutions Catering to Every Industry

Check our work from different industries as a 3D rendering company. Whether you belong to eCommerce or consumer electronics, we have got you covered.
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Bath & Kitchen

3D Rendering Company | House Of Blue Beans
Architecture and Real Estate

3D Visualization Company | House Of Blue Beans
Hardware Tools & Electricals

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Consumer Goods

3D Rendering Company | House Of Blue Beans
Building Materials

3D Visualization Company | House Of Blue Beans
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Process Designed for Your Convenience

Unveil our exclusive, hassle-free process and pipeline that offers you exceptional benefits!
Reference Inputs

Client Testimonials

5 / 5
“We worked with the House Of Blue Beans in our grout selector application, where the user has the opportunity to try in different rooms the grout colors available in the Ceresit grout range. They were consistently delivering great and very realistic CGI images to us, making themselves always available to promptly receive our feedback and working on the results very fast and efficiently. We can only recommend House of Blue Beans for CGI images and special applications, we had an amazing experience and love the results of our new grout color selector.”
Fernanda Schonardie

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

5 / 5
“Photo-realistic rendering quality! It’s always great working with you guys! Keep up the good work!”
Malavika Khadilkar

Designer, Titan Company

5 / 5
“Delivered a fine consumer engagement which was beneficial to the brand. It was a pleasure working with you!”
Saurabh Bajaj

GM Sales & Marketing, Cadbury

5 / 5
“Working with HOBB for many years proved to be a successful partnership. HOBB constantly brings innovation and workflow improvements to their clients. Their talented team creates CGI work is truly amazing! HOBB worked right along side our team to build interior and exterior scenes that were so realistic, that we were able to efficiently produce more imagery in a shorter timeline. Thank you HOBB for your partnership, talented team, and always being on the forefront of innovation! Happy 10 year anniversary!!!!”
Paula Miller

Director of AD Services

5 / 5
“HOBB has been wonderful team to work with. Professional, polite and easy to communicate with. Starting off the projects we were very excited to develop the new content, we hit some bumps along the way as it takes some time for us as the client to understand the process HOBB takes as well as it takes HOBB time to learn the products we are selling, but ultimately we ended up with some crowd pleasing images. We needed a partner to help us create a new image library and we’re building that partnership bit by bit.”

Barrette - Senior Graphics Manager

5 / 5
“Prompt, efficient, high quality and excellent process communication. Realistic images and flexibility to get to the final product.”
Samantha Smith

Brosa - Product Merchandising

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