White Background Product Images

Whether you’re creating your own online store or planning to establish your presence on various eCommerce portals, we can help you create compelling white background product images that will help you dominate your competition. We offer image types and resolutions that are used across most eCommerce websites. Simply share with us what you need, and we will take care of it.


Highlight What Matters Most

We can help you create product images with plain white/transparent backgrounds that are clean and minimal. It’s time to bid adieu to unpleasant, inconsistent images that depreciate your brand value. Use professional white background images that will attract your ideal prospects to your products and services.

Why use white background product photos?

White background product photos are clean and thus less distracting. They allow users to focus on the primary product that’s being displayed. You can use them on your website, eCommerce platforms, social media ads, etc.

Where can I use white background product images?

You can use white background product images almost everywhere: on your website, eCommerce platforms, ads, banners, etc.

How do white background images affect online shopping?

Online shoppers have so little time to go through the entire product description. Nearly 22 percent of online products are returned because “the product is not as visually shown in the images.” In many cases incorrect representation of the product also leads to returns. The right product photos with a white background can give users plenty of descriptive information about your products in seconds.

How do you create white background images?

The first step is to create a 3D asset. From the asset, we can create all form factors of visual content, including white background image.

Why are white background images essential for the promotion of products?

Visual representation largely determines the perceived value of your products and the trustworthiness of your brand. With high quality white background product images, your products will stand out from the crowd.

Our Differentiator

We’re a team of highly experienced professionals you can count on for your most intricate projects.


Work with our creative team remotely. Traveling to a physical PhotoStudio is not required.



Go live with stunning product visuals in under 2 weeks.



Create customer delight using high-quality content created with a stringent quality control protocol.



Save 75% in cost by leveraging our content creation technology.



Reuse virtual photoshoot locations & 3D assets to create refreshing content across campaigns, seasons & channels at a marginal extra cost.



Organically Futureproof for AR, VR & Metaverse through CGI.



Produce creative briefs with our Creative team and scale your content pipeline.



Visualization management system enabling collaborative content development and asset management.

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Be it a Summer afternoon scene at a beach house or a seasonal greeting with snow.. Create all of it with a click.


Product Images

We can help you create product images in multiple camera angles.


Detailed Shot

Let us develop zoomed-in image of your product showcasing a feature, texture, or quality aspect.


Exploded View

We can create images of your products that showcases its interior or parts.

Our Life’s Work

Crafting impactful white background product images for leading brands & businesses.


Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions

Unlike traditional photography, we do not require physical products. So you can save on shipping costs and time. Also, technically, CGI brings in a lot of flexibility and reusability.

We can share images in any format you need. Whether you need a photoshop file or a simple PNG with a white background, we can create it and share with you.


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