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Transforming Product Experience: Amerimax’s Innovative Use of 3D Web Application

Discover how Amerimax enhanced customer engagement and product understanding with HOBB’s 3D web application, featuring interactive 180-degree views and immersive digital experiences.

Amerimax’s Innovative Use Of 3D Web Applications

About Amerimax

Amerimax is a leading building product manufacturer headquartered in Norcross, Georgia, and is known for producing rain-carrying systems, windows, doors, and fabricated products for residential and commercial applications. Established in 1986, Amerimax has expanded its offerings to include a wide range of products, such as gutters, siding panels, and composite panels.

Challenges Faced by Amerimax

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Ineffective Product Display

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Limited Immersive Product Experiences

Solutions Offered by Us

We introduced an innovative 3D web application to overcome these challenges, transforming the product presentation as a whole. The web application enabled the following:

1. Interactive 180-Degree View

Users could view a house from multiple angles, providing a comprehensive understanding of the layout and design without physical visits.

2. Immersive Exploration

The application allowed users to delve into the details of crucial product offerings through an engaging digital experience, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the products.

3. Informed Buying Decisions

The application facilitated a deeper interaction with the product features, enabling customers to make educated choices based on a thorough evaluation.

Impact & Results

The implementation of our advanced 3D web application yielded significant improvements
How Omnimax - A Leading Building Solutions Innovator, Revamped Its Buying Experience

Quick Turnaround for Product Go-Live

Digital prototyping and rendering drastically reduced product conception to market readiness time.
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Enhanced Customer Engagement

The introduction of contextually relevant, high-quality images significantly improved customer interaction, leading to higher engagement rates.
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Enhanced Brand Perception

Creative visuals boosted RugsUSA’s brand, securing its position as a top player in the online home decor retail industry.
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Cost Reduction and Efficiency

Our approach eliminated the need for expensive photoshoots and physical prototypes, leading to significant cost savings.
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Environmental Sustainability

We reduced carbon footprint by eliminating physical transport for traditional product photography
User experience

Enhanced User Experience

Dynamic and interactive product evaluation with the 3D web application that leads to increased customer satisfaction and engagement.
How Omnimax - A Leading Building Solutions Innovator, Revamped Its Buying Experience

Improved Product Understanding

Integration of immersive features in the web application that allows users to better understand the products, leading to confident purchase decisions.
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Positive Brand Perception

The innovative approach to product evaluation has satisfied existing customers and attracted new ones, enhancing Amerimax’s brand perception in the market.

A True Partner For Unique Visualization Projects

Working with HOBB for many years proved to be a successful partnership. HOBB constantly brings innovation and workflow improvements to their clients. Their talented team creates CGI work is truly amazing! HOBB worked right along side our team to build interior and exterior scenes that were so realistic, that we were able to efficiently produce more imagery in a shorter timeline. Thank you HOBB for your partnership, talented team, and always being on the forefront of innovation! Happy 10 year anniversary!!!!
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Paula Miller
Director of AD Services


Our 3D web application has reformed Amerimax’s product presentation, offering a more detailed, user-friendly, and effective process. This transformation has benefited Amerimax in engaging its customers.
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