Being Metaverse ready is the next level of marketing and why should you fall behind? The first step toward beginning the metaverse journey is to create a 3D model and associate them with a non-fungible token (NFT) in the metaverse world. With over a decade of experience in using technology for product marketing, HOBB is best placed to experiences that can future-proof your marketing efforts.
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The demand for AR VR experience services is high because it makes your application more Powerful by adding new features where consumers experience the 3D world.

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Deliver Immersive Shopping Experience

Shoppable Room 360 is a virtual showroom of your products that your customers can shop from. It is an extension of a brick-and-mortar shopping experience, but in many ways better. Take the example of a virtual shoppable room that hosts specific furniture and décor items you are selling. The room replicates a living room or an outdoor patio in a virtual space. Your products like furniture, drapes, décor lights are placed in it strategically and naturally. Shoppers get a 360-degree view of the room or space. If they like it, they only need to click on the product to get more information on it and purchase options. It’s virtual, yet as real as real can be.

Take Your Shopping Experience Several Notches Above Ordinary

Visualizer application allows customers to mix and match different available options in terms of color, texture, design, and more to know what the product will look like in different configurations. Visualizer helps you showcase what your product will look like in different scenarios. Take the example of floor tiles and grout color options that you are selling. Visualizer allows customers to choose what they want and place it in a setting of their choice, such as a living room, patio, etc. Now, imagine the products you are selling, and think about how you can leverage Visualizer to make the buying experience of your customers more appealing and interactive. House of Blue Beans will make it possible!

Deliver Immersive Shopping Experience

Think of a multi-sensory experience that is a convergence of visuals, haptics and sound that lets your customers learn more about your products and in many cases even try it out. Do you think this is a flight of fancy? Not it isn’t. HOBB leverages its expertise in VR and CGI to create a Holoroom that focuses on a product or a set of products in its ideal setting. Your customers will put on a VR headset that will allow them to visualize this setting and walk through it, interacting with your products and getting more information about them as they do so. Take the example of shoppers walking through a Holoroom that is a VR representation of a bathroom. While doing so, they interact with the various bathroom fittings you are selling. Such experiences are fun, informational and create the necessary impact from a sales perspective. HOBB can create Holorooms for a wide array of products and ensures they deliver sales ROI.

Custom Experience

Imagine your target shoppers moving through their home and dropping the consumer electronics you are selling into free spaces in their existing homes to check whether they fit into that space, and how they look. Seems straight out of the future? The future is here with HOBB. We use our 3D modeling, CGI and AR expertise to create a visual setting for your products within the homes of target buyers. The buyers don’t have to wonder what a piece of furniture or bathroom fitting will look like in their homes or bathrooms. It will be right there in front of them on their phones and tablets. No prizes for guessing this visual experience results in shoppers that are absolutely convinced that they need your products in their homes.


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