AR Technology to Improve eCommerce

Advanced Blog Posts on 3D Visualization, Leveraging AR Technology For Improved ECommerce Experiences

Augmented reality technology is slowly becoming an essential part of e-commerce product presentation and marketing because it provides consumers with an interactive and engaging way of shopping. But what makes an AR product visualization appealing and functional is a robust 3D model as its foundation, creating which can get quite challenging.

In this blog, we are going to take you through the benefits of implementing AR technology in your eCommerce business and famous examples of who are doing it right. We will also discuss the challenges businesses face when implementing AR technology, especially creating a suitable 3D model, and how hiring a dedicated vendor can solve it.

Benefits Of Implementing AR Technology In Your eCommerce Business

Did you know 71% of eCommerce buyers say they will shop more if AR technology is made more accessible to them? 

So needless to say, if you want to one-up your product presentation and marketing game in the eCommerce world, then now is the best time to invest in AR technology. Aside from being an interactive method to connect with customers, AR technology can help your eCommerce business in the following ways.

  • Increased customer engagement: AR’s interactive characteristics involve the customer more with the product or website for a longer period. As a result, this increased visit enhances the possibility of visitors turning into customers, thereby increasing the conversion rate.
  • Reduced return rates: Online returns lead to a whopping $550 million of loss, mainly due to consumers being disappointed with what arrived at their doorstep being different from what they ordered. However, AR technology ensures customers experience how their product fits their requirements. This has helped minimize returns. Take for instance, Shopify saw a 40% decrease in the returns because of AR implementation. 
  • Higher conversion rates: AR provides an engaging experience, meaning customers will feel more confident about purchasing, thus reducing cart abandonment and increasing the possibility of conversion.
  • Competitive advantage: By embracing the AR technology early enough, you gain an advantage over other businesses in the economy. This establishes your brand as a forward-thinking, consumer-focused organization to customers.
  • Attract new clients: AR features, in some cases, are a factor that can be instrumental in appealing to tech-savvy and curious customers who are looking for new, immersive shopping options. 

Furthermore, using AR in marketing campaigns can evoke some interest, leading to visitors getting curious about what your products and information entail, which they can find by visiting your site.

Famous Examples Of AR Technology In eCommerce

Let us take a look at some of the famous eCommerce brands who are making the most out of AR technology and are garnering customer attention in a profitable manner.

  • Sephora: Spehora’s Virtual Artist gives the customers the control of doing the makeup their own way. It will scan the face, and then, according to their preference, customers can pick and choose the shade of lipstick, foundation, eyeshadow, etc, and decide what they want to buy.
  • IKEA Place: If you are looking to save yourself from the hassle of buying furniture only to be disappointed and having to return it, then IKEA has the solution for you. The “IKEA Place” app allows users to try out the furniture on the four walls of their home, office, or kitchen.
  • Amazon AR: Amazon is impressively implementing AR technology. You choose an item, let’s say, a lampshade. When you click on the camera in the top right-hand corner of the application, you can see the item in your place, be it home or office. This assures consumers that whatever they choose will perfectly fit in their environment.

Challenges eCommerce Business Face With Implementing AR Technology

While leading e-commerce brands are jumping on the bandwagon and implementing AR technology to leverage its benefits, there are still many eCommerce businesses- big and small- who are struggling to do so. The reason behind this is that you need a high-quality 3D model as the foundation of your product visualization, and creating the same is costly and time-intensive.

Now, what is the role of 3D models in implementing AR technology?

Allow us to explain!

It is these 3D models that form the fundamentals blocks of creating an immersive and interactive AR experience. With the 3D models as foundations, customers can see products in a real world simulation. Moreover, they can visualize how the products appear in their surroundings before ordering. On top of that, 3D models form the foundation of visualization that allows customers to engage with products virtually. Customers can rotate, zoom in, and look at things from different perspectives, which helps businesses engage the customers and help them better understand the product.

However, as mentioned above, creating a 3D model is time-intensive and costly. Aside from this, there are many other challenges associated with generating 3D models for AR technology implementation, such as:

  • You need highly qualified 3D artists and professionals with extensive knowledge of using hardware and software to create 3D models. Hiring and training them can quickly become a costly affair, especially for those businesses that are just starting with their eCommerce vertical.
  • Designing accurate and realistic 3D models means investing significant time, which eCommerce businesses might struggle with, especially with their product catalog updates and demand for new product models.
  • eCommerce platforms offer a wide range of products, each with unique characteristics and features. The large quantity and variability can make it difficult for the eCommerce business to create wide range of 3D models.
  • It is essential that the 3D models run smoothly and load easily on different platforms and devices. Optimizing models for performance requires a deep understanding of 3D models and AR development.

Why Should You Hire A Dedicated Product Visualization Provider?

The challenges mentioned above can be quickly resolved by hiring a third-party 3D visualization service provider like House of Blue Beans, which has a solid process in place to create 3D models for AR-based product presentations. 

How Does House Of Blue Beans Do It?

At House of Blue Beans, 3D modeling starts with creating 3D assets for different products in the inventory. We understand that customers will go for images, videos, and animation that load quickly, irrespective of the platform or device. Hence, we create 2 different 3D models for varying requirements.

We create high-poly 3D assets for visualizations that need to be highly detailed, such as images. But for AR-based product presentation in eCommerce, where the requirement is to balance aesthetics and functionality, we create low-poly 3D models, making the model light and easy to use.

3D model wireframe to render transformation3D model wireframe to render transformation

At House of Blue Beans, we simplify the process of 3D modeling for AR-based product visualization with:

  • Polygon count: To ensure they run smoothly, we use as low a polygon as possible, maintaining quality while balancing visual fidelity and performance.
  • Scale and proportions: Our 3D models are correctly scaled and accurate to the real-world environment to ensure that the AR element interacts seamlessly with the real world.
  • Export format: We use industry-standard 3D file formats that are compatible with AR development platforms and tools.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: Our models work well on different AR platforms and devices.

House of Blue Beans: Your Ultimate Solution for AR-based Product Presentations

House of Blue Beans has offered a wide range of product visualization services, including AR, for businesses across the industries for over a decade. We take pride in having helped leading businesses and Fortune 50 companies like Henkel, Lowe’s, Target Retail, and more with our best-in-class AR Technology solutions. With House of Blue Beans by your side, you can garner customer attention, taking one step ahead toward an increased conversion.

We will help you with the following:

AR/VR Experiences:  Take brand elevation up a notch with state-of-the-art AR/VR engagements that will grip your consumer. Our immersive technology solutions will take your users into a reality-fantasy world that provides unique experiences and boosts customer loyalty.

  • 360 shoppable room:  Our 360 Shoppable Room service allows you to present to your potential clients everything that ranges from furniture to fashion, electronics to home decor, and much more directly to their device. By giving customers the freedom to try, and buy product virtually, we aim to increase your customers’ confidence and increase conversions by making life-like product visualizations in a virtual world.
  • Holoroom pocket: Our HoloRoom Pocket service allows your customers to step into the future by directly integrating augmented reality into their hand-held devices like smartphones. Transform and discover new marketing horizons, and engage with your audience uniquely. Combining CGI and VR, we let customers walk through the showroom, interact with the product and gather all the necessary information they require to make the purchase decision.
  • Visualizer application: Our visualizer application allows your customers to visualize the product of their choice in a setting they would prefer, which could be home, office, or kitchen. Engage and sell more by showing them how the products will look in the area where they are using their device. We helped Henkel enhance their customer experience and boost their sales through our visualizer application. 

3D modeling: Discover accuracy and creativity and set a strong foundation for your product visualization using our 3D model services. We will cover everything by starting with concepts and turning them into life-like 3D models for design, prototype, or marketing functions.

Leveraging AR Technology For Improved ECommerce Experiences

Images: We create images tailored to different requirements, ranging from appealing lifestyle photographs that communicate directly to your target audience to high-quality whiteboarding shots. In every aspect of product presentation, we guarantee brilliance.

Leveraging AR Technology For Improved ECommerce Experiences
  • 360 Spin: Our 360-degree spin photography will allow you to showcase your products from every angle possible. Allow customers to inspect their views by zooming into all details, thereby making informed purchase decisions.
Leveraging AR Technology For Improved ECommerce Experiences
  • Lifestyle image: Our lifestyle image service encapsulates what your brand is all about. We know how to tell stories with pictures. Our professional 3D artists bring life to your photo, using lifestyle magic for a product, making your brand easily recognizable to your customers.
Leveraging AR Technology For Improved ECommerce Experiences
  • White background image: Our white background image service presents your products as clean, professional, and uncluttered. We will ensure that your product is exhibited with impeccable clarity, hence standing out and giving an impression of simplicity and elegance.

Video: Capture and revitalize your services or products into exciting videos. From videos for product demonstration as product videos to white background, inspirational, and how-to videos, among other video products we can help you with.

  • Product video: Our exciting and engaging product video like this, will give life to your product. Together, we’ll develop great videos that bring out the best about what your products can do, their benefits, and why people should buy them. Our videos will stay embedded in the minds of your target group regardless of whether you are pushing in novel merchandise or refreshing your current one.
  • White background videos: Want something simplistic yet stylish to showcase your products? White background videos help highlight your products in the most professional setting. Our videos will target your product and bring out all the details, hence becoming appropriate for online shopping platforms.
  • Inspirational video: Our inspirational video will inspire and captivate your audience. Any product is a story within itself, and we’ll gladly assist you in telling your brand’s story. We have a group of creative people who will form fascinating stories that touch your clients’ hearts like how we did here.
  • How-to videos: Our how-to videos will educate and entertain your consumers. If you want to show applications for your products or give valuable hints and instructions – we are here! We’ll produce intuitive instructional videos for your users at every turn, like we show how to install a fence here.
  • Functionality videos: We will help you create user-friendly videos that will break down complex concepts into digestible form so that your audience understand what your product is about, without any issue.

Architectural visualization: See your architectural dreams in reality by leveraging our visualization service. From a marketing point of view to an internal development project, we bring them alive through compelling visuals. Take a look at how we created a 3D interior rendering for a home in this video.

Social media visual content: Use eye-catching images in fuelling your social media efforts. We craft designs that will capture attention, drive engagement, and build your online brand, making you noticeable in an overcrowded internet sphere.

What Makes Us Stand Out From The Crowd?

Our latest AR/VR experience solutions will change how you interact with your customers. We deliver CGI-based cost-effective, high-quality ARs in the shortest turnaround time and guarantee a memorable experience for your customers. 

We are trusted by some of the leading names in the industry like Henkel, Pepsi, Pepperfry, Lowe’s and more for our high-quality product visuals that help in enhancing the efficacy of the marketing campaigns. 

Our competitive advantage lies in that we deliver high-quality products. We also provide scaled and perfectly detailed AR content, which are of accurate size and represent the dimension of the real world. 

The best part? 

Our AR solutions will integrate successfully, no matter the platform – your website, social channels, or others. As a business in e-commerce striving to increase user involvement, we are your AR/VR experience companion. 

Enhance your visuals, leave a lasting impression on your audience, and remain ahead of your competitors by engaging in our top-notch AR/VR experience solutions.Make your product shine through the world-class AR technology that House of Blue Beans offers. Fill out the form and we will reach out to you soon.