Enhance 3D Models With Texturing

Enhance 3D Models With Texturing

Texturing is an essential aspect of the 3D modeling process, which adds a substance to the object by introducing properties like reflection, refraction, intensity, and color. But doing 3D texturing in-house would mean investing significant time, effort, and energy, which would divert you from the core objective of your business. Hence, we suggest hiring a 3D model texturing service provider who can take the load off your shoulders.

If you are tired of searching for the best 3D model texturing services, we are here to help you with our list of top 10 3D model texturing service providers.

What Makes 3D Texturing A Complex Process?

3D texturing plays a crucial role in enhancing the realism and visual appeal of the 3D model by adding intricate details, depth, and visibility to the surface. Combining techniques, such as texture maps, enhances the model’s overall appearance, making the 3D model more lifelike and convincing. Maps like roughness maps, displacement maps, and more simulate how light interacts with surfaces and materials, creating the illusion of depth, texture, and complexity. 

There are different texture maps to highlight various aspects, such as a diffuse map that adds surface details like color variations and patterns. Then, displacement and parallax maps add bumps and dents to the 3D model. But applying these texture maps can be challenging for the following reasons: 

  • Artistic Vision and Skill: To apply texture maps properly, you need to understand how light interacts with materials and have a creative eye so the final result looks realistic and appealing. Furthermore, achieving the desired result may require different artistic decisions regarding where textures should be applied, how much detail to add, and how to balance realism and stylization.
  • Complex Geometry: Adding textures to complex geometry that contains intricate details is time-consuming and requires meticulous mapping to ensure the textures are applied correctly and enhance the model’s realism.
  • Learning Curve: Those new to 3D modeling and texturing may find the learning curve steep since it involves understanding various software tools, file formats, and techniques.

Why Going With A Professional 3D Model Texturing Service Would Be A Wise Choice?

Adding texture to 3D models is complex and demands technical proficiency and artistic finesse. However, if you are still planning to give in-house texturing a chance, let us help you decide with our comparison table, elaborating on different factors concerning in-house and professional 3D. model texture service.

FactorsIn-house 3D Model TexturingProfessional 3D Model Texturing Service
ExpertiseCompared to a specialized service provider that handles many clients and projects, an in-house team’s range of expertise might be narrower, and it might also limit their exposure to different styles, techniques, and challenges.In addition, because the team’s skills might be oriented toward the company’s specific needs; you might miss out on industry developments.A professional texture service provider specializes in this area and can provide a broader range of expertise, techniques, and industry insights.Moreover, as service providers work with various clients, they gain exposure to industry trends and innovations. They can bring fresh ideas to your project as a result.
CostConsidering salaries, benefits, and infrastructure costs, hiring, training, and maintaining an in-house team can be more expensive than outsourcing.Outsourcing to a service provider avoids overhead costs associated with maintaining an in-house staff.
TimeBuilding an in-house team takes time for recruitment, training, and team cohesion, thus delaying projects.Moreover, regardless of how experienced team members you hire, they might need time to learn your company’s specific requirements and preferred techniques.As specialized providers focus solely on texture creation, they can deliver textures faster, allowing your other teams to work more efficiently.
ScalabilityTexture creation might not be a constant requirement, with sometimes requiring extensive resources like the whole team working to meet deadlines. But there will be days of low demand when the team would go underutilized. This would lead to the wastage of resources.In response to project demands, outsourced providers can increase or decrease the size of their teams. They can hire additional temporary or freelance artists to handle the workload during high-demand periods. Conversely, the team size can be reduced during slower periods to match the workload.Moreover, some service providers enlist clients on a retainer contract, which ensures a certain level of work for a specified period, which helps prevent sudden drops in workload.
Tools and Technology FamiliarizationYou will have to invest in tools, technologies, and software, which can be financially taxing and time intensive. Not only will you have to spend money on these, but you will also have to train your in-house team. This training is more than just a one-time thing since you must ensure your in-house team is well-versed every time the software or the tools and technologies are updated.By hiring a professional 3D model texturing service provider, you can rest assured that you will have experts who are adept and up to date in their skills and knowledge to take care of the process.

Top 10 3D Model Texturing Service Providers

If the above comparison has convinced you to hire a 3D model texturing service provider instead of doing it yourself, we will help you with the list of top 10 such providers to narrow down your search.

1. House of Blue Beans:

House of Blue Beans’ exceptional 3D texturing service will take your 3D creation to unprecedented realism. Understanding that the texture is the crux of a visual masterpiece, our team of skilled artists work towards infusing life into every pixel. Whether you are creating immersive gaming environments, architectural visualizations, or product designs, our 3D texturing expertise will transform your visions into vivid realities.

To create 3D textures successfully, you need a balance between technical skill and artistic creativity. Adding texture to a 3D model involves the following steps.

  • Creating A 3D Model: We create two types of 3D models based on the requirements- high fidelity and low fidelity. High-fidelity 3D models are the ones with high polygon counts used to create visual content that needs to be highly detailed, such as images or videos. On the other hand, a low-fidelity 3D model has a low polygon count and is used to create real-time applications like video games and AR/VR experiences, which demand quicker rendering and a smooth user experience.
  • Texture Mapping: We apply a base color texture to the UV-unwrapped model as a foundation for the subsequent textures to be applied. This initial texture sets the model’s appearance.
  • Normal Mapping: Using normal maps, we add intricate surface details by manipulating light’s interactions with the normals of a model. High-resolution details from a high-poly model are baked onto a low-poly model’s normal map. This creates the illusion that the model has complicated geometry without adding additional polygons.
  • Displacement Mapping: Unlike normal maps, displacement maps add depth and complexity to the model’s surface by directly affecting its vertices.
  • Specular and Roughness Mapping: Roughness and specular maps determine how light reflects from different parts of the model’s surface. We combine them in a way that they can produce more realistic reflections and highlights.
  • Ambient Occlusion Mapping: A light occlusion map simulates how nearby surfaces occlude or block ambient light, adding subtle shadows and enhancing depth perception in crevices, corners, and tight spots.
  • Detail Texturing: We add textures to the model to add fine details, such as scratches, dirt, and rust. These textures add realism and credibility to the model.
  • Layering and Blending: Using specialized software, we combine various texture maps to create complex and nuanced surface appearances.

Once the model is created and the texture is added, we use it as a foundation to create various images, videos, and animations.

Enhance 3D Models With Texturing

Images: Using our 3D rendering tools, our talented artists create lifelike renderings that bring your products to life. With intricate details and stunning textures, our 3D images enhance your brand’s image and drive engagement.

Enhance 3D Models With Texturing
  • Lifestyle: Our team is an expert at creating lifestyle images that will resonate with your audience, infuse emotion, and authenticity into every frame, capturing the essence of your brand’s lifestyle. As customers visualize your products in their own lives, they are more likely to become loyal to your brand, fostering a deeper connection.
Enhance 3D Models With Texturing
  • White background: Using our white background image service, you can make your products stand out with clarity and elegance. Our artists and editors work closely to produce stunning images highlighting your products. The white background images we create make a bold statement, ensuring your offerings stand out in a cluttered marketplace with a focus on simplicity and sophistication.
Enhance 3D Models With Texturing
  • 360 Spin: Our 360-degree spin service lets your audience interact with your products from every angle and detail, creating a dynamic visual experience. This interactive approach enhances customer engagement, as they can examine products closely before purchasing, which builds trust.

Videos: We offer various video services to meet every requirement, from showcasing product functionality to inspiring narratives.

  • Functionality: Using precision and attention to detail, our functionality videos illustrate how your offerings can enhance your customers’ lives.
  • Inspirational: Connect with your audience emotionally with our inspiring videos. Our narratives will captivate hearts and minds, leaving a lasting impression like how we did in this video.
  • White Background: With our white background videos, your products take center stage with a clean aesthetic that maintains the elegance of white background imagery.
  • How-to: Help your customers understand how to do things correctly, be it a device installation or product usage, with our helpful how-to videos. We simplify complex processes into easy-to-understand steps so they’re more likely to become loyal and satisfied customers. Check out this video where we simplify installing a fence.
  • Product: With engaging product videos, we showcase your offerings in action and enable a better understanding of their value, like this video, where we showcase the features of a wearable device.

AR/VR Experience: Experience the future with our immersive AR/VR experiences. From 360 shoppable rooms to visualizer apps, we combine technology and creativity to allow customers to visualize and engage with your products like never before.

We created a 360 shoppable room for a client to help their target audience visualize the product in real-life settings. Take a look at this video to see how it works.

Architectural Visualization: With our interior and exterior renderings, we can transform your architectural visions into reality. Our detailed visuals provide a glimpse of what might be possible, allowing customers to visualize the final product.

Social Media Content: Our visually appealing content will help you dominate the social sphere. From eye-catching images to compelling videos, we develop content to engage your audience in various ways.

What makes House of Blue Beans 3D Model Texturing Services Top-tier?

At House of Blue Beans, we redefine the standards of top-tier craftsmanship with our commitment to precision, creativity, and innovation that sets us apart in the 3D model texturing landscape. We put a team of talented artists at the helm of cutting-edge technologies to create stunning visual masterpieces from digital models. With us, you will get

  • Attention To Detail: Attention to detail directly impacts the quality, realism, and overall look of the 3D render. It also contributes to an immersive experience for the viewers. With us, you can rest assured that there will be accurate texture replication – weathering, surface irregularities, and scratches, making your 3D representation authentic and believable.
  • Diverse Style: We understand different project has different demands. What might work for video games might not be appropriate for architectural visualization. Since we cater to businesses across industries- fashion, home decor, real estate, or furniture- our artists are experts in creating lifelike textures for various styles.
  • Understanding Of Lightning: Lighting plays a crucial role in how a texture is perceived and can enhance the overall realism of the 3D representation. Moreover, a well-lit texture highlights the intricate details, making the representation captivating by improving its visibility. With House of Blue Beans, you get textures that respond to lighting realistically so that there is a consistency between the virtual object and the real-world counterpart.
  • Consistency: We understand the importance of consistency in building brand identity, fostering realism, and enhancing overall cohesiveness and quality of the 3D representation and hence create 3D models in a digitally controlled environment. This enhances the visual harmony and helps maintain a continuous narrative flow, thereby increasing the viewer’s engagement.
  • Shorter Go-To-Market Time: We understand how important it is to be the first to introduce a product with a high-quality texture. A shorter-go-to market time improves the brand’s perception and reduces missed opportunity costs. This is why we at House of Blue Beans ensure that your visual content is delivered within 10-12 days, unlike the traditional methodology, which can take up to three months.
  • Cost-Effective: We don’t believe that high-quality visual content has to burn a hole in the pocket, so we offer services at 1/4th the cost of traditional photography. Moreover, since we use CGI to create visual content, you do not need to worry about shipping the product and other transportation or product damage costs. This effectively brings down the whole operational cost.

Skeptical of our claims? Look at these testimonials by our clients’ heaping praises of our work.

Enhance 3D Models With Texturing
Testimonial Kristin Snyder

2. UFO3D

Enhance 3D Models With Texturing

UFO3D is a 3D visualization service that provides comprehensive 3D modeling services like 360 views, animation, visualization, AR/VR, and more for businesses across industries, including furniture, appliances, jewelry, electronics, watches, and fashion. 

UFO3D’s seasoned artists and technicians painstakingly imbue textures with depth, character, and authenticity to bring life to every pixel and polygon. With UFO3D’s proficiency in texture mapping, textures are seamlessly aligned with the geometry of the 3D models, resulting in a cohesive, visually stunning final product. Whether it’s weathered brick facades, intricate organic surfaces, or futuristic metal alloys, UFO3D’s artists meticulously craft textures that mimic the physical world.

3. Rapid Renders

Enhance 3D Models With Texturing

Rapid Renders is a 3D rendering and 3D product rendering service provider that offers high-quality architectural, product, and furniture rendering services. To enhance the design process as a whole and amp up the impact of marketing efforts, Rapid Renders specifically emphasizes quality 3D modeling and texturing. 

With Rapid Renders, texture is more than just applying colors and patterns. Their skilled artists and technicians work meticulously to create depth, character, and authentic textures. You’ll get unparalleled detail-oriented texturing, and their artists masterfully replicate textures that mimic the intricacies of the physical world, whether it’s weathered exteriors, intricate interior surfaces, or the subtle nuances of natural elements.

4. Image Foundry

Enhance 3D Models With Texturing

Image Foundry is an animation and CGI solution provider helping businesses showcase their visually appealing and compelling offerings with interior, real estate, or products and services. 

They merge artistic brilliance with cutting-edge technology to weave such textures into the virtual space, bridging the gap between digital and tangible worlds and evoking emotions. Using advanced technology, Image Foundry enables clients to interact with textured models in real-time. This feature fosters collaborative creativity and allows instant feedback, making the creative process more efficient. With Image Foundry’s expertise in texture mapping, they ensure that textures safely and seamlessly align with 3D models, resulting in a captivating final product.

5. Image Studios:


Image Studios is a leading media production company offering commercial photography, CGI, and video services for various businesses, catering to different applications like catalogs, websites, and corporate publications since 1965. 

Image Studios’ texturing services cover various industries, spanning architectural marvels, interior design elegance, real estate marketing, and product visualization. This adaptability underscores their ability to excel across multiple creative fields. It offers diverse surfaces and finishes, allowing clients to specify textures that resonate perfectly with their designs, whether opulent stone, rustic wood, or futuristic metals. Taking texture mapping to the next level, Image Studios’ experts ensure that textures are perfectly mapped to 3D models, ensuring a harmonious fusion of aesthetic and texture.

6. bTRGMultimedia: 

Enhance 3D Models With Texturing

TRGMultilmedia is a CGI service provider offering products like photography, animation, and room sets. They are known for providing high-quality yet affordable CGI animation and imagery services. 

A relentless commitment to detail characterizes the 3D texturing services provided by TRG Multimedia. Their artists meticulously recreate textures, capturing the physical world’s intricacies, whether replicating weathered exteriors, intricate interior surfaces, or natural elements. They customize their texturing solutions to ensure that each texture is in harmony with their client’s vision, weaving together every visual element to convey a captivating narrative. With TRG Multimedia’s expertise in texture mapping, textures are seamlessly blended with 3D models for a seamless blend of form and texture, resulting in a captivating result.

7. Ikarus 3D:

Enhance 3D Models With Texturing

Ikarus3D provides a wide range of 3D models and assets, offering services like AR and VR-ready 3D Models, scan clean-ups, metaverse-ready 3D avatars, VTO-ready 3D assets, and virtual spaces. It boasts of serving clients like Meta, Plattar, Floor Planner, FuturenFashion, and more.

Ikarus recognizes the importance of textures in bringing life to your virtual creations and the artistry behind every pixel. In addition to providing meticulously crafted textures that seamlessly blend with your 3D models, they utilize cutting-edge technology and a team of experienced artists. They offer customized texturing services tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries, including gaming, architecture, animation, and more, demonstrating their commitment to excellence. Ikarus has the expertise to turn your vision into textured reality, whether you need hyper-realistic textures that mimic nature’s finest nuances or imaginative textures that transport your audience to fantastical realms.


Enhance 3D Models With Texturing

Welplix is a 3D modeling, photography, and animation service provider known for offering quick, affordable, and convenient CGI solutions for different sizes. Big and small brands trust them- from Lord Milano, Laverne to Fahda and Tooq.

Welpix’s 3D texturing services blend creativity, technical expertise, and attention to detail. With Welpix’s team of skilled artists and advanced techniques, your 3D models can be transformed into immersive and captivating assets that genuinely stand out, whether you want to enhance your game’s graphics, visualize architectural designs, or create stunning animations. The team at Wellpix places a high priority on quality assurance. The final textured 3D models meet the highest visual fidelity standards by going through an iterative process. Each texture undergoes rigorous testing and scrutiny to meet the client’s expectations and project requirements.

9. DeepSky Studio:

Enhance 3D Models With Texturing

DeepSky Studio is an award-winning design, animation, and live production company offering stunning animation, motion graphics, product visualization, and live-action services for over 20 years. It has partnered with leading brand names like AWS, Turner, Intel, Nike, Keen, and more to help them with the visual content requirements.

It offers a high-quality texture tailored to customers’ specific requirements, from creating textures of various objects, be it natural elements like wood or complex surfaces like futuristic machinery. Their artists specialize in adding realistic details to the texture, like scratching, imperfections, and wear and tear, and their attention to detail enhances the overall realism of the 3D models. They also have expertise in optimizing textures to run smoothly on real-time applications without compromising visual appeal. Their exposure 

10. ThreeTree Commerce:

Enhance 3D Models With Texturing

ThreeTree Commerce specializes in creating immersive digital content that helps brands establish themselves as industry experts and boost their conversion rate. Understanding the impact of visual content on the audience and the importance of 3D technology in today’s world, ThreeTree Commerce has been helping brands across the industry for over a decade. Whether it’s fashion, furniture, or accessories, their texturing service adds realism to your product.

Their experts team up to meticulously enhance texture, colors, and details to create lifelike visual representations. To increase engagement, elevate brand perception, and improve conversion, ThreeTree Commerce seamlessly blends artistry and technology.

A 3D model texturing service provider can make your creative visions come alive in the dynamic world of modern design and visual arts. Whether you’re a game developer, an architect, or an animator, these professionals can make your projects more realistic and engaging with their intricate details and lifelike textures. These service providers can provide limitless possibilities, allowing you to bring your virtual creations to life. 

With House of Blue Beans, you get unparalleled texturing services that will transcend the boundaries of visual storytelling. Our artists blend their artistry with technology to breathe life into the virtual environment. Our texturing services go beyond aesthetics, wherein we infuse every project with narrative depth that captivates and resonates. With House of Blue Beans, every texture has a story to tell.

So what are you waiting for?

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