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Case Study

How Omnimax - a Leading Building Solutions Innovator, Revamped Its Buying Experience

The Client

Omnimax International - a leading innovator in the building & construction industry.

Meet Omnimax International: Pioneers of Innovative Building Solutions

Omnimax International is a top building & construction solutions provider known for its innovative products in the industry.

They have a global presence and are loved for making buildings look great. However, as the digital age progressed, they took a step forward to adapt to new consumer demands and improve their buying experience.

Challenges Faced While Steering Towards a Better Buying Experience

Visuals of Complex Products

Improving Customer Retention

Speeding Up Product Launches

Our Impactful Solutions that Helped Omnimax Sell Better

At House of Blue Beans, we understood Omnimax International’s hurdles and crafted solutions to both tackle their problems and boost their brand.

Enhanced Customer Interaction

Step by Step Installation Videos - For Existing and New Buyers

Awning+Pergola Installation

Close-Up Shots to Make the Product Stand Out

Detailed Product Catalog Visuals

Color Variants of Different Finishes

Gutter pipe system

Drip edge – different finishes

Exploded Views for Better Product Understanding

Faster & Cheaper Product Launches

Custom Visuals for All Kinds of Buyers


Residential Lifestyle Images

Impressed Modern Shoppers with Advanced Applications

Launched a product visualizer application for modern buyers, keeping Omnimax a top choice.

The Outcome: Improved Shopping Experience for Customers & Better ROI

With our tailored solutions, Omnimax International strengthened its position in the market. They improved their online shopping experience, making it even better for their customers.


Enhanced Customer Engagement

Customers now spend double the time exploring product visuals, leading to a richer interaction.

Rapid Market Entry

Slashed go-to-market time by two weeks and achieved a remarkable 70% cost reduction.

Better Customer Retention

Detailed product catalogs and step-by-step installation videos created a better after-sales experience, creating customer loyalty and retention.

Innovative Product Visualizer App

Launched a product visualizer application tailored to modern buyers, cementing Omnimax’s position as a top choice in the industry.