The Advantages Of AR Shopping

The Advantage Of AR Shopping For Consumers & Retailers

Brands like Pepperfry, Urban Ladder, Coca-Cola, and more are investing heavily in enhancing customers’ shopping experience. They are achieving it through the implementation of Augmented Reality in their web and mobile platforms and in-store installations and displays.

If you are a business owner apprehensive about investing in AR and its many applications, we are here to help uncover the benefits it offers you as a retailer. We will also help you understand why customers prefer brands that include AR in their marketing strategy.

How Is Augmented Reality Shaping Product Marketing?

Augmented Reality has bridged the gap created by digital shopping. Through its different uses, like in web-based applications, mobile, and store AR installations and displays, it has significantly enriched customers’ purchasing experience.  

Take, for instance, IKEA, the leading furniture and home furnishing brand. It has incorporated AR technology to help its shoppers visualize how their product will look in customer’s homes, offices, kitchens, or wherever they want to place it. By allowing the superimposition of to-scale furniture models in real-life rooms or IKEA planners, IKEA helps customers make an informed choice.

The Advantage Of AR Shopping For Consumers & Retailers

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that AR technology is continuously growing. With its power to reshape the e-commerce platform, it is opening new opportunities for the business and improving ways to experience shopping for customers.

Why Do Customers Love AR-Incorporated Shopping?

AR is helping customers try on clothes or check whether or not the shade of lipstick will go with their skin tone or how the piece of furniture will seamlessly blend in their home or office, strengthening their purchasing decisions. Let us look at the advantage of AR shopping that is making customers more interested in brands implementing AR technology than those that do not.

  • Enhance information accessibility

AR allows for more data on a product at the customer’s reach. For example, by pointing their smartphone at a particular food product, customers will be able to find out about its nutritional value or some ingredients it may comprise, as well as the opinions of other users. Such knowledge equips customers to know what to buy.

  • Identify the trend

Customers are always looking for what is up and coming and want to buy what is trending. AR technology can play a crucial role in helping customers understand that the product they have an eye on is favored by how many. Take, for instance, C&A, a Brazilian fashion brand that displays its clothes on AR-enabled hangers, which, when scanned, also show how many likes the product has garnered worldwide.

  • Reduce purchase anxiety

Online purchases can be challenging for some customers, especially since online shopping does not allow touching and feeling the product. With AR technology removing the skepticism by giving customers the option to visualize and try the product before they buy it, it will minimize the risk of customers getting disappointed after the purchase and reduce the likelihood of product returns.

  • Enriches user experience

Unlike traditional online shopping, which lacks immersiveness, AR-infused product marketing provides engaging shopping experiences. It lets customers explore various alternatives, customize their choices, and strengthen the customer-business relationship by giving a fair idea of how things will work.

  • Save time and money

AR eliminates the need for businesses to visit the store to try the products physically. This saves a significant amount of time. Moreover, it also reduces the possibility of wasting money buying the wrong size or fit product since AR lets customers assess products from the comfort of their homes.

How Is AR Technology Helping Retailers?

Now that we know why customers today prefer AR-infused product presentations, let us look at how your business can boost its conversion rate and stay ahead of the curve with AI-incorporated product presentations.

  • Minimized return rate

Since AR technology equips the customers to try on the product virtually, this will strengthen their decision-making, minimizing the rate of return or exchange and the wastage of time and effort that follows—moreover, the lower the returns and exchanges the higher the customer satisfaction level.

  • Improved brand reputation

A business using the latest tools and technologies like AR will stand out from the crowd and be perceived as a forward-thinking and innovative business that goes above and beyond to enrich customer experience.

  • Increased customer loyalty

AR technology can help the business communicate the look and feel of the products, which the conventional online shopping method can not. This immersive and interactive experience will make the customer return for more. Thus, businesses can build loyal customers through this meaningful and emotionally resonating relationship.

  • Boost brand awareness

Using AR to bring products to life through virtual billboards or displays can help build brand awareness, especially among the younger generation, who are always looking for a cutting-edge experience. Moreover, AR can also be used to create shareable product marketing collaterals that can serve as an excellent tool for word-of-mouth marketing and help increase brand visibility, thus boosting brand awareness.

  • Increase customer engagement

Using AR, businesses can create exciting games and fun challenges to keep the customers engaged with the brand in a fun yet meaningful manner. Through AR-based product launches and demonstrations, businesses can showcase their products and services in a way that drives engagement and enhances customer acquisition.

House of Blue Beans- Your Trusted AR Solution Partner

If you are wondering how to start with your AR marketing strategy, you are at the right place. We at House of Blue Beans will help you create robust and versatile AR-based product presentations that offer your customers an immersive experience with real-time information and interactive storytelling.

Brands like Henkel, Lowe’s, Pepperfry, Costa Coffee, Pepsi, and more have trusted us for over a decade to make their products stand out and result in better customer acquisition and engagement. 

What do we have to offer?

AR/VR Experience: At House of Blue Beans, we craft experiences designed to impact the target audience profoundly. Whether your goal is to enhance brand awareness or make your product realistic, House of Blue Beans’ AR/VR experts team has your back. Whether you want to create an iOS, Android, or web application, House of Blue Beans is there. With us, you can one-up your product presentation game through

  • 360 Shoppable Room: Allows customers to visit and shop virtually from your showroom. Serving as a replica of your physical store, our 360 shoppable rooms will allow your customers to choose, try, and buy products virtually. Our 360 shoppable rooms will boost customer engagement by enriching the shopping experience. Look at how we helped a client create a 360 shoppable room of their product for their customers. 
  • Visualizer App: Let your customers visualize the product and determine whether it will fit their home, office, kitchen, or any desired setting with our visualizer application. It will allow customers to mix and match various designs, textures, themes, and more. Our visualizer application helped Henkel boost their sales and enhance their customer experience.
  • Holoroom Pocket: We make shopping informative and fun with our Holoroom Pocket service that combines CGI and VR. Your customers can walk through and interact with the product while gathering information about the same, such as price.
  • Custom Experience: We combine CGI and VR to offer custom experiences to customers so that they know and understand how a specific product will look in the bathroom, kitchen, or office. With House of Blue Beans by your side, there is no room for guesswork.

Aside from AR and VR experiences, we also offer the following visualization services:

The Advantage Of AR Shopping For Consumers & Retailers

3D models: Build a robust foundation for your product visuals and bring them to life through our detailed prototypes in the form of 3D models.

Images: Capture the audience’s attention and boost engagement with our highly detailed and accurate images. We will help you create the following images:

The Advantage Of AR Shopping For Consumers & Retailers
The Advantage Of AR Shopping For Consumers & Retailers
  • Lifestyle image: Showcase how your product can add value to your customer’s life by transforming your customers into a world that ignites emotions through lifestyle photography.
The Advantage Of AR Shopping For Consumers & Retailers
  • 360 spin: Give your customers the freedom to explore the product from all angles to make an informed decision.

Videos: Bring your creative vision to life with our cutting-edge video services. We have got you covered. From lifestyle, functionality, how-to videos, white background videos to inspirational videos.

  • Lifestyle videos: We are a group of artists and technicians who craft compelling visual stories that connect with your intended audience. Whether you’re looking at showcasing a product, brand, or personal lifestyle, our lifestyle production takes your product and service and gives it a whole new meaning: turning it into an exceptional experience.
  • Functionality videos: Our core expertise is translating complex concepts into simple, easy-to-follow, and enticing presentations. Our functionality videos simplify complex processes into bite-sized, visually pleasing footage—whether about software applications or working on a particular machine.
  • How-to videos: Include step-by-step guides and instructional videos in your content, which will be engaging to your audience. We produce easy-to-understand how-to videos for the hardest of tasks. We simplify the process for our customers by employing experienced video producers and editors who facilitate user friendliness and satisfaction.
  • White background videos: Our white background videos are crisp, clean, and attention-grabbing, captivating your audience and pulling them into the world of your unique and innovative products.
  • Inspirational videos: Utilize our inspirational video stories and enthrall your viewers. We use visual stories, which have a powerful emotional effect on both the creators and the audiences – we touch their souls to pass your messages forward. 

Social media content: We provide scroll-stopping visual work for social media. Our engaging social media visual content will ensure that people talking online about your brand.

Architectural Visualization: With our 3D rendering and animation expertise, we breathe life into blueprints, allowing your customers to see space in its interior and exterior form before it is built.

What Makes Us A Favorite Of Some Of The Leading Fortune 50 Companies?

We believe in delivering the finest solutions without burning any hole in the pocket, and hence, we have been trusted by leading companies for more than a decade. We guarantee.

  • Correct Size: We accurately represent the size and dimension of the product to give your customers a clear idea of how the product will fit into their real life.
  • Rapid loading speed: AR/VR product presentations can take time to load, but they don’t have to. We at House of Blue Beans create low-fidelity 3D models that do not strain the resources and load at a quicker speed.
  • Seamless integration: To enable direct purchases, we create AR/VR experiences that can be seamlessly integrated into any platform.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Our AR/VR solutions won’t break your break, which does not mean they will be subpar. We offer premium quality AR/VR solutions at 1/4th the price of conventional methodology. 

Furthermore, we create our solutions in a digitally controlled environment and leverage CGI, which ensures that every image, video, or animation is consistent with the guidelines.

Take a look at what our clients have to say about our work!

The Advantages Of AR Shopping

Investing in AR for product presentation is no longer an option but has become strategically imperative since it helps drive sales by fostering deep customer engagement and eliminating uncertainty. With House of Blue Beans as your AR partner, you can rest assured that you will captivate your audience by unlocking a new level of engagement and creativity.

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