Top 3D Product Modeling Services for Marketers

Top 8 3D Product Modeling Services For Marketers And Online Sellers

3D product models form the basis for creating visual assets to sell products online. Be it white background images, product close-up shots, 360-degree spins, lifestyle images, or AR/VR experiences, you first need to create 3D models of the products.

If you are looking for 3D product modeling services, you are at the right place. In this post, we’ve listed the top 8 service providers to cut short your research time.

To create assets for marketing, businesses need product visuals that give their customers a high degree of confidence while shopping online and help them make better purchase decisions.  

Here comes the importance of 3D models. 3D product models allow you to make realistic and accurate 3D models of your products which are used to create different forms of visual content to present to your customers that entice them to buy the product. These visual contents can be used for listing on different eCommerce platforms, marketing, advertising, and much more.

However, creating 3D product models is a challenging task. Furthermore, new arenas—like virtual and augmented reality—have developed recently, which most businesses want to leverage but are not able to do due to a lack of expertise in this field.

For example, for marketers looking to create VR & AR experiences for the end consumer, a key bottleneck to bringing these experiences to life is the requirement for 3D assets of the products that need to be displayed in the AR & VR experiences. There is a significant lead time & investment to create 3D assets for all the products that need to be available in the AR / VR experience. 

The solution to this problem is to work with a professional 3D product modeling service provider. These service providers can use their expertise and technology to create accurate models that can be used for product marketing.

For example, Fortune50 brands like Lowe’s Home improvements and Target Retail have used a 3D product modeling service named House Of Blue Beans (that’s us) for their products’ 3d assets requirements. 

But the question remains- how to find 3D product modeling service providers to help you create accurate 3D product models and, subsequently, the product images, visualization, and creation of AR/VR experiences for your audience? 

That’s what this blog lists- the top 8 service providers for 3D product modeling.

Top 8 3D Product Modeling Service Providers

We’ve compiled the following list of the top 8 3D product modeling service providers so that you can find the right fit for your requirements.

1. House Of Blue Beans (HOBB)

Top 8 3D Product Modeling Services For Marketers And Online Sellers
Top 8 3D Product Modeling Services For Marketers And Online Sellers

At House of Blue Beans, we provide 3D product modeling and visualization services that focus on creating various form factos product visuals. Although we are a B2B company, our goal is to use different forms of 3D, such as  CGI (computer-generated imagery) , augmented and virtual reality, and interactive 3D to enable better product visuals that help end consumers make better purchase decisions.

We do everything that marketers at eCommerce companies and online sellers require, from creating white background images, lifestyle images, detailed shots to video, 360 spins and AR/VR experiences.

The biggest benefit of working with us is that we don’t require access to physical products to create 100% accurate 3D models of the actual products — unlike traditional photography.

In order to create these product visuals for marketing and advertising purposes, it is necessary to first create a 3D product model for each of your products. 

3D models created by HOBB are 100% accurate in terms of scale, size and shape when compared to the actual product. HOBB uses a proprietary 3D Modeling pipeline that has generated over 21,000 3D models for customers around the globe.  

We have been doing this for over a decade for top companies around the world and have deep expertise in this.

Here is a gist of the steps involved in creating product visuals through 3D models:

Step 1: Create the 3D model of the product

We first create the 3d asset for the product. We create 2 versions of every 3D asset based on the client’s requirements:

  1. High Fidelity 3D Assets: 3D models that are extremely detailed with very high polygon count and high resolution textures. They are typically used for creating photorealistic visuals of the product – images and videos.
  2. Low Fidelity 3D Assets: 3D models that are optimized for augmented and virtual reality experiences. AR, VR and other real time experiences require smaller file sizes, lighter 3D meshes and more optimised texture files so they can run efficiently on the end consumer’s device. of the product – images and videos.We create a low polygon count that makes models light and easy to use in AR/VR.

Here is an example, of how a mesh file of this
product looks like:

Top 8 3D Product Modeling Services For Marketers And Online Sellers

After adding texture and material, the final
image looks like this:

Top 8 3D Product Modeling Services For Marketers And Online Sellers

Here are two more examples of 3D models and the different stages involved in arriving at the final product image.

Top 8 3D Product Modeling Services For Marketers And Online Sellers

Step 2: Generate product visuals using the 3D model

Once ready, these 3D models are used to create various types of product images:

  1. White background Silo images
  2. 360 spins
  3. Lifestyle images
  4. Videos
  5. AR & VR experiences

Product visuals based on 3D Model

3D Product Modeling Services For Marketers
  1. White background silo images: As the name may suggest, these images are used to showcase the product in isolation , on a white background to allow the consumer to get a good look at the product from various angles. These images are mainly used to display on website product pages, marketplaces, and in product catalogs.

Above are some examples of white background product images.

  • Lifestyle images: These images are used to showcase how products look in different environments so that consumers can get a better idea of how the product would look in their home or the place of use.
3D Product Modeling Services For Marketers
3D Product Modeling Services For Marketers

For example, check out the two images below depicting the washing machine’s appearance in two different rooms.

As you can see from the above images, if only the washing machine image were shown to a consumer, then you leave it to consumers’ imagination to visualize how the product would look in their actual place of usage.On the contrary, showing the whole product usage environment decreases the cognitive load on consumers’ minds and hence aids quick purchase decisions.

As a marketer and online seller, you should not leave it to chance when it comes to product images. Adding context around the product is an excellent step towards reducing friction in your sales funnel. Almost all of our customers have seen their conversion rate and sales increase with these contextual images.

Additionally, this also reduces product returns. When customers have an exact idea about the product size, texture, and how it would look, then there is no mismatch in customers’ expectations once they receive the product.

3. Videos: The 3D model can also be used to shoot video content. Product videos, Lifestyle videos, product animations – can all be shot using the 3D model. 

House Of Blue Beans Short Intro

CG visualization for Consumer Electronics

Product Videos

Industries that House of Blue Beans caters to:

We have served clients in various industries, like: 

3D Product Modeling Services For Marketers
  • Furniture and decor
  • Consumer electronics
  • Bath and kitchen
  • Real estate and construction
  • Hardware tools and electricals
  • Consumer goods
  • Sporting goods

Check our portfolio here.

We also take custom requirements from industries that are not mentioned above. Reach out to us here for product visuals on custom requirements.

House Of Blue Beans Short Intro

Why Choose HOBB Over Traditional Photography?

At HOBB, we provide stunning visuals at a fraction of the cost, at a much faster speed, and without all the hassle that comes with traditional photography.

What’s best? That we can provide these stunning visuals at a fraction of the cost, at a much faster speed, and without all the hassle that comes with traditional photography.

These are the major issues with traditional photography that HOBB solves:

  • High go-to-market time of 3 months (approx.): Many products are made in different locations, sometimes in a different country. So, for photography, first the product needs to be shipped to your location. The average lead time globally, to ship, stage the product and shoot through photography is 3 months. 
    HOBB’s solution enables go-to-market in ~2 weeks.  We do not require the physical product. We work with reference images and dimensions of the product to create a 100% accurate 3D model. We have visualised and delivered ~10,000 products with an average go to market time of 2 weeks.  
  • Average go-to-market Cost is ~3000USD per product:: The average cost to ship, stage and shoot a product through photography is a whopping 3000USD. 
    At HOBB, we provide content packages with an average cost of ~600USD. We are able to create efficiencies through our reusable CGI pipeline. Moreover, to shoot lifestyle images, you need to create an entire setup, which again is not only time-consuming, but very costly too.
3D Product Modeling Services For Marketers

Why Choose HOBB As Your 3D Product Modeling Partner?

HOBB is an end-to-end 3D digital transformation partner. With HOBB, you get best-in-class quality CGI product visuals that don’t require physical products. 

3D Product Modeling Services For Marketers

We help you create customer delight using high-quality content created with stringent quality control protocols. 

  • Photorealistic quality: We understand that CGI is a replacement solution for photography and that the images can be nothing less than photorealistic in order to create an impact with the end consumer. 
  • Attention to detail: is ingrained in our DNA. Creating photoreal content is all about making sure the end consumer is able to experience the product through images as though they are in the actual showroom. This requires extensive and consistent attention to detail.   Our process has several quality checks to ensure that product details have been captured in the 3D model and showcased in the images the way our customer would like to showcase the same. 
  • Track record of delivering 20,000+ 3D product models for Fortune 500 customers: HOBB has delivered 1000’s of products for customers around the globe including Target retail and Lowe’s home improvements. The experience and learnings of working with customers around the globe and meeting the highest quality standards has refined our process.
  • Simplified inputs: The HOBB pipeline only needs to 4-5 reference images and dimensions of the product. We do not need access to the physical product. Thereby reducing shipping and photography cost and time at a large scale.
  • Shorter Go-to-market Time: HOBB’s proprietary process ensures an average go-to-market time of 10-12 business days from the day the product is sourced versus a 3 month go-to-market cycle using traditional photography. 
  • Easy tracking & project management of 100s of ongoing projects through our VMS: Our proprietary visualization management system (VMS) enables collaborative content development and asset management, which helps you launch your websites faster (under 2 weeks for thousands of SKUs).
  • Leverage Our Creative Bandwidth: Leverage our creative team to produce creative briefs and scale your content pipeline. Be it a summer afternoon scene at a beach house or a seasonal greeting with snow, we can create all of it with a few clicks.
  • Reusable & Flexible 3D Assets: Reuse virtual sets & 3D models to create refreshing content season after season at a minimal cost. 

Let’s say we have created a lifestyle image of furniture in a particular environment. Now, afterif after 6 months if you need to change the product in the same environment, then we don’t need to create the 3D models of the products again. Instead, we can reuse the same 3D assets that we created initially.

Even if you need to change the environment, we can do that easily and quickly using environment templates that lower the cost for you.

  • Best In Class AR, VR & Metaverse Experiences: HOBB is a one of a kind partner that enables holistic 3D digital transformation. We provide all solutions from creating 3D product models to content for marketing to customised AR & VR experiences. Thereby becoming a one stop shop solution for large enterprises with lesser hassles to coordinate between 3D vendors and their unique workflows.  

We provide photoreal quality and UX specifically designed for first-time AR/VR users. We have a track record of building AR & VR experiences for Fortune 50 brands with large customer segments and high brand standards in terms of quality and ease of use. 

We have built AR & VR experiences for over a decade for brands like Cadbury’s, Accenture, Honeywell, Lowe’s, Henkel, etc. 

Our team has highly experienced 3D programmers who specialize in building AR & VR experiences. Building UX & UI for AR & VR experiences is a unique process and is entirely different from building a UI/UX for an app or website. A conventional app or web page is 2 dimensional versus a 3D experience that is 3 dimensional. 

The challenge is to leverage the 3rd dimension in the user experience without complicating the user experience and creating an uncomfortable unwanted learning curve for the first time AR/VR user. 

Our team only builds 3D applications and specializes in building UX for AR & VR interfaces. One of the main reasons for the failure of AR & VR apps is their inability to make the content look photoreal. It is hard for end consumers to make a purchase decision on an AR/VR interface when the product/3D asset representing the product looks gimmicky. 

HOBB’s AR & VR experiences focus on photoreal content and easy UX that is specifically designed for first time AR & VR users.

3D Product Modeling Services For Marketers

For example, when working with Lowe’s, we learned they had 35,000 products in their inventory. When they were looking to launch an AR experience, they wanted to showcase all their top sellers, roughly 5000 products. 

The lead time to source a 3D vendor and create these models was approximately 8-10 months & required an investment of 1M USD. 

The catch is that within 8-10 months, many of these products might not be available in the inventory. Hence, they required a solution that could create an ongoing source of 3D models and publish them in the VR & AR apps within 2 weeks of it being sourced by the merchant/sourcing team. 

HOBB helped them create CGI product visuals for marketing purposes at a fraction of the cost of photography, thereby saving money. From this process, we derived 3D models organically, which were used for AR & VR experiences, thereby saving the investment of ~1M$ to build an AR or VR experience. 

3D Product Modeling Services For Marketers
  • Enables Pre-Order Business: Using HOBB’s CGI solution, you can launch products within 5-7 business days without pre-ordering or committing to any amount of inventory, as we don’t require physical products for creating images. 

Our solution can create 100% accurate replica product visuals with just 3-4 high-resolution images and dimensions of the product.

  • Customer Centric Approach: HOBB keeps the customer at the centre of all its processes and deliveries. We understand that our customers operate in a dynamic and ever-changing business environment. Our team is extremely flexible to accommodate all customer needs—short deadline projects, scope extensions, etc. 

Don’t believe us? Check out our customer reviews below:

 3D Product Modeling Services For Marketers
 3D Product Modeling Services For Marketers
 3D Product Modeling Services For Marketers
 3D Product Modeling Services For Marketers
 3D Product Modeling Services For Marketers

2. The Motion Tree

The Motion Tree

The Motion Tree provides 3D modeling, texturing, and rendering services. Their skilled team ensures that your CGI projects have smooth, accurate, and seamless models. They provide their customers with on-time delivery, skilled professionals, affordable pricing, and improved productivity.

3. Nitro


3 Nitro is a 3D modeling firm that creates a lifelike 3D model of commercial products of any type which helps you to showcase your product in more detail to the prospects/customers. Their 3D product modeling services include polishing and providing unique 3D product models to strengthen and enhance various essential areas. They serve the eCommerce, advertising, and education industries.

4. Ufo3d

Ufo 3d

Ufo3d helps in 3D modeling for product advertising, prototyping, and market research. It provides you with visual materials that suit all product promotion and manufacturing requirements. Ufo3d helps businesses in 3D product modeling, 360° view, animation, visualization, and AR/VR services. 

They offer their services to furniture, watch, jewelry, appliances, electronics, and fashion product sellers/manufacturers which makes them a diverse service provider serving varied industry types.

5. CGI Furniture

CGI Furniture

CGI Furniture develops photoreal silos, 360° views, 3D animations and configurators, and AR models for online and offline product advertising. They provide their customers with award-winning photorealistic images, marketing tools, and expertise. 

6. Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solution

Flatworld Solutions (FWS) 3D product modeling and rendering services enable you to give life to your design, display your products with animations, showcase each feature of the product, and much more. Engineers and designers at FWS have worked on hundreds of needs and delivered effective 3D modeling and rendering services for bespoke graphics, engineering goods, real-time models, architecture designs, and other applications.

7. 3D-Ace

3D Ace

3D-Ace has a large inventory of stunning assets, including 2D/3D models of various complexity, fluid animations, and effects, and works well for multiple businesses. Their model ranges from pre-rendered or real-time models to realistic or low-poly models. Their 3D modeling studio creates and customizes any assets to its client’s specifications.

8. PrintAWorld

Print World

PrintAWorld is a recognized firm that provides various 3D product modeling services to assist businesses in bringing their concepts to reality. Their offerings include 3D product design and development, 3D modeling, 3D rendering, 3D animation, and virtual reality solutions.

Want To Move Ahead? Next Step

We hope this list of 3D product modeling service providers was helpful to you. In case you want to move forward with us at House of Blue Beans (HOBB), you can reach out to us here.

 3D Product Modeling Services For Marketers

With HOBB, give your customers a high degree of confidence while shopping online and help them make better purchase decisions.  

Here are the brands that we have worked with.

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Having queries? We’re here to answer all your questions. Feel free to reach out to us with all your needs and questions, and we will contact you to discuss the process further! Contact us now and get started on your next project!