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It is commonly said that a picture speaks thousands of words. This is especially true when a business sells something with a visual component. With product lifestyle photography, you can display products in a way that will inspire the customers to envision themselves using them.

Product lifestyle photography helps brands build emotional connection, enhance brand identity and improve brand exposure by showcasing products in a scenario that their customers find relatable.

In this blog, we will discuss what product lifestyle photography is, how it helps marketers, and why House of Blue Beans should be your ultimate choice for product lifestyle photography.

What is Product Lifestyle Photography?

Product lifestyle photography is the way of showing a product in context with the environment in which it will be used. It aims to make the product more relatable and help the consumers envision themselves using it. While descriptive texts are a great way to describe the products, reading every minute detail can be pretty cumbersome for consumers.

Moreover, consumers might find it challenging to relate to that. This is where product lifestyle photography can help businesses strike a chord with their target audience.

Product lifestyle photography uses props and models to create a scenario where the product will be used. This helps the consumers learn what owning and using the product is like. Take, for example, you want to sell shoes.

Depending upon the type of shoes- you will showcase them in different scenarios. You can show a lady walking in them on the road to the office if they are heels, or you can show trekkers wearing hiking shoes and going up a hill if they are hiking shoes. 

Through product lifestyle photography, businesses can communicate that they understand the customers and their pain points and will provide a product that will solve their issues by showing it in an environment to which the customers can relate.

How Does Product Lifestyle Photography Benefit Marketers?

No matter the size of your business, as long as you are selling a product, you will need product lifestyle photography. Since it shows products in real-life scenarios, it can influence customers’ purchasing decisions and make your business seem established in front of potential customers. Product lifestyle photography can strengthen a marketing campaign in way more than one. Let us look at all the benefits of product lifestyle photography to marketers.

They Are Informative: Product photography provides information about the product, like the dimensions, size, shape, colors, and style. It is a great way to make it easy for potential buyers to choose the right product for themselves. This information can also be used for competitive analysis to provide consumers with the data to help them make informed decisions.

They Help Tell A Story: Every product has a story, and photos are one of the best ways to communicate what your brand stands for and how it can add value to the customer’s life. Product lifestyle photography can tell a story around the product and represent it as a part of a larger lifestyle or experience. This approach makes the product relatable and appealing to the target audience. Furthermore, since lifestyle photography uses real people enjoying and benefitting from the product, it validates the product’s value, thereby increasing trust in the brand and boosting confidence while making a purchase.

They Strengthen SEO: Images play a crucial role in SEO and can enhance the webpage ranking. Google ranks those websites with relevant, high-quality, and detailed images better. By piquing your customer’s interest, product lifestyle photography can increase customer engagement and thus boost search engine page ranking.

They Highlight Brand Value: A well-crafted product lifestyle photography influences the target audience’s brand perception. The quality of the product lifestyle photograph impacts the business’s credibility, innovation, and professionalism.

They Impact Consumer Behavior: Product lifestyle photography can influence consumers’ behavior by inspiring them to aspire to a particular lifestyle that the brand portrays. High-quality product lifestyle images can help brands convey the feeling they want the customers to experience.

They Enhance Product Appeal: With product lifestyle photography, customers can visualize how the product will fit into their lives. This will enhance the visual appeal.

Furthermore, product lifestyle photography goes beyond creating a visual connection. It helps a brand establish and reinforce an emotional connection with the customers by making the product memorable and desirable.

They Help Build Personality: While stock images can help you get distinguished but with a product lifestyle photograph, you can make a brand personality. By telling a story around the product and creating a compelling narrative, you can capture the audience’s attention with your brand’s voice.

They Drive Traffic: Showcasing high-quality product lifestyle photographs in a compelling and visually striking manner will attract customers, pique their interest, and encourage them to stay on the page for longer.

Furthermore, clear and detailed images enhance the customer’s experience. When a customer easily understands the product and its features, they are more likely to stay longer, explore the product, and make a purchase.

They Are Versatile Marketing Materials: Product lifestyle photographs can act as versatile marketing assets that can be repurposed across different marketing channels. Be it a website banner, social media post, or product packaging, product lifestyle photographs can be used to maintain brand coherence and bolster product appeal.

They Can Be Optimized For Social Media: Product lifestyle photographs can be shared on all social media platforms. Marketers can use visually compelling photos to create engaging social media posts. The social media posts will garner likes, comments, and shares, thus expanding brand reach and increasing traffic to the brand’s website.

House Of Blue Beans-Your Done-For-You Solution Provider For Product Lifestyle Photography Requirements

House of Blue Beans is a cutting-edge solution provider for product lifestyle photography, helping businesses change their product marketing game by showcasing their products visually, compellingly, and engagingly. Our team of talented and skilled artists works towards creating a narrative that will bring your products to life, enabling you to develop and strengthen a bond with your target audience on a profound level to increase customer engagement and boost conversion rate.

Showcasing Brand Stories In Frame With Product Lifestyle Photography

House of Blue Beans will be your one-stop solution for product lifestyle photography requirements. Our team of talented artists works tirelessly to create product lifestyle photography that will enhance the brand image and boost the conversion rate. By displaying your products in a compelling and contextual setting, we aim to create an emotional connection with the target audience that will increase brand loyalty and customer conversions. We offer the following services.

Image: Create a wide range of images, be it white background, product lifestyle photos, or 360 spins, with the help of our 3D experts, who will work towards bringing your vision to life.

Showcasing Brand Stories In Frame With Product Lifestyle Photography
  • Lifestyle Photography: Through vibrant, relatable imagery, we showcase your products and services in real-life situations, going beyond traditional product shots. Our lifestyle photography services will evoke emotions and inspire your audience, regardless of whether you are in the fashion, beauty, travel, or hospitality industries. 
Showcasing Brand Stories In Frame With Product Lifestyle Photography
Showcasing Brand Stories In Frame With Product Lifestyle Photography

With us, you have the freedom to choose from two different templates, with which you can make your product shine- standard template and custom template. 

  • Standard Template: We offer a huge library of pre-built templates that are readily available for use. You can choose the design and theme that best fits your product and brand, and we will create the visual content for you.

With a standard template, you get the following benefits:

Time and cost-efficiency: Since the standard templates come with pre-designed elements and designs, all that is required is the placement of the product image. Furthermore, since there are no extensive modifications involved and no cost associated with it, you will save significant time and money.

Fast: With design elements at your disposal, you can quickly create a wide range of visual content for your product, be it images or videos.

Sampling: You can leverage standard templates to quickly create samples and repetitive visual content for your products. This is crucial in gathering feedback and understanding which design works best.

Our process of creating visual content using a standard template is straightforward and goes like this:

  • You send us a reference image for the product.
  • We create a 3D model and once done, we will render the image.
  • Customized Template: If you want your product visual content to stand out by reflecting your brand identity, you should use customized templates. We have a vast library of customized templates that you can utilize to build your product visual content design from scratch.

Our customized templates boast the following features:

Reusable: Our customized templates can be used n number of times, depending on your requirements and evolving preferences. You can use the same template for different products by switching design elements.

Flexible Object Positioning: You can modify and adjust various design elements within the customized templates, like font, color, texture, lighting, and more, to meet the aesthetic and functional preferences of your product.

Premium-quality Rendering: By implementing various techniques, including lighting, reflection, shadows, and more, we provide a high-quality rendering of your product to ensure the visual content looks realistic.

Interactive Control: Creating product visual content through customized templates allows you to change parameters like size and rotation in real-time using sliders or other interactive control.

Our customized templates have the following benefits:

Personalized to Preference: You can make changes per your creative vision and design preference in customized templates. Our customized template gives you the creative freedom to add or remove design elements as per requirements.

Faster Time to Market Compared to Traditional Product Photography: Developing and delivering photos through traditional product photography methods is time-consuming. But with customized templates, since we are utilizing software, all the changes can be made on the fly. This will give your brand an upper hand by reducing the go-to-market time.

Brand Distinction: It is important for a brand to stand out in this time of cut-throat competition to make its brand memorable and recognizable. You can create brand differentiation by adding unique design elements to the product visuals through customized templates.

Consistency: Since all the visual content is created following specific brand guidelines, the theme and design of the product image or video will be consistent throughout various marketing channels. Furthermore, we implement stringent quality control protocols which ensure that the visual content follows the brand’s aesthetic, messaging, and design guidelines.

The process of creating visual content through customized templates involves the following steps:

  • Once you share the reference image and brand guidelines, we will create a mood board to convey the value your brand will bring customers.
  • Upon approval, we will create a layout to share with you.
  • Once approved, we will customize the template according to your specifications and render the image to create the final visual content.

Below is a simplified table with factors that can affect your decision to go with a standard or customized template. You can choose the one that best suits your requirements and preferences.

FactorsExisting/Standard TemplateCustomized Template
BudgetWhen you have a limited/less budgetWhen there are no budget constraints
IndustryHome improvement, consumer electronics, bathroom fittings, building materialIndustries that require detail-oriented product demonstrations
PricingTemplate- Free, Image creation starts at $150 (excluding modeling)Template- $490, Image creation starts at $640 (excluding modeling)
Creative ControlLimited creative controlComplete creative control
ApplicationIf you are creating visual content for e-commerce purposesIf you are creating visual content for social media marketing, ads, campaigns
Delivery Time7 days (including modeling)15-20 days (including modeling)
CustomizableYes, additional costs are applicableYes, additional costs are applicable
Long Term UsabilityIt can be optimized for a better user experienceSubstantial long-term reusability
Showcasing Brand Stories In Frame With Product Lifestyle Photography
  • White Background: We offer white background images that will enhance the visual appeal of your brand, whether you are an e-commerce retailer, a digital marketer, or a content creator. With our attention to detail and focus on aesthetics, we provide crisp, well-lit images that emphasize the unique features of your products.
  • 360 Spin: Using 360-degree spins, we give your customers an entirely new way to explore and interact with your products. We can capture every angle and detail of your static images through advanced technology and expertise, transforming them into dynamic, immersive experiences.
Brand Stories With Product Lifestyle Photography

3D Modeling: Create stunningly realistic renderings and immersive virtual experiences with the help of our team of talented 3D artists and designers. Through our 3D modeling services, you’ll see natural virtual environments, detailed product visualizations, and immersive virtual tours that go beyond mere images. We create stunning visuals that engage and captivate audiences through meticulous attention to detail and advanced rendering techniques.

Videos: Your ideas, products, or concepts can be brought to life in a whole new dimension with our high-quality 3D videos. Our company’s animators, designers, and storytellers combine technical skills with creative flair to create videos that leave a lasting impression. Check out this video we created for our client showcasing the features of their watch, which doubles up as a health tracker.

  • Product: We offer product video services that will enhance your brand’s visual presence and increase customer engagement, whether you are launching a new product, improving your e-commerce website, or preparing for a marketing campaign. Check out this fence assembling video we created for our client.
  • Functionality: Whether you want to showcase a cutting-edge gadget, introduce a new software application, or show how a complex system works, our functionality videos help you explain how your product works. Whether it’s a step-by-step demonstration or an interactive user experience, we’ll ensure your audience understands and appreciates your product’s features.
  • How-to: Our how-to videos will guide your viewers step-by-step through assembling furniture, operating machinery, cooking recipes, and DIY projects. Using our easy-to-follow instructions and visually captivating videos, you’ll provide valuable guidance to your audience and establish yourself as an industry authority. Look at this CCTV installation video we created for a client of ours.
  • Inspirational: We produce emotional and engaging inspirational videos that ignite positive change in hearts and minds. We inspire and move audiences by bringing your vision to life through authentic and relatable stories of triumph and resilience to thought-provoking messages of hope and empowerment. Go through this video we created for our client, who aimed to inspire their customers to aspire to a better lifestyle.
  • White background: We provide white background videos for corporate videos, product demonstrations, interviews, and educational content that will enhance and captivate your audience with a polished and consistent visual backdrop. With our attention to detail, lighting techniques, and seamless editing, we ensure that your videos look professional and contemporary.

Social Media Content: We hold expertise in crafting visually stunning content that drives engagement, raises brand awareness, and ignites conversations. We understand the dynamics of social media platforms and know how to create eye-catching graphics, animations, and videos that catch your target audience’s attention.

Architectural Visualization: We specialize in transforming architectural concepts into stunning, lifelike renderings and animations that showcase every detail and evoke emotions. Our experienced team of visualizers and designers combine their technical expertise with artistic flair to create visuals that captivate and inspire people. We offer architectural visualization services that will help you communicate your vision clearly and precisely, whether you’re an architect, interior designer, real estate developer, or marketing agency. We have helped a client transform their architectural concept into an interactive video.

AR/VR Experience: As augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experts, we create cutting-edge solutions that redefine how people interact with your brand, products, or services. As pioneers in this field, our team of developers and designers create mind-blowing AR/VR experiences, pushing the boundaries of technology. No matter your industry, we have the expertise to craft experiences that will last a lifetime, whether in gaming, education, real estate, or any other industry. Look at this 360 shoppable room video we created for a client to showcase how their product will fit in their customer’s space.

Why choose House of Blue Beans?

We understand the importance of powerful storytelling and hence implement an innovative approach to product lifestyle photography that goes beyond capturing regular product shots. We aim to craft compelling narratives that generate emotions, attract audiences and encourage them to take action. Our team of product lifestyle photography experts carefully craft every detail, right from conceptualization to execution, to make sure that you can tell your brand story most engagingly. We assure you that with House of Blue Beans, you will get.

Premium-Quality Output: We have taken pride in delivering high-quality product lifestyle photography services to industry leaders and Fortune 50 companies like Lowe’s, Henkel, Honeywell, and more for over a decade. Furthermore, since our process takes place in a digitally controlled environment, we ensure that the output is consistent with brand guidelines.

Faster Turnaround Time: Unlike the traditional method of product photography, which takes up to 3 months to deliver the photographs, we provide the output in 10-12 days. We further speed up the process by implementing proprietary software, encouraging collaboration and asset management.

Budget-friendliness: Our services cost 1/4th that of the traditional method of photography since there is no involvement in shipping physical products. We only need a reference image to start the project. Furthermore, the cost is significantly borough down since no cost is associated with damage to the physical product, renting a location for the shoot, or hiring a dedicated photographer.

Don’t believe what we say? Take a look at our reviews by our clients.

Testimonial Scott
Mattew Van Swol Testimonial

Product lifestyle photography is a powerful marketing tool for businesses looking to create a lasting impact and drive successful campaigns. Brands can increase engagement and desire by capturing products in real-life contexts to tell a compelling story. It also helps a brand build trust and enhances brand identity, which ultimately boosts traffic and conversion rates.

So what are you waiting for?

Reach out to the House of Blue Beans team of product lifestyle photography experts today and give your marketing campaign a makeover that boosts conversion rate.