Top 11 Furniture Rendering Services in 2024

Top Furniture Renndering Services

Furniture rendering services use various techniques and software to create high-quality digital images for marketing. This can help marketers, and online sellers attract more customers. 

Overall, furniture rendering services are valuable for online furniture sellers who want to start selling quickly without spending a lot of money on traditional photography services!

Businesses that want to showcase their furniture products online can benefit from 3D furniture rendering services, like HOBB. At the end, a furniture rendering service provider would give you all the images required to showcase on your online selling platforms.

Furniture rendering (or computer generated images, or CGI) is an alternative to the traditional way of creating product images via product photography. The biggest benefit of creating CGI images as opposed to photography is that it is inexpensive and takes much less time to get the final images. Since you aren’t needed to move your furniture anywhere physically, you save time and money.

The procedure entails picking the ideal furniture model, rendering professional images (computer generated), and including a realistic background.

Top 11 Furniture Rendering Service Providers In The Market

If you are looking for furniture rendering services, you are at the right place. In this post, we’ve listed the top 11 service providers to cut short your research time.

1. House Of Blue Beans (HOBB)

Furniture Rendering Services Overview

HOBB produces pixel-perfect 3D visualizations of your furniture products. We specialize in utilizing computer-generated images (CGI) to create photoreal models and renderings of furniture goods and assist you in developing aesthetically pleasing product representations such as product photos, lifestyle videos, and product animations. 

Furthermore, to create visual content for your products, we don’t require the physical product. We only need 3-4 images of the products and their dimensions. This reduces a lot of time and saves money compared to the traditional photography approach of creating visual content. 

Additionally, we develop eye-catching furniture & design photographs that will give you a competitive advantage and boost your internet presence. 

What sets House of Blue Beans (us) apart from the rest of the service providers in the market?

  • Photorealistic quality: We understand that CGI is a replacement solution for photography and that the images can be nothing less than photorealistic in order to create an impact with the end consumer. 
Furniture Rendering Services Overview
  • Attention to detail: is ingrained in our DNA. Creating photoreal content is all about making sure the end consumer is able to experience the product through images as though they are in the actual showroom. This requires extensive and consistent attention to detail.   Our process has several quality checks to ensure that product details have been captured in the 3D model and showcased in the images the way our customer would like to showcase the same. 
Furniture Rendering Services Overview
  • Track record of delivering 20,000+ 3D product models for Fortune 50 customers: HOBB has delivered 1000’s of products for customers around the globe including Target retail and Lowe’s home improvements. The experience and learnings of working with customers around the globe and meeting the highest quality standards has refined our process.
  • Simplified inputs: The HOBB pipeline only needs to 4-5 reference images and dimensions of the product. We do not need access to the physical product. Thereby reducing shipping and photography cost and time at a large scale.
  • Shorter Go-to-market Time: HOBB’s proprietary process ensures an average go-to-market time of 10-12 business days from the day the product is sourced versus a 3 month go-to-market cycle using traditional photography. 
  • Easy tracking & project management of 100s of ongoing projects through our VMS: Our proprietary visualization management system (VMS) enables collaborative content development and asset management, which helps you launch your websites faster (under 2 weeks for thousands of SKUs).
  • Leverage Our Creative Bandwidth: Leverage our creative team to produce creative briefs and scale your content pipeline. Be it a summer afternoon scene at a beach house or a seasonal greeting with snow, we can create all of it with a few clicks.
  • Reusable & Flexible 3D Assets: Reuse virtual sets & 3D models to create refreshing content season after season at a minimal cost. 
    Let’s say we have created a lifestyle image of furniture in a particular environment. Now, after 6 months, if you need to change the product in the same environment, then we don’t need to create the 3D models of the products again. Instead, we can reuse the same 3D assets that we created initially.
    Even if you need to change the environment, we can do that easily and quickly using environment templates that lower the cost for you.
  • Best In Class AR, VR & Metaverse Experiences: HOBB is a one of a kind partner that enables holistic 3D digital transformation. We provide all solutions from creating 3D product models to content for marketing to customised AR & VR experiences. Thereby becoming a one stop shop solution for large enterprises with lesser hassles to coordinate between 3D vendors and their unique workflows.  
    We provide photoreal quality and UX specifically designed for first-time AR/VR users. We have a track record of building AR & VR experiences for Fortune 50 brands with large customer segments and high brand standards in terms of quality and ease of use. 
    We have built AR & VR experiences for over a decade for brands like Cadbury’s, Accenture, Honeywell, Lowe’s, Henkel, etc. 
    Our team has highly experienced 3D programmers who specialize in building AR & VR experiences. Building UX & UI for AR & VR experiences is a unique process and is entirely different from building a UI/UX for an app or website. A conventional app or web page is 2 dimensional versus a 3D experience that is 3 dimensional. 
    The challenge is to leverage the 3rd dimension in the user experience without complicating the user experience and creating an uncomfortable unwanted learning curve for the first time AR/VR user. 
    Our team only builds 3D applications and specializes in building UX for AR & VR interfaces. One of the main reasons for the failure of AR & VR apps is their inability to make the content look photoreal. It is hard for end consumers to make a purchase decision on an AR/VR interface when the product/3D asset representing the product looks gimmicky. 
    HOBB’s AR & VR experiences focus on photoreal content and easy UX that is specifically designed for first time AR & VR users.
    Furniture Rendering Services Overview

    For example, when working with Lowe’s, we learned they had 35,000 products in their inventory. When they were looking to launch an AR experience, they wanted to showcase all their top sellers, roughly 5000 products. 
    The lead time to source a 3D vendor and create these models was approximately 8-10 months & required an investment of 1M USD. 
    The catch is that within 8-10 months, many of these products might not be available in the inventory. Hence, they required a solution that could create an ongoing source of 3D models and publish them in the VR & AR apps within 2 weeks of it being sourced by the merchant/sourcing team. 
    HOBB helped them create CGI product visuals for marketing purposes at a fraction of the cost of photography, thereby saving money. From this process, we derived 3D models organically, which were used for AR & VR experiences, thereby saving the investment of ~1M$ to build an AR or VR experience. 
  • Enables Pre-Order Business: Using HOBB’s CGI solution, you can launch products within 5-7 business days without pre-ordering or committing to any amount of inventory, as we don’t require physical products for creating images. 
    Our solution can create 100% accurate replica product visuals with just 3-4 high-resolution images and dimensions of the product.
  • Customer Centric Approach: HOBB keeps the customer at the centre of all its processes and deliveries. We understand that our customers operate in a dynamic and ever-changing business environment. Our team is extremely flexible to accommodate all customer needs—short deadline projects, scope extensions, etc. 
    Don’t believe us? Check out our customer reviews below:
Testimonial Mike Gil
Furniture Rendering Services Overview

Let’s glance at each of the services offered by HOBB:

  1. 3D Asset Creation: In 3D asset creation, HOBB offers both 3D product modeling and 3D texturing that can help clients create high-quality and realistic 3D models of their products.
    Here is an elaboration on both these services:
  • 3D Product Modeling: The process typically starts with creating a 3D model of the product’s shape, size, and structure, often using specialized software. 
    3D models are the foundation of all types of product visuals, be it white background images, detailed silos (close-up shots), lifestyle, 360 spin, videos, AR, and VR experiences.
Furniture Rendering Services Overview

Here is how a 3D model of this furniture looks like:

3d model of a chair
  • 3D Texturing: This involves adding realistic textures and materials to the 3D model to make it look more lifelike and appealing. 
    Texturing can include adding surface details such as scratches, bumps, and grooves and applying natural materials such as metal, plastic, or fabric. 
    Our furniture looks like this after adding texture to the 3D model.
Adding texture to 3d model

Now, after adding color, we get the final 3D model that is exact replica of the actual product. 

Furniture Rendering Services Overview

Once we have the final 3D model, we are ready for product visualization for marketing and advertising purposes. 

  1. Product Visualization: Product visualization can generally be classified into four main types:
    1. white background product images, 
    2. lifestyle images, 
    3. videos, and 
    4. 360 spins. 

At HOBB, we create all the product visuals that help marketing and advertising teams to sell their products and provide a better customer experience.

Here is a brief overview of each type:

  • White background product images: These are simple product images created with the help of computer graphics (CGI) to showcase the product on white background. 
    The focus is on showcasing the product without any distractions, making it easy for customers to see its details, shape, and size. E-commerce websites, online marketplaces, and catalogs commonly use white background product images.
    Here is an example of this type of image.
white background image of sofa
  • Lifestyle images: These images show the product in use or a real-life setting. They aim to create a sense of context and lifestyle around the product, helping customers imagine how it could fit into their lives. 
    HOBB helps create lifestyle images in various settings, such as a home, office, or outdoors by leveraging CGI, which costs much less compared to traditional photography.
    The key benefit of this type of image is that it helps in quick decision-making for your customers. Lifestyle images of the products provide a sense of how the product will look in a given setup. This will help your customers understand the products’ look and feel in their homes. 
    Lifestyle images also help consumers make better purchase decisions, thus increasing your website conversion rate. Additionally, as customers know how the product looks in setup, chances of expectation mismatch are less, reducing your return rates.
    Moreover, when you choose HOBB as your furniture rendering services partner, it costs less and saves you time compared to traditional photography. To create a lifestyle image with the traditional photography method, you need to build the physical environment as well as bring various products to the location. It takes a lot of time to build the environment for lifestyle shoots, and the cost of building the environment is often very high. 
    But at HOBB, we create environments for lifestyle images with the help of CGI, and nothing is required to be built physically. This reduces significant costs as well as time for creating any lifestyle images. 
    Furthermore, the environment in lifestyle images can be quickly changed in terms of colors, size, and setup.
    See these examples of lifestyle products.
example of a lifestyle image
Furniture Rendering Services Overview
  • Detailed Silo Images: This helps your customers see fine details of the products and understand their overall texture, quality, and other details that help them in making better purchasing decisions. 
Furniture Rendering Services Overview

Furthermore, this reduces the risk of return as customers know finer level details of the products.

  • 360 spins: These interactive images allow customers to view a product from all angles by rotating it on a horizontal or vertical axis. With 360 spins, HOBB helps you give your customers a better sense of the product’s size, shape, and features.
  • Videos: Videos can be a powerful way to showcase products, especially furniture, allowing for more dynamic and immersive visual content. 
    Videos can help to showcase the product’s features and benefits more engagingly and memorably than static images.
    We create videos with the help of CGI in various styles, such as product demos, explainer videos, or promotional videos, based on our clients’ requirements.
  1. AR/VR Experience: By offering AR/VR experiences like the 360 Shoppable Room and Visualizer App, HOBB provides its customers with new and innovative ways to interact with products, increasing engagement and boosting sales.
    HOBB enables marketers to give AR/VR experiences to their customers by leveraging 3D models of the products. Here is a brief overview of some examples of AR/VR experience:
  • 360 Shoppable Room: Consider this as a virtual showroom of your products that your customers can shop from. 
    This video would give you an idea of how helpful 360 shoppable rooms can be for your furniture business.
    This showroom hosts furniture and decor items that our clients sell. You could strategically place products like furniture, drapes, and decor lights in them.
    Your customers get a 360-degree view of the room. They can navigate the space and see how the whole room looks.
  • Visualizer App: It is a mobile application that uses augmented reality (AR) technology to allow users to visualize products in their own space. 
    For example, a furniture retailer might create a visualizer app that allows customers to see how a particular piece of furniture would look in their home before purchasing. 
    This helps customers to exactly know the look and feel of the product in their home, reduces the risk of return, and helps in making the right product selection.
  • Holoroom Pocket: HOBB employs its VR and CGI capabilities to build a Holoroom that focuses on a product or a collection of items in its perfect location. HOBB can design Holorooms for a wide range of items that helps to improve your sales.
    Note that to experience this, your customers are required to put on a VR headset that will allow them to visualize this setting and walk through it, interacting with your furniture and getting more information about them as they do so. 
    Check out this video to see Holoroom Pocket created by us.
  • Custom Experiences: HOBB employs its skills in 3D modeling, CGI, and AR to create a visual environment for your items within the homes of potential consumers. 
    Buyers are not required to speculate on how a piece of furniture or toilet fitting will seem in their homes or bathrooms. It will be available to them on their phones and tablets. No prizes for guessing that this visual experience convinces buyers that they need your items in their homes.
Furniture Rendering Services Overview

When you choose HOBB, you choose the following features:

Furniture Rendering Services Overview
  • Remote collaboration with our creative team: House of Blue Beans allows for remote collaboration with our creative team, which can help save time that usually goes into product photography and increase efficiency.
  • Quick turnaround time: With House of Blue Beans, you can go live with thousands of SKUs with outstanding product images in less than two weeks.
  • High-quality content with strict quality control: House of Blue Beans ensures strict quality control to create high-quality content that generates client joy.
  • Cost-effective content generation: By utilizing House of Blue Beans’ content generation system, you can save up to 75% on costs.
  • Repurposing virtual photography settings and 3D assets: House of Blue Beans allows for repurposing virtual photography settings and 3D assets to produce new content for campaigns, seasons, and channels.
  • Futureproofing through CGI: CGI (computer-generated imagery) is used to futureproof content for emerging technologies like AR, VR, and the Metaverse.
  • Creative briefs with the creative team: House of Blue Beans allows you to expand your content pipeline by creating creative briefs with their creative team.
  • Visualization management system: House of Blue Beans provides a visualization management system that allows for collaborative content creation and asset management.

Customer Reviews

Have a look at our client’s reviews:

Testimonial Henkel
Testimonial Cadbury
Testimonial Scott

How to Start?

Now, if you want to move ahead with us and thinking what inputs you need to provide us, here is how the whole process works.

Furniture Rendering Services Overview

Step 1 – We need a few images and brand guidelines from your end.

Furniture Rendering Services Overview

Step 2 – We will create 3D for each of your products.

Step 3 – We provide you with visual content assets based on your requirements.

Step 4 – If you want to provide AR or VR experience for your customers, there are limitless possibilities.

2. Omega Render

Content us now!

Omega Render

Omegarender is a 3D architectural rendering and visualization studio. They provide 3D furniture rendering services to create photo-realistic still images, videos, and 3D virtual tours of furniture pieces. They offer well-structured production, a great team, quick deadlines, and reasonable pricing. They have exclusive managers with extensive experience in furniture visualization. These services largely benefit manufacturers, architects, developers, branding agencies, and product design companies that want to showcase their products and services using 3D furniture rendering.

3. Render Furniture

Render Furniture

Render Furniture is a rendering and visualization service provider. They visualize the furniture through product spins, angle displays, realistic colors, shadows, textures, 3D models, and more. Furthermore, they provide AR and VR technology highlighting the finer details of furniture in web and print promotion items.

4. The Next Design

The Next Design offers photo-realistic 3D furniture renderings and 3D models for augmented reality created from furniture photographs with a white background, lifestyle graphics, and 3D models for AR&VR. Their furniture rendering services are beneficial for social media and e-commerce.

5. Rendernode


Rendernode is a 3D rendering service provider that provides you with various budgets, time limits, and technological specifications. The furniture rendering services at Rendernode focus on veneer patterns, finish effects like rub-throughs, and perfecting elements like nail-head and seamlines. 

6. Spotless Agency

Spotless Agency

Spotless Agency is New York’s finest virtual staging firm, founded in 2014 by  professional interior designer Andrew Zlobin. The firm consistently produces high-quality pictures and 3D models under its furniture rendering services for the real estate and construction sectors.

7. Rapid Render

Rapid Render

Rapid Renders is a boutique creative firm headquartered in Sri Lanka specializing in photorealistic 3D architectural and product visualization. The firm creates exceptional photorealistic CGI representations from complicated design and architectural data for furniture pieces. They specialize in assisting luxury real estate developers, architects, interior designers, manufacturers, furniture companies, and e-commerce websites.

8. CGI Furniture

CGI Furniture

CGI Furniture is a computer graphics (CG) solution that may help you promote your product. Their 3D furniture rendering offerings include photoreal silos, 360° views, 3D animations, configurators, and augmented reality models for online and offline product promotion. Their expert team delivers high-quality product visuals and customizes them as per your business requirements.

9. Empire Render

Empire Render

Empire Render, founded in 2013, started as a group of property enthusiasts that invested in homes and generated 3D renderings in-house. The team soon saw and filled the gap between CGI supply and high-quality renderings at reasonable pricing. This firm provides 3D visualization of your furniture, making it look more appealing and presentable to customers.

10. Picsera


Picsera is a furniture rendering services firm that offers 3D models of furniture, CAD services, and picture editing. With Picsera, you can outsource a single graphics job or employ your specialized 3D team. From CAD services to 3D furniture rendering, this firm is a one-stop solution for all your product visualization needs.

11. Le Studio 3D

Le Studio 3D

Le Studio 3D is a French and Tunisian enterprise that offers 3D rendering services with the goal of generating appropriate atmospheres for furniture: interior or external furnishings, bedding, high-end decorative items, and furnishing goods. Their services also include 3D furniture rendering using interior and exterior renderings, 360° virtual tours, and 3D animation. The enterprise enables modelers, designers, and 3D artists to stage a wide range of things accurately.


Nowadays, there are many CGI companies that can offer furniture rendering services. The key to replacing photography with CGI is to create photorealistic images of furniture products. The CGI partner’s ability to create photoreal images is of utmost importance to create positive customer engagement on the product pages. 

3D visualization, which is far more cost-effective than standard photography for furniture sellers, offers greater creative flexibility, allowing marketers to free up the time that would otherwise go into doing these tasks that don’t fall under their area of expertise.