Amplify eCommerce Sales With Stunning Videos

Amplify Your ECommerce Experience With Stunning Product Videos

The growing popularity of video as an integral form of content consumed by people from all across the globe has led to businesses adopting eCommerce product video as a part of their eCommerce marketing strategy. 

These videos have become instrumental in driving the success and expansion of online businesses, offering an effective means of communicating their brand message. By enriching customers’ understanding of products, eCommerce product videos facilitate evoking emotions, fostering a strong and lasting connection with the target audience. They play a pivotal role in establishing trust, enhancing the customer experience, and ultimately increasing conversion rates. 

If you are looking for eCommerce product video services, you are at the right place. This post lists the top 5 eCommerce product video service providers to cut your research time short.

What Are The Benefits Of eCommerce Product Videos To The Marketers?

Marketers are always looking for new ways to capture and hold the attention of their target audience. Creating eCommerce product videos can help them make their product stand out. Mentioned below are some of the benefits of eCommerce product videos to marketers.

Enhance SEO: We know the importance of SEO in helping the page rank better on Google or any search engine, for that matter. Post unique and relevant content to your business to ensure you appear at the top of the search engine. One exciting way to tell customers about your product is through video content. Understand your customers and identify the keywords that they are searching your product for, and then create appropriate video content.

Furthermore, it is essential to understand that an increasing number of people are now relying on snippets, which is the result displayed at the top of the front page. Video content is one of the popular snippets that will appear at the top of the search results page.

Improve ROI: You don’t have to break the bank to create eCommerce product videos. You only need a smartphone with good camera features to create high-quality videos and upload them online. Not many online retailers invest in high-quality product videos, meaning creating one for your product will give you a competitive advantage. This brand differentiation can result in increased customer preference, high market share, and an ultimate increase in ROI

Appeal to Mobile Users: 89% of the retail eCommerce interaction happens on mobile device. This means an increasing number of customers browse products on a mobile device, considering they need more time to sit back and open a laptop. They are browsing on the go. eCommerce product videos efficiently deliver visually engaging content using the limited mobile screen area. 

Moreover, the touch interaction offered by the mobile gives the user a sense of control over the content, which enhances user engagement, thus making the product memorable. With eCommerce product videos, marketers can present products in a concise and consumable to customers.

Furthermore, eCommerce product videos can be integrated into mobile applications, thus helping marketers enrich customers’ shopping experiences.

Increase Brand Awareness: Videos are engaging and impactful pieces of content that capture’s customer’s attention and leave a long-lasting impression. Creating compelling and memorable product videos can help you make your brand recognizable by grabbing the target audience’s attention. 

eCommerce product videos are an excellent way to tell a story and convey your brand identity. With proper storytelling, businesses can create and reinforce an emotional connection with the target audience. This will help them understand and relate to the brand, increasing awareness and recall.

Moreover, marketers can leverage these videos across multiple marketing channels by embedding them on websites and sharing them on social media, email campaigns, or digital advertising. Incorporating product videos in an eCommerce marketing strategy enhances brand visibility, and exposure, thereby enhancing brand awareness among the target audience.

Boost Conversion Rate: Adding a product video to your eCommerce marketing strategy presents you as a trustworthy, transparent brand with the target audience. Videos containing a brief about the product description have the possibility of not only increasing brand engagement but also boosting conversion rate. As more people rely on product videos for more information, adding them to your eCommerce website can convince them to buy from your business.

Three Examples Of eCommerce Product Videos

Now that we know the importance of eCommerce product videos and how they can help your business, it only makes sense to substantiate our claims with some famous examples. Below are three examples of eCommerce product videos by brands that showcase the power of the right storytelling through videos.

Nike: Nike doesn’t need an introduction, but this video of the Air Max ad perfectly shows how incorporating the right visual elements can convey the video’s message, which in this case is lightness and flexibility. This video does not need any words to show how a person would feel wearing the Air Max shoes.

eBay: When you think of eBay, the first thing that comes to your mind is people from different cultures coming together to sell and buy products from people across the globe. These upbeat videos sum up the experience people have shopping on eBay.

Training Mask: The Training Mask is a fitness tool designed for athletics and fitness enthusiasts looking to add respiratory enhancers to their daily routines. It is a niche product that aims to target a niche audience. The mentioned video is the best example of showing a product in action.

Top 5 eCommerce Product Video Service Provider

If you would like to go ahead with outsourcing eCommerce product video solutions, we have a list of the top 5 eCommerce product video service providers who will help you with quality video solutions.

1. House of Blue Beans

House of Blue Beans takes immense pride in being your one-stop solution for eCommerce product videos for over a decade. Whether you offer services for home decor, fashion, consumer electronics, or furniture industry, we provide premium-quality eCommerce product visual content solutions for different industries across different sectors. We have been assisting brands like Lowe’s, Henkel, Honeywell, Target Retail, Costa Coffee, and more to enrich their customer experience with visually stunning and informative product visuals for over a decade.

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Amplify Your ECommerce Experience With Stunning Product Videos

House of Blue Beans aims to become your go-to partner for creating visually striking and high-quality videos. Showcase your products’ unique features and benefits with our stunning visuals and engaging narratives. Boost your brand’s online presence and increase your conversion rate with House of Blue Beans. We offer the following services.

Videos: Our team of experts has extensive experience in creating stunning and immersive visual experiences for your customers, ensuring they leave a long-lasting impression. We begin with creating 3D assets, which our experts use to create hyper-realistic 3D models. Once the product model is created, we use them in the video for different applications. You can then use these videos across different marketing channels, be it a website, YouTube, social media platforms, or any eCommerce platform. Whether you are looking for how-to, inspirational, or functionalities videos, House of Blue Beans has got you covered.

  • White background Videos: Ensure that your product takes center stage with our visually striking videos that will spotlight your product.
  • How-to Videos: Revolutionize how your customers learn about using a device with our easy-to-understand instruction videos.
  • Product Videos: Let customers fully understand the benefits and features of the product with our CGI-powered product videos.
  • Functionality Videos: Transform how customers can use the product by explaining product functionalities in a detailed and interactive manner.
  • Inspirational Videos: Leverage the power of storytelling and the ability of video to spark change with our awe-inspiring and impactful inspirational videos.
Amplify Your ECommerce Experience With Stunning Product Videos

3D Modeling: Captivate your audience and take your business to new heights with our stunning 3D modeling services that will transform your ideas. House of Blue Beans will help you bring your vision to life by creating realistic, immersive, and visually stunning 3D models.

Images: We will help you create a wide range of images- white background image, lifestyle image, product image, 360 spin, and more. With us, you can rest assured that you will only get high-quality photorealistic images designed with the goal of bringing your product to life.

  • White background Image: Make the product the focus of all attention by capturing it against a white backdrop in our white background images.
Amplify Your ECommerce Experience With Stunning Product Videos
  • Lifestyle Image: Let your customers see how the product will suit their lifestyle in our captivating images seated against real-life scenarios.
  • 360 Spin Image: Allow your customers to explore your product’s different angles and perspectives with our 360 spins and engage them with an interactive and immersive experience.

Social Media Content: Our team of creative experts will help you create engaging content for various social media platforms. Resonate with your audience by telling a brand story through eye-catching visuals, captivating videos, compelling graphics, and more.

Amplify Your ECommerce Experience With Stunning Product Videos

Architectural Rendering: Our team of skilled artists will work together to transform your architectural concepts into breathtaking, realistic visualizations by creating accurate and immersive renderings. Whether it is for your interior or exterior, we will effectively communicate your ideas to the target audience.

AR/VR Experience: Redefine how your customers interact with digital content with our AR/VR experience solutions. Our team of talented developers and designers will leverage the power of AR and VR to present your audience with an immersive and unforgettable experience. By seamlessly integrating visuals, audio and intuitive interactions, we will help you deliver a captivating AR/VR experience that will leave a long-lasting impression.

Amplify Your ECommerce Experience With Stunning Product Videos

Why Choose House of Blue Beans?

We believe a good eCommerce product video should be compelling, informative, and easy to consume. This is where our CGI experts utilize their knowledge, experience, and skills in state-of-the-art tools and technologies to generate best-in-class CGI-based visual content. 

With House of Blue Beans, you can rest assured that all the eCommerce product video solutions will be

Cost-effective: Our eCommerce product video solutions will cost you 1/4th the cost of the conventional method. This cost is further reduced since there is no expense related to shipping the product, setting up the studio, or renting a location for shooting. With us, all that is required is you send us the reference images, and we will get the project started.

Top-notch Quality: We have been in the business of providing premium-quality eCommerce product videos to leading brands for over a decade. Since all the processes are performed in a digitally controlled environment, you can rest assured that all the videos will be consistent with brand guidelines and convey the message to the audience.

Customer-Centric: Every visual content we deliver is done so by keeping the customer in mind. We look beyond making our content compelling to ensuring that it is informative and customers can have an interactive and immersive experience. Our team of professionals is ready to scale the resources as and when the demands surge or decrease.

Detailed-Oriented: We believe attention is the key to delivering quality output, and we are thrilled to have CGI experts on our team who implement the same ideology. Our goal is to mesmerize the audience with such finer details that videos educate them about products and features whilst being visually striking.

Faster Turnaround Time: Unlike the traditional methodology, which can take up to 3 months to deliver visual content, House of Blue Beans ensures you will get best-in-class eCommerce product video solutions within 10-12 days. Furthermore, we use proprietary software meant for quick collaboration and asset management that further speeds up the processing of the project.

You don’t have to believe us. You can read our reviews.

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2. CGI Furniture

CGI Furniture is a CGI solution provider that provides eCommerce video content for furniture. It offers product 3D rendering services, product modeling from AR, low and high poly 3D modeling, 3D silo rendering, 3D lifestyle rendering, 3D product animation, 3D product configurator, 3D product cinematography, print design, wireframe model drawing, and 360-degree product view. CGI Furniture has experience serving over 1000 furniture companies for over a decade. It has a team of experts proficient in various 3D rendering software like Maya, Unreal Engine, Unify 3D, and more. It works towards offering outstanding CGI solutions to help brands enhance furniture marketing and boost sales.

Amplify Your ECommerce Experience With Stunning Product Videos

3. Cylindo

Cylindo is a 3D product visualization platform that offers eCommerce product visual content to hundreds of furniture businesses, helping them through the furniture buyer journey. It provides high-quality product visualizations that furniture businesses can utilize across various touch points. Cylindo aims to  helpbusinesses throughout the process of creating, managing, and distributing 3D content. It is designed to help retailers show more and sell more with 360 spin and 4K zoom for AR assets, lifestyle imagery, product visuals for shopping feeds, email, social media, catalogs, and more. 

Amplify Your ECommerce Experience With Stunning Product Videos

4. Accenture Song

Accenture Song is a digital solution provider designed to help businesses enhance their customer’s shopping experience. It offers various solutions like CGI for eCommerce, a cover layer, augmented reality,  3D photogrammetry, and web viewer. The CGI for eCommerce works towards helping businesses enhance their online store product visual content designed with computer-generated imagery. It offers a complete solution — capturing reference images, creativity, to technical implementation. To ensure that the assets can be reused repeatedly, it implements automated 3D quality assurance software that generates multiple variations of the 3D model that ensure consistency.

Amplify Your ECommerce Experience With Stunning Product Videos

5. The Boundary

The Boundary is a product and local visualization studio designed to help luxury brands with virtual eCommerce visual content solutions. It enhances the online retail experience for customers by providing immersive, fully shoppable, virtual reality shops and showrooms for various luxury brands. Its other services include CGI, animation, virtual reality, interactive 3D experience, art direction, photography, interior design, and styling. eCommerce brands looking to enhance their ROI and leverage metaverse should reach out to The Boundary for CGI and real-time gaming technology solutions.

eCommerce product videos have revolutionized how businesses advertise and sell their products online. This dynamic and engaging way of promoting products helps a brand create an emotional connection with the audience. Product videos are one of the most effective methods to convey the brand message, build trust and increase conversion rate in this competitive eCommerce landscape. 

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