Top CGI Software for Stunning Product Visuals

Top 8 CGI Software For Creating Stunning Product Visuals

Are you planning to one-up your brand’s storytelling with a CGI makeover? Wondering how can you leverage the most out of CGI software solutions? Finding the right software is one thing; you need to be able to implement it the right way, taking time, money, technical expertise, and quality into consideration.

In this blog, we have discussed the top 8 CGI software to cut down your research. We have also discussed the advantages of choosing solution providers over implementing a standalone software solution to give you an idea about what suits your requirements best.

CGI, which stands for computer-generated imagery, refers to the use of computer graphics to create white background silos, lifestyle images, product videos, 360spins, AR/ VR experiences, and more. 

CGI software is the primary tool used to create these stunning visual effects. It plays a prominent role in industries such as movies, real estate, furniture, eCommerce, visual art, video gaming, engineering, marketing advertising, and more. Several types of CGI software are available in the market, each with its own features and capabilities. 

While CGI has been around here for more than a decade, it is only now beginning to take a front seat as a tool used to produce marketing collateral. With the increase in visual content consumption over the last few years, marketers know the importance of creating and marketing compelling imagery that enriches customers’ experience and encourages them to take action. 

CGI gives businesses the freedom to depict and demonstrate their products in a way that leaves a long-lasting impression on the customers.

It is becoming an increasingly popular choice among marketers for the following reasons:

  • Creative Control: Be its white background silo images, videos, or 360 product photography, CGI gives marketers complete control over the final output. This means they can make any necessary changes or adjustments according to their audience’s perception of the brand. This level of control over the visual elements of production allows for unprecedented creativity and innovation.
  • Enhanced Visual Fidelity: The accuracy in reproducing the original product, aka Fidelity, is one of the most important factors determining the overall perceived quality of the product. With highly-realistic, detailed, and polished images and animations improve visual fidelity reflecting increased engagement and sales.
  • More Flexibility: With CGI, marketers don’t have to rely on single setups or traditional photography and videography aspects. They can showcase their products, features, and functionalities in different settings and environments.
  • Strengthened Customer Engagement: With CGI, customers can visualize and understand the product’s features and functionalities in an immersive, dynamic, and engaging way. This helps drive sales and boost customer satisfaction.
  • Boost Speed and Efficiency: Keeping up with the changing need of the market can be exhausting. But with CGI, photos and videos can be produced relatively quickly and more efficiently. Thus CGI gives marketers more content (which can be reused) and boosts their efficiency.

Now that you know how CGI software can benefit a marketer, you must be wondering whether you should invest in good CGI software or let a solution provider manage your visual content requirements.

We understand your predicament, and we are here to help you!

Let us talk about some of the challenges of implementing CGI software on-premise.

Challenges with implementing CGI software in-house

Implementing CGI in-house can be a challenging and complicated process. Some of the common challenges associated with the in-house implementation of CGI software are:

  • Technical expertise: CGI software are complicated, and operating them requires core expertise, years of experience, and skills. The skills are seldom found in a company/organization unless it is a gaming or an animation company. Cross-treating existing staff is not an option as 3D skills require years of training and could also involve heavy unlearning. The only option is to hire 3D talent that specializes in product visualization, which can be a financially taxing task.
  • Costly investment: Implementing CGI software in-house means you will have to invest in hardware, software, and expert personnel to navigate through it. You aren’t just required to invest in the CGI software licenses; you would need supporting hardware infrastructure and ongoing training and development for your CGI designers. The cost of hardware and data infrastructure is far more expensive than any other usual setup for implementing CGI software in-house.

And even then, you’d still need to find talented creative artists with the right skills and experience to bring your vision to life.

  • Time and resource-consuming: CGI requires extensive testing and optimization involving multiple iterations of trial and error. It is a time-consuming and resource extensive process that may also require investing in a new hardware upgrade or the right software update.
  • Quality issue: You need to have a thorough understanding of the CGI software, its capabilities, and its limitation to ensure that the output would be high-quality visual content, which means you need highly experienced CGI personnel. Furthermore, you might also have to develop new processes and workflow to implement quality control, which can be time-consuming.
  • Steep learning curve: Learning CGI software is not an easy feat. It has a steep learning curve, which requires more than just mastering the basics, but diving into the advanced skills and features. We are not saying that you can’t learn CGI software in depth, we are trying to say that when your goal is to market products and bring in leads, learning software won’t be a wise choice.

It is important to understand that CGI is more than just a set of tools. It’s a solution that requires a deep understanding of the business case, your audience, and your goals.

That’s where solution providers come in. Unlike software companies that simply sell you a product and leave you to figure things out on your own, solution providers are experts in their field. They have years of experience working with CGI and can help you navigate the complex world of 3D modeling, animation, and rendering.

By partnering with a solution provider that has a strong background in CGI, you can be rest assured that you’re in good hands. They’ll take care of everything from software selection to talent recruitment to project management, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

Benefits of having a CGI solution provider

What if we say you can leverage CGI benefits to achieve your marketing goals without extensive training or spending an exorbitant amount of money?

Yes, you can showcase your product in a new light and attract and engage the audience with high-quality 3D visuals by hiring a CGI solution provider like House of Blue Beans.

So, if you’re planning to take the leap into the world of CGI, remember–it’s not just about the software. It’s about finding the right solution provider to help you unlock this powerful technology’s full potential. Now that we have got this clear, let us talk about the benefits of having a CGI solution provider like House of Blue Beans:

  • Cost-efficient: Since the installation, maintenance, and repair would now be the responsibility of the CGI solution provider, you will save significant money. Furthermore, by leveraging CGI software service from a solution provider, you don’t have to worry about investing in expensive hardware or training the staff.
  • Expertise: A proficient CGI solution provider would leverage the services of both professional and experienced CGI designers and creative artists who would clearly understand CGI technology and techniques. Furthermore, the more the experience, the better the visual content’s quality.
  • Risk Mitigation: There are numerous risks associated with the overall outcomes of doing wrong that you cannot afford while creating product visuals of your own: delays, bad quality, and inability to hire or train staff. With a reliable service provider, you get peace of mind as you will not face any of those issues.

House Of Blue Beans – A Done-for-You CGI Company for Your Product Visual Needs

CGI Software Solutions

House Of Blue Beans is your one-stop solution for all your visual requirements. We have been helping businesses across consumer electronics, furniture, real estate, and other industries for over a decade by bringing their vision to life with our cutting-edge CGI technology. Using CGI technology, we combine the experience and skills required to breathe life into the products. Our services range from CGI-based 3D modeling to product visualization, architectural visualization, and AR/VR services. 

Simplified Photo Visualization Through CGI

Together, our CGI specialists produce visuals for various customer experiences across sectors. We recognize that you require powerful product renderings. We can assist you in producing interesting visual material that will draw in your ideal customers as your dependable visualization partner. 

By working with us, you may switch from the conventional method of product visualization to a cutting-edge, inventive method that eliminates the need for physical access to your items. Yes, you read it right. We don’t need you to ship us any physical product. 

All you need to do is provide a few photographs and a thorough description of your needs. After that, our professionals will collaborate with you to produce eye-catching product graphics that will offer you an advantage over your rivals.

You name the visual content; we have got it!

Planning to create eye-catchy videos that can hold people’s attention? Or want to develop product photos with a plain white backdrop? House of Blue Beans has got you covered. 

We have over a decade of experience working with high-end customers from all over the world, so we know what it takes to assist you in creating captivating images that will not only captivate your audience’s attention but also leave a lasting impression that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive.

3D Modeling

We use CGI to develop hyper-realistic 3D models and textures that are detailed and accurate representations of your product. These 3D models can be used for various purposes like 360 spins, product lifestyle images, and AR/VR experiences for your online stores and product advertising.

Take a look at one of the many 3D models that we have created:

Examples of 3d models

White Background Product Images

We can assist you in developing captivating white background product photographs to help you outperform your competitors, whether you’re setting up your own online shop or intend to establish your presence on other eCommerce sites. 

Most eCommerce websites use the picture kinds and resolutions we provide. Just let us know what you require, and we will take care of it. 

Making a 3D object is the first stage. We can produce all types of visual material from the asset, including images with white backgrounds.

CGI Software Solutions

You must be thinking these pictures are of real products. But to your surprise, these white-background pictures are designs that are generated through computer imagery. 

Even the more complex details can also be highlighted and visualized using CGI. Using a white background goes beyond just putting the product in focus. It helps create a consistent look and feel and is easy to edit or add texts or designs.

Lifestyle Images

House of Blue Beans specializes in producing visually appealing lifestyle photographs for many leading brands worldwide. Whether you run an eCommerce business or a firm specializing in architecture, you need to update how people see your brand periodically. 

Our staff can assist you in producing very comprehensive lifestyle images. We can conceptualize your idea and turn it into captivating images that will grab prospects’ attention. Because we’ve been doing this for over a decade, we can reconsider our strategy and create something that permanently threatens the current quo.

CGI Software Solutions


Videos are a fantastic approach for demonstrating a product’s functioning and aesthetic appeal to encourage thoughtful decision-making. Our 3D asset production process begins with creating photorealistic 3D photos of your items, which turn out incredibly stunning. 

Look at some of our work done for clients

Architectural Visualization

We use CGI  and powerful computing to create life-like renders of the interior and the exterior of your building and property so that your customers can feel like they are interacting with the real property. Take a look at our portfolio for interior as well as exterior rendering.

CGI Software Solutions

Interior Rendering

CGI Software Solutions

Exterior Rendering

AR/VR Experiences

The world is going gaga over exploring new dimensions and discovering endless possibilities through AR/VR. We use our cutting-edge CGI technology to help you create immersive products that will engage your customer to enrich their experience and increase sales. 

Read this review by a client whom we helped assist their customers in virtual grout color selection.

Testimonial Fernanda

Wondering if you will have to go through the hassle of shipping physical products for rendering? No, we don’t require access to your items physically. All you have to do is provide product photographs that meet our requirements, and we’ll take care of the rest. The photoreal CGI movies made for various use cases then incorporate these product models. With HOBB, you will get all the videos you could possibly need, including explanation films, functionality, animation videos, how-to videos, instructive videos, and more. We encourage creative expression and guarantee the quality of the product demonstration films.

With our CGI solution, let us help you elevate your marketing campaigns to the next level and boost brand awareness, engagement, and sales. Whether you plan to launch a new product line, develop a video that tells your brand story, or design a new website, our CGI experts at House of Blue Beans have covered you.

Top 8 CGI Software to Consider in 2023

Now, let’s discuss the top 8 CGI software if you still want to do everything in-house. 

1. Adobe After Effects


Adobe After Effects is a digital visual effect, motion graphics, and compositing application used in filmmaking, video games, and television production. It allows users to animate, alter, and composite media in 2D and 3D space with various built-in tools and third-party plug-ins.

The program creates visual effects and motion graphics for music videos, commercials, and television shows. Its key features include advanced color correction, masking and keying tools, 3D camera tracking, particle systems, and motion graphics templates.

After Effects also includes integration with other Adobe software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro, allowing for a streamlined workflow for video production. Users can import files from these programs directly into After Effects and export finished compositions to other Adobe applications.

Adobe After Effects is a powerful tool for creating high-quality visual effects and motion graphics for various media productions. It requires a steep learning curve but offers much flexibility and possibilities to develop professional-grade work.

2. Blender


Blender is a free and open-source computer graphics software for creating 3D models, animations, visual effects, and more. It is a powerful tool for artists, designers, and developers who want to create high-quality content for various industries such as film, television, gaming, architecture, and product design.

 Blender’s intuitive interface and comprehensive tools make it easy for users to create complex 3D scenes and animations. The software supports polygonal, NURBS, and subdivision surface modeling. It also features advanced rigging tools for creating character animations, physics simulations for creating realistic effects, and compositing tools for post-processing and compositing.

Blender’s rendering engine, Cycles, can produce high-quality images with realistic lighting and shading effects. It also supports third-party rendering engines such as LuxRender and Yafaray.

Blender is constantly updated with new features and improvements by its community of developers and artists. In addition, its open-source nature allows users to customize and extend the software to suit their needs. Blender also has a large community of users who share their knowledge and resources through forums, tutorials, and online courses.

3. Autodesk Maya


Autodesk Maya is a 3D computer graphics program to create animations, models, and visual effects. It is widely used in the film, video game, and advertising industries. Maya provides various tools for creating and manipulating 3D objects, including polygonal modeling, NURBS modeling, and subdivision surfaces.

Maya allows users to create complex animations by defining keyframes and creating motion paths. It also provides a powerful rigging system for creating and controlling the movement of characters and objects. Maya’s animation tools include a variety of constraints and controllers for fine-tuning the motion of objects.

Maya also includes a comprehensive set of tools for creating and rendering 3D environments and visual effects. For example, it contains a robust particle system for making products like smoke, fire, and explosions. In addition, Maya’s rendering engine also allows users to create photorealistic images and animations by simulating lighting and shadows and using advanced techniques like global illumination and ray tracing.

Maya is highly customizable, with a scripting language that allows users to automate repetitive tasks and create custom tools. It also supports many file formats, making importing and exporting data from other applications accessible. Maya is a powerful and versatile tool for creating high-quality 3D graphics and animations.

4. Daz Studio

Daz studio

Daz Studio is a powerful 3D creation software that allows users to design and render lifelike digital models and scenes. It has a user-friendly interface and a vast library of 3D assets, including human figures, clothing, accessories, and environments. The software also offers advanced customization tools for creating unique characters and scenes and supports various third-party plugins and add-ons. 

Daz Studio can be used for multiple applications, including animation, gaming, film, and graphic design. With its rich features and extensive asset library, Daz Studio is a popular choice for 3D artists and hobbyists.

5. Pixologic ZBrush


Pixologic ZBrush is a digital sculpting software used to create high-resolution 3D models. It offers a unique real-time approach to sculpting and painting with many tools and features. ZBrush’s key features include its ability to sculpt and paint with dynamic brushes, create complex models with adaptive topology, and generate normal and displacement maps for game engines and 3D printing. 

It also provides the ability to create custom brushes, manipulate meshes, and pose characters. ZBrush is widely used in the film, gaming, and digital art industries for its flexibility and powerful toolset.


clara is a powerful 3D modeling and animation software that allows users to create stunning 3D models and animations in their web browser. It was developed by Exocortex, a Canadian company specializing in computer graphics and visualization.

With, users can create 3D models from scratch, import existing models, and then manipulate them with various tools and features. In addition, the software supports multiple 3D file formats, including OBJ, FBX, and Collada.’s user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for beginners and advanced users to create complex 3D models and animations. The software also has a powerful rendering engine that allows users to create photorealistic images and animations.

Additionally, offers collaboration tools that allow multiple users to work simultaneously on the same project. This makes it an ideal tool for teams working on complex 3D projects.

7. Houdini


Films, video games, and advertising professionals use Houdini for 3D animation and visual effects. SideFX develops it and offers powerful tools for creating stunning visual effects, simulations, and animations.

Houdini offers several pricing options for users:

  • Houdini Indie: This subscription-based version of Houdini is designed for independent artists and freelancers. The pricing for Houdini Indie starts at $269 per year for a single-user license and includes access to all the features and tools of Houdini and a render node.
  • Houdini Core: Houdini Core is the base version of Houdini and is designed for artists and studios that want to create high-quality visual effects and animations. The pricing for Houdini Core starts at $1,995 per year for a single-user license and includes access to all the core features of Houdini.
  •  Houdini FX: Houdini FX is the most advanced version of Houdini and is designed for studios and artists who need access to the full range of tools and features of Houdini, including advanced simulation and dynamics tools. The pricing for Houdini FX starts at $4,495 per year for a single-user license.

8. Modo


Modo is a 3D modeling, texturing, and rendering software developed by Foundry. It offers powerful tools for creating 3D models, animations, and visual effects for film, television, and games.

Modo’s flexible modeling tools enable users to easily create organic shapes, hard surfaces, and complex geometry. It also features a powerful UV unwrapping and texturing system, allowing artists to create highly detailed textures for their models.

In addition, Modo offers advanced rendering capabilities, including physically based rendering and a range of lighting and shading options. It also supports GPU rendering and network rendering for faster results.

Modo’s price varies depending on the license type and features needed. For example, a perpetual license for Modo costs $1,799 USD, while a subscription license costs $599 USD per year. Modo also offers a Modo Indie version for freelance artists, which costs $299 USD per year.


There are many CGI software in the market, and while many of these options push boundaries to make the most out of CGI, everything ultimately comes down to implementation.  You need a cost-effective way that is backed by technical expertise, which you will find with a proficient CGI solution provider like House Of Blue Beans. It is one of the best CGI solution providers currently in the market, which allows users to create computer-generated images (CGI) and animations using various tools and techniques.

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