Case Study

Reimagining Mount-It’s Ergonomic Product Visualization through Our Solutions: ‘A Visual Strategy Success Story’

Our comprehensive strategy reshaped how Mount It’s products are visualized, firmly solidifying the brand’s position in the field of ergonomic solutions.
3D Visualization case study

About Mount It!

Mount-It! specializes in ergonomic and space-saving solutions for home and office environments. Their product range encompasses TV and monitor mounts, sit-stand desks, and various accessories aimed at improving productivity and comfort. Mount-It! has established itself as a critical player in the ergonomic office product market since its inception in 1999.

Challenges Faced by Mount-It

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Limited Product Visualization

3D visualization case study

Consumer Decision-making Hurdles

3D Visualization case study

Market Saturation

Communication of Value and Functionality

Solutions: We Developed A Comprehensive Strategy

In response to these challenges, we developed a comprehensive strategy to enhance product visualization and strengthen Mount It’s position in the market.

1. Market Research and Analysis

Conducted a thorough examination to identify the demands, preferences, and competitive landscape, customizing our offerings to address the precise requirements of Mount-it’s target audience.

2. Comprehensive 3D Visualization

We delivered precise visual models of ergonomic products through advanced 3D technology, enabling customers to assess design and functionality from every angle fully.

3. Informative Visual Representations

Beyond aesthetics, these visuals were embedded with critical product information, ensuring consumers had the insights needed for informed decision-making.
3D Product visualization Case study

4. Immersive Video Demonstrations

Created dynamic videos to demonstrate the products in realistic settings that helped potential buyers visualize them in their workspaces.

5. Educational and Interactive Content

Created Interactive educational content that informs and engages customers about the products to build customer trust.

6. Optimized Online Presence

We enhanced Mount-it’s Amazon Product Detail Page (PDP) and A+ Content with detailed descriptions and high-quality imagery to bolster visibility and engagement.

Results & Impacts

The strategic interventions by us led to remarkable outcomes for Mount-it
3D visualization case study

Information Rich Visual Content

Created rich ad informational visual content to empower customers with a deep understanding of the products, facilitating confident purchasing decisions.
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Highly Engaging Visuals

Engaging and informative visuals to enhance customer interaction.

Valuable Educational Visual Content

Unique product visualizations to distinguish Mount-it in the market and enhance its brand perception.
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Unique Visuals for Market Differentiation

Provided detailed and valuable educational visual content that aims to foster increased loyalty and strengthen long-term customer relationships.
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Strategically Curated A+ Content

Strategically created  A+ content that can improve online visibility and sales, particularly through channels like Amazon and similar platforms.

A True Partner For Unique Visualization Projects

Working with HOBB for many years proved to be a successful partnership. HOBB constantly brings innovation and workflow improvements to their clients. Their talented team creates CGI work is truly amazing! HOBB worked right along side our team to build interior and exterior scenes that were so realistic, that we were able to efficiently produce more imagery in a shorter timeline. Thank you HOBB for your partnership, talented team, and always being on the forefront of innovation! Happy 10 year anniversary!!!!
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Paula Miller
Director of AD Services


Our holistic approach in addressing Mount-it’s challenges solidified the brand’s leadership in the ergonomic solutions sector. This led to notable advancements in how the brand was perceived, the depth of customer interaction, and overall sales achievements. This case study showcases the power of strategic digital visualization in reshaping market presence and enriching the customer journey in a dynamic competitive field.

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