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Case Study

Sheffield - Cutting Edge CGI for Hardware Products

The Client

Sheffield: a leading Australian hardware wholesaler.


Transitioning from plastic to cardboard packaging for hardware products, requiring CGI visuals


HOBB Solution

Impact & Results

A New Challenge for a Hardware Wholesaler

Sheffield - Cutting Edge CGI For Hardware Products
When Sheffield, a wholesaler of hardware products, came to us at House of Blue Beans (HOBB), they were facing a unique challenge. Australian environmental law had recently mandated a ban on plastic, which Sheffield had been using for their product packaging. To comply with this law, Sheffield switched to cardboard packaging with an image of the product on the packaging. They opted for CGI to create the product visuals instead of product photography. However, managing multiple freelancers to create 3D models and product visuals was proving to be a significant challenge.

The Problem: A Fragmented Approach to CGI

Sheffield’s marketing team struggled with multiple freelancers to create 3D models and product visuals needed for the packaging of their hardware products. Here are the key pain points they encountered:

Overall, the project management overhead from Sheffield to get the job done became tiresome. Sheffield was now looking for a reliable partner that could collect inputs, manage projects, and deliver consistent quality.

The Solution: A One-Stop-Shop for CGI Needs

We at HOBB were ready to step in and provide the solution Sheffield needed.

Sheffield - Cutting Edge CGI For Hardware Products

The Outcome: A Successful Transition to Environmentally Friendly Packaging

With HOBB’s intervention, Sheffield overcame the challenges of transitioning to environmentally friendly packaging. The high-quality 3D models and photorealistic product visuals created by HOBB were instrumental in maintaining the visual appeal of Sheffield’s products, despite the shift from transparent plastic to cardboard packaging.

The streamlined communication and project management process reduced the overhead on Sheffield’s team, allowing them to focus on their core business operations.

In conclusion, HOBB’s comprehensive solution addressed Sheffield’s immediate needs and established a reliable, long-term partnership for all their product visualization requirements. Today, Sheffield is taking the lead in abiding by environmental laws—and their new heightened visibility gives them a more prominent platform to deliver this critical message.

The HOBB Advantage

The success of this project has set a new benchmark for us at HOBB in the field of 3D modeling and product visualization. We continue to strive for excellence in delivering high-quality services to our clients, ensuring that we are not just a service provider but a partner that understands and caters to their unique needs.

Ready to Transform Your Marketing Strategy?

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