Case Study

Revitalizing Barrette Outdoor Living's Brand Visuals Through Tailored CGI Solutions

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The Client

Barrette Outdoor Living (BOL): North American outdoor living product manufacturer.

The Problem

What We Did

Impact & Results

Our Esteemed Client - Barrette Outdoor Living (BOL)

At House of Blue Beans (HOBB), we had the honor of partnering with Barrette Outdoor Living (BOL), a distinguished North American manufacturer of outdoor living products. With a niche in decking, fencing, railing, and accent walls, BOL’s commitment to quality and innovation is unparalleled.

Their Challenge: Traditional Visualization Shortcomings

BOL relied on traditional product photography for product visualization, which posed several challenges:

Our Customized Solution: CGI Tailored to BOL's Needs

Understanding BOL’s unique challenges, we didn’t just offer them to provide CGI services but tailored them to address their specific pain points. We channeled our expertise in 3D asset creation and 3D product visualization to craft visuals that resonated with BOL’s brand ethos and addressed their challenges head-on.

The Transformation: Direct Solutions to BOL's Challenges

Our bespoke CGI approach led to tangible solutions for BOL:

Operational Excellence: Direct Impact on BOL's Bottom Line

Our tailored CGI solution wasn’t just about visuals; it directly impacted BOL’s operations:

Conclusion: Tailored CGI and 3D Visualization Solutions for Success

Our CGI solution provided BOL with a cost-effective, time-efficient, and flexible approach to product visualization. By leveraging the power of CGI, BOL was able to standardize its brand visuals. This case study showcases how CGI can have a significant impact on product visualization, leading to transformational results.