Case Study

How We Enhanced Barrette Outdoor Living's Brand Engagement and Customer Experience

The Client

Barrette Outdoor Living (BOL) - Market leader in outdoor solutions.


Barrette Outdoor Living - A Market Leader in Outdoor Solutions

Barrette Outdoor Living (BOL) is a renowned name in the outdoor living industry, specializing in product categories like decking, fencing, railing, and accent walls. With a strong market presence across various states, BOL is a go-to choice for quality and innovation. However, they needed help in improving their growth and customer engagement.

Challenges: Brand Authentic Visuals, Cost-effective Rebranding, and Market Launch Time

The Struggle with Brand Authentic Visuals

Rebranding within Limited Budget

Lengthy Product Launch Cycle Time and Costs

Meeting Retailer-Specific Content Needs

Solutions: From High-End Imagery to Streamlined Brand Consistency

We at House of Blue Beans (HOBB) offered a solution based on CGI that eliminated the need for physical product assembly and photography. Our 3D product rendering services enabled BOL to visualize its products in virtual environments, offering infinite creative freedom.

1. High-End Imagery for Better Customer Engagement

At House of Blue Beans, we leveraged our advanced CGI solutions to enable BOL’s marketing team to craft high-end lifestyle images across all product categories. The outcome? A significant boost in customer engagement and a more inspiring, informative website.

2. Tailored 3D Visuals for Brand Distinction

In a market flooded with similar products, differentiation is key. Our 3D product visualization service allowed BOL to showcase their products in a unique light, making them stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Color Variations and 360 Spins

White Background Product Photos for eCommerce

3. Virtual Environments for Quick & Efficient Reshoots

One of our CGI solution’s most compelling features is its flexibility. BOL could easily swap out different products in the same virtual environment, allowing quick reshoots with minor propping changes. This adaptability proved invaluable across different seasons and channels.

Reusing the Same Lifestyle Scene for Different Products

Creating Multiple Views Using a Single Lifestyle Environment

4. Streamlined Process Ensuring Brand Consistent Visuals

Since all the imagery was created under one roof, we ensured each visual asset aligned with BOL’s brand guidelines, creating a cohesive and unified brand image.

Perfect Lighting, Every Time

Consistency in Camera Angles

Hero Product in the Spotlight

A Single Platform to Monitor all Visuals

5. Localized Visuals For Diverse Customer Segments

We enabled BOL to offer localized visuals, catering to multiple customer segments and enhancing the overall customer experience.

The Impacts


Doubled Customer Engagement

Our CGI solutions led to a 2X increase in customer engagement time, providing a richer, more interactive online shopping experience.

Accelerated Time-to-Market

We reduced the go-to-market time for new products from three months to two weeks, saving both time and money.

Cost-Effective Rebranding And Retailer-Specific Packages

We helped BOL visualize over 500 SKUs through a new style guide in a cost-effective manner while creating brand-specific packages aligned with requirements from Lowe’s & Home Depot.

In Conclusion

Our partnership with BOL has not only solved their immediate challenges but has also set them on a path for sustainable growth and customer engagement. We’re excited to see where this journey takes us next.