Case Study

Efficient Visual Solutions for Lowe's International's Patio & Outdoor Products

The Client

Lowe's International - A Home improvement global leader. Operates over 2000 stores in North America


Lowes outdoor Case Study

Lowe's International - A Home Improvement Giant

Lowe’s International, a global leader in home improvement and a Fortune 50 powerhouse, operates over 2000 stores across North America. One of their major categories is the Patio and Outdoor range, where they introduce around 150-200 new products annually. 

Challenges Faced by Lowe's with their Patio and Outdoor Product Visuals

Traditionally Labor-Intensive Process

High Go-to-Market Costs and Time

Recurring Costs

Limited Customer Engagement

Solutions: Our Innovative Solutions to Address the Challenges

HOBB intervened with cutting-edge CGI technology to address these challenges.

1. CGI and 3D Product Visuals

Developed photorealistic 3D models and renders, eliminating the need for physical product handling and weather dependencies.

2. Centralized Visual Management System (VMS)

Ensured brand standardization and allowed for efficient scaling and reuse of content.

3. Localized and Diverse Visuals

Created various lifestyle images and animations that resonated with different customer segments.

The Outcomes: Improved Visual Engagement & ROI


Reduced Go-to-Market Time and Cost

Achieved a 70% reduction in market launch time and a 75% decrease in GTM costs.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Localized content and variety in visuals improved customer engagement.

Increased Product Appeal

Products showcased in inspirational lifestyle settings improved sales.

In Conclusion

Lowe’s streamlined its visual content creation process through our innovative solutions and significantly enhanced its customer experience and market presence. This case exemplifies how embracing digital transformation in the visual content creation process can lead to substantial business improvements.