Case Study

Enhancing Lowe's Visual Content Creation with CGI Solutions: A New Industry Standard for Visual Content

Our innovative solutions transformed Lowe’s logistics and quality challenges leading to improved efficiency, sustainability, and product presentations.
Lowe's Visual Content Creation With CGI Solutions

Lowe's International - A Global Force in Home Improvement & Retail

Lowe’s Companies, Inc., a distinguished Fortune 500 enterprise from the US, operates a chain of retail stores specializing in home improvement and appliances across the US, Canada, and Mexico. Its extensive product selection and alliances with top appliance brands underscore its dedication to excellence and innovation.

Challenges faced by Lowe’s

Lowe’s faced a series of challenges that hindered their ability to produce high-quality visual content:
Lowe's Visual Content Creation With CGI Solutions

Traditional Photoshoot Limitations

Lowe's Visual Content Creation With CGI Solutions

Ineffective CAD File Utilization

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Need for Cost-Effective Solutions

Solutions: Tailoring CGI Innovations

We introduced a series of strategic solutions leveraging the power of CGI to address Lowe’s challenges:

1. CGI Implementation

Transitioned from traditional photoshoots to CGI, optimizing industrial CAD files for superior visual content.
Lowe's Visual Content Creation With CGI Solutions
Lowe's Visual Content Creation With CGI Solutions
Lowe's Visual Content Creation With CGI Solutions

2. Enhanced Quality with Specialized Services

Provided services to refine and optimize CAD models, ensuring they were suitable for high-quality visualizations, particularly for e-commerce.

3. Streamlining Production with In-house Techniques

Advanced rendering techniques were utilized to produce photorealistic visuals, significantly elevating the brand’s appeal while removing the need for physical product transport.

Results & Impacts

The adoption of CGI by Lowe’s led to notable improvements across various aspects of their visual content creation process:
Lowe's Visual Content Creation With CGI Solutions

Quality and Realism

The visuals produced through CGI surpassed Lowe’s expectations, offering unprecedented detail and realism, enhancing the brand’s appeal.
Lowe's Visual Content Creation With CGI Solutions

Cost Efficiency

Shifting to CGI resulted in considerable cost savings by eliminating expenses related to physical logistics, equipment, and extensive post-production.
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Flexibility and Efficiency

CGI technology allowed easy updates and variations in content, allowing Lowe’s to adapt visuals without incurring additional costs or delays.
Lowe's Visual Content Creation With CGI Solutions


Eliminating physical logistics significantly reduced carbon emissions, aligning with Lowe’s commitment to environmental responsibility.
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Faster Go-Live for new products

Time-saving in Go-to-market due to quick turnaround in creating content.

A True Partner For Unique Visualization Projects

Working with HOBB for many years proved to be a successful partnership. HOBB constantly brings innovation and workflow improvements to their clients. Their talented team creates CGI work is truly amazing! HOBB worked right along side our team to build interior and exterior scenes that were so realistic, that we were able to efficiently produce more imagery in a shorter timeline. Thank you HOBB for your partnership, talented team, and always being on the forefront of innovation! Happy 10 year anniversary!!!!
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Paula Miller
Director of AD Services

Conclusion - A new industry standard for visual content

Our CGI solutions successfully addressed Lowe’s challenges in creating visual content. By enhancing quality, reducing costs, and improving flexibility, We resolved the immediate issues and set a new industry standard for visual content. 
Traditional methods, especially physical photoshoots, couldn’t deliver the expected quality and detail. We approached these issues with cutting-edge Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) solutions, transforming Lowe’s approach to visual content creation.
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