Case Study

How Our Customized 3D Solutions Reinforced Lowe's Home Appliance Sales

Our customized approach improved Lowe’s product marketing with affordable, adaptable, and inspirational 3D content, setting a significant enhancement in Lowe’s conversion rate in appliance marketing for the home improvement sector.
Lowe's Appliance Marketing 3D Visuals Case Study

Lowe's International - A Global Force in Home Improvement & Retail

Lowe’s Companies, Inc. is a Fortune 500 American company that operates a retail home improvement and appliance store chain in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Lowe’s extensive product range and strategic partnerships with top appliance brands demonstrate its commitment to quality and innovation and its role in meeting consumer needs in a dynamic market.

Challenges Faced By Lowe’s

Lowe's Appliance Marketing 3D Visuals Case Study, Boosting Sales with CGI for Wyze Case Study, Outdoor Product Visualization for Barrette Outdoor Living Case Study, Elevating Lowe's Bath CGI Success Story

Costly and Time-Consuming Content Creation

Lowe's Appliance Marketing 3D Visuals Case Study, Boosting Sales with CGI for Wyze Case Study

Flexibility Woes

Lowe's Appliance Marketing 3D Visuals Case Study, Boosting Sales with CGI for Wyze Case Study, Outdoor Product Visualization for Barrette Outdoor Living Case Study

Challenges in Generating Inspirational Images

Our Customized Solutions

1. Dynamic Product Visualizations

We introduced cutting-edge digital visualization technology, enabling high-quality, versatile imagery that bypassed the need for traditional photoshoots.

2. Contextual Imagery

By placing appliances in varied, realistic home settings through custom imagery, customers gained a clearer vision of how these products would fit into their personal spaces, thereby boosting appeal.

3. Reusable 3D Assets

All images produced through our proprietory Visualization Management System (VMS) were reused for future campaigns.

4. Customized Visual Management System (VMS)

Our proprietory Visualization Management System (VMS) allowed Lowe’s to interact in real-time resulting in high fidelity images.

5. Seamless Updates

HOBB’s Proprietory Visualization Management System (VMS) was crafted for adaptability, empowering Lowe’s to quickly refresh visuals and product details with new developments, keeping pace with market trends and new releases efficiently.

6. Ease of Doing Business through Digital Collaboration

Minimal overhead from Lowe’s team to achieve desired results.

Results & Impacts

Lowe’s achieved enhanced customer experience, which resulted in a higher conversion rate. The key highlights of our solutions’ impacts are below.
Lowe's Visual Content Creation With CGI Solutions

Marketing Efficiency

Lowe’s attracted more customers and improved engagement through dynamic visuals, which significantly boosted its marketing campaigns.
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Sales Uplift

Inspirational hyperreal images enhanced conversion rates and boosted Lowe’s sales.
Lowe's Visual Content Creation With CGI Solutions

Operational Cost Savings

Moving to a digital-first model for content creation, Lowe’s saved on operations by replacing physical shoots with digital content.

Distinct Market Positioning

The innovative cutting-edge marketing solutions established Lowe’s as a leader in the home improvement sector.
Elevating Lowe's Bath CGI Success Story, Efficient Visual Solutions For Lowe's International's Patio & Outdoor Products

Eco-friendly Marketing

The digital approach negated the need to transport appliances for photoshoots, aligning with eco-friendly practices.

A True Partner For Unique Visualization Projects

Working with HOBB for many years proved to be a successful partnership. HOBB constantly brings innovation and workflow improvements to their clients. Their talented team creates CGI work is truly amazing! HOBB worked right along side our team to build interior and exterior scenes that were so realistic, that we were able to efficiently produce more imagery in a shorter timeline. Thank you HOBB for your partnership, talented team, and always being on the forefront of innovation! Happy 10 year anniversary!!!!
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Paula Miller
Director of AD Services

Conclusion - Leading Through Innovation

Our tailored solutions addressed Lowe’s product marketing for more than 5 years through cost-effective, flexible, visually stunning and reusable 3D content creation and set a new standard in appliance marketing within the home improvement retail industry. By embracing digital innovation, Lowe’s enhanced marketing visibility and sales. Lowe’s achieved operational efficiency, a competitive advantage, and an environmentally friendly approach. Lowe’s case study is a robust proof of transformative power of digital technology in retail marketing.