3D Product Photography To Beat the Competition

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Nowadays, your customers are looking for an immersive product experience that allows them to explore the product from different angles. With 3D photography, you can showcase every small detail and product feature, which will help communicate your product’s unique features and brand value. 

3D product photography based on CGI can help make their shopping experience interactive and engaging. This can boost your conversion rate and give your business a competitive edge over online sellers.

It’s time to move on from traditional product photography and say hello to jaw-dropping visuals with cutting-edge 3D technology. 

What Is 3D Product Photography?

3D product photography is a process of creating images from a 3D model / digital double of a product in a virtual environment using computer graphics. It involves using specialized skills, processes, hardware, and software to create the 3D model of the product, the corresponding virtual environment and capturing product images from different angles to create product visuals such as white background silo images, 360 spins, lifestyle images, inspirational images, videos, and product functionality animations.

3D Product Photography Services To Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Unlike traditional photography, wherein the images are captured using a single camera angle, in 3D product photography using CGI, specialized software is used to create 3D digital models, which are then manipulated in a virtual environment. The realistic and interactive visualization of the product and the freedom to customize it gives customers a better sense of the product. This helps them make an informed purchase decision.

3D product photography is common in e-commerce, marketing, and advertisement to showcase different features of the product. It is especially useful for products with intricate details or unique features that traditional photography cannot capture. A 3D model gives a better understanding of the product’s size, shape, and features.

Importance Of 3D Product Photography In Marketing And Product Advertising

3D product photography is an important marketing and advertising tool that allows businesses to showcase their products in a visually appealing manner to attract and engage customers. Look at the reasons why 3D product photography is important in marketing and product advertising.

  • Increase in Online Purchase Conversion Rate: A high-quality, visually appealing product image increases engagement and conversion rates. Since a 3D product image lets the customer interact with the product virtually, it increases their likelihood of purchasing.
3D Product Photography Services To Stay Ahead Of The Competition
  • Increase Engagement Time: 3D product images showcase the detail and depth in a visually striking and hyper-realistic manner, which convinces customers to explore the product further, which results in an increased engagement time. 
    Furthermore, since 3D images offer an interactive experience, it encourages customers to engage with the product actively. Therefore, they will spend more time exploring different angles and features, which will help them develop a deeper understanding of the product.
3D Product Photography Services To Stay Ahead Of The Competition
  • Gives Competitive Advantage to Online Sellers: 3D product photography enriches customer experience by offering the product’s unique features and capabilities in an immersive and informative manner. 
    Furthermore, 3D product photography allows businesses to showcase their product in a realistic and detailed manner, which will help customers understand the product’s features and benefits much better. This will give them a competitive advantage over those online sellers who are still using conventional 3D photography.
  • Minimize Product Returns: The use of 3D product photography helps customers visualize the product more accurately, thereby giving them a better understanding of the product. This reduces the likelihood of the product being returned due to misunderstandings.
  • Improve Brand Perception: Using 3D product photography, businesses can establish themselves as credible and trustworthy brands by providing customers with high-quality images of their products.
3D Product Photography Services To Stay Ahead Of The Competition
  • Enhance Product Presentation: 3D product photography lets customers see the product from every angle, improving the product presentation. This assists customers in making informed purchase decisions.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction: 3D product photography assists businesses in meeting their customers’ expectations and achieving customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are more likely to become repeat customers, which can strengthen brand loyalty.

Limitations of using  The Traditional Method For 3D Product Photography?

The traditional method of product photography involves setting up a physical product in a studio with a plain background or studio setting, using basic lighting techniques and a standard camera lens. Despite its decent results, this technique often fails to effectively produce images that showcase the product’s features and be visually appealing to potential customers.

  • Limited Creativity: Traditional photography can make showcasing the product’s unique features and benefits difficult. If the background and lighting are plain, the images appear flat, with little to no depth or visual interest. 
  • Inconsistent Output: Due to the reliance on environmental factors and other aspects like lighting, reflection, shadows, and more, it can be difficult to produce consistent results, resulting in inconsistent product images that can be confusing for visitors browsing the website and catalog.
  • Inability To Capture Detail: Traditional photography uses a standard lens, which may not be able to capture intricate details of the product, such as textures and finer design elements. This can make the images look less appealing and inaccurate for customers.
  • Not Conveying The Product Scale: In traditional product photography, the size and scale of the product are not conveyed properly. This can result in a mismatch in customer expectations, resulting in disappointment when they receive the product.

How Is CGI Technology Changing 3D Product Photography?

3D technology is revolutionizing product photography by offering businesses a creative, faster, and cost-effective solution to showcase their products in exciting and engaging ways. Take a look at some of the examples.

  • Virtual Product Photography: Photographers can use 3D technology to create virtual versions of products, which can be photographed from any angle. This allows businesses to showcase their products in new and engaging ways.
  • 360-Degree Product View: 3D technology can create a 360-degree view of the product, helping customers to view the product’s design and features from every angle.
  • Product Demos: 3D technology can be used to create interactive product demonstrations. This helps customers know and understand how a product works. This is especially helpful in the case of complex products that can be difficult to explain with traditional photography.
  • Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality: 3D technology can be used to provide customers with a virtual version of a product working in the real world using their smartphones or other devices as augmented reality (AR) & virtual reality (VR) experiences. This can be useful for customers in making informed decisions before purchasing the product since they can see how it would align with their home or office.

What Are The Benefits Of 3D Product Photography When Done via CGI?

Businesses looking to showcase their products in an engaging and dynamic manner can leverage 3D product photography owing to its numerous benefits. Some of these are:

  • Faster Turnaround Time: 3D product photography helps you create product images in a fraction of the time. This is particularly useful when you need to showcase many items simultaneously.
  • Greater Flexibility: With 3D product photography, you can showcase your products from multiple angles, produce 360-degree views, and even show them in motion.
  • Increased Detail: 3D product photography lets you showcase your product in great detail. This is especially helpful if the product has details, features and functionality that are hidden in flat photographs.
  • Cost-effective: With 3D product photography, you can create premium-quality images in a cost-effective way since it eliminates the need for expensive equipment and reduces the requirement for a studio space. Furthermore, the overall cost over time is reduced since you can reuse 3D product models to create 360 product views, demos, or animation.
  • Consistency & Standardisation: Product photography helps you create consistent product images with uniform lighting, angles, and backgrounds. Creating uniform product images is particularly useful for maintaining brand identity and building customer trust.
  • Interactive Customer Experience: 3D product photography helps you provide your customers with an interactive experience by allowing them to view the product from different angles. This helps in enhancing customer engagement and increasing the conversion rate.
  • Enables Pre-order Business: 3D product photography done via CGI can help a business generate interest and gather pre-orders before the physical product is manufactured. Through this early engagement, businesses gain insight into the customer’s preference which helps them understand the demand for the product. Furthermore, this assists businesses in making any modifications to the product based on the feedback before the product goes for mass production.

House of Blue Beans- A Done-For-You 3D Product Photography Service Provider

House of Blue Beans is your all-in-one solution for all things 3D product photography. We are a leading CGI 3D visualization company that has been helping pioneering brands and Fortune 50 companies like Lowe’s, Target, and more bring their product photography vision to life.

We have been working for over a decade towards providing customers with the ability to experience the full dimension of your product by incorporating stunning 3D product photography.

Our Services include:

  • 3D modeling: Bring your ideas to life with stunning 3D asset creation and elevate your project to the next level. We offer 3D product modeling and 3D texturing services to add realism and depth to your product’s visualization. 3D assets are building blocks to create realistic and accurate 3D representations of an object or an environment. 
    We at House of Blue Beans know that without a high-quality 3D asset, a 3D model will lack detail, accuracy, and realism. With us, you can rest assured that you will get premium-quality 3D assets that can be further used to create 3D models for any image, video, or visual content. Unlock the power of immersive experience with top-quality 3D assets with House of Blue Beans. 
  • Images: We harness the power of CGI to create visually stunning and engaging images that will immerse your customers in a realm where reality intertwines with imagination. Our CGI experts will meticulously sculpt every detail, from the intricacies of the texture to the light and shadow, providing an unparalleled level of realism. We will help you create the following types of images:
    • White Background Image: Create distraction-free images against a white background that puts your product in focus.
3D Product Photography Services To Stay Ahead Of The Competition
  • 360 Spins: Engage your audience by allowing them to explore the product from every angle. Make your customers experience the depth and detail of the product with our immersive 360 spins.
3D Product Photography To Beat The Competition
  • Lifestyle Images: Transport your customers to a world of refined elegance with us. We implement CGI technology so that every detail is meticulously crafted to inspire and create a personalized haven for unique customers’ tastes.
3D Product Photography To Beat The Competition
  • Videos: Using the prowess of CGI technology, we will help you create visually striking and engaging videos by adding realistic and natural-looking environments, characters, and items. With House of Blue Beans, you can create the following types of videos:
    • Product Videos: Showcase your product’s features, functionalities, and benefits like never before with our CGI-powered 3D video production technology.
    • Functionality Video: Level up your visual storytelling game with CGI-powered product videos. Showcase the internal operation and working of the product with immersive functionality videos.
    • Inspirational Video: Take your customers on a mesmerizing journey of creativity and innovation with stunning inspirational videos. Bring breathtaking concepts to life through the power of CGI.
    • How-to Video: Engage customers with step-by-step and explainer videos that will transform how customers learn about the product. From assembling various parts of the furniture to arranging and operating machinery, we have covered you with our visually stunning and highly informative videos.
    • White Background Video: Highlight your product’s best features and functionalities and create compelling white background videos incorporating CGI technology against a white backdrop.
  • AR/VR Experience: Give your customers the ability to immerse themselves in a world of endless possibilities with House of Blue Beans. Let them experience their favorite product in a whole new way with our cutting-edge AR/VR technology. Our visualizer app will help your customers visualize the room in different conditions, and the 360 shoppable room will enrich their experience by letting them visit the store virtually.
  • Architectural Rendering: Leave a long-lasting impression by transforming your architectural plans into immersive virtual tours and visualize your designs like never before with realistic architectural renders. We provide interior and exterior rendering services that communicate your vision in high-quality architectural visualizations.

Trusted by Pioneers

3D Product Photography To Beat The Competition

Our team of 3D experts secure advanced technology services to create visually striking and interactive 3D models that showcase every detail and angle of the product. Whether you plan to launch a new product or give a makeover to an existing one, we have covered you with our 3D product photography services that deliver top-notch visual content without burning a hole in your pocket.

Our Process

We believe the success of every project strongly relies on open communication and transparency. We implement a proprietary visualization management system that enables collaborative content development and asset management. Our process looks like this:

  • Get a quote: You elaborate on the requirements, and we will send you a quote.
  • Provide Input: To get things started, we need a few images along with the statement of work from your end.
  • Select Templates: Depending on your requirements, our 3D artists will create a wide range of visual content and templates to choose from. You can select the one that best suits your brand story.
  • Get Hyper-real Visual Content: After you have selected a template, we will create various visual content, such as white background images, 360 spins, lifestyle images, videos, and AR/VR experiences.

Why Choose House of Blue Beans?

Fortune 50 companies like Lowe’s Home Improvements and Target Retail trust us for our stunning 3D product photography. We at House of Blue Beans offer

Top-notch quality: We have over a decade of experience in providing best-in-class 3D product photography services. We create visuals in a digitally controlled environment. This means we have total control over different aspects like lightning, reflection, colors, shadows, and texture to ensure consistency across various 3D product photographs.

No requirement for shipping physical products: With House of Blue Beans, you don’t have to worry about shipping various products, setups, or equipment to get high-quality 3D product photography. We only need a few images and some details on the project to get the process rolling.

Quick Turnaround Time: With us, you get your product visuals within 2 weeks of sending in the requirement. We ensure you save 80% of your time otherwise spent in the traditional method, which it can take up to 3 months.

Cost-effective: We will provide your premium quality 3D-product photography at 1/4th of the cost of traditional photography. You don’t have to worry about costs associated with traditional photography, like shipping products, creating expensive sets, props, and product damage. Moreover, it significantly reduces the overall cost since we reuse the same 3D model to create different visual contents like white background images, 360 spins, videos, and AR and VR experiences.

House of Blue Beans will showcase every angle and detail of your product by capturing its unique design and features and elevate your image with stunning and immersive 3D product photography. Our aim is to help you provide your customers with an immersive shopping experience, highlighting the quality and craftsmanship of your products through 3D photography in a way that captures every aspect of your product with precision.

You don’t have to believe what we say! Look at what our clients have to say.

3D Product Photography To Beat The Competition

So what are you waiting for?

Reach out to our 3D product photography experts with your query today. We’d be happy to help you guide the process of 3D product lifestyle images that will give you an edge over your competitors.

Other 3D Product Photography Service Providers

Let’s look at some of the leading 3D product photography service providers

1. Visual SKUs

3D Product Photography To Beat The Competition

VisualSKUS has been in the business of offering product photography services for more than two decades. It offers a wide range of photography services, such as still product photography, 360 product photography, on-site product photography, image editing, and more. It implements state-of-the-art technology that captures every angle and detail of your products, providing customers with an immersive shopping experience that will make your business stand out from the crowd.

2. Iconasys

3D Product Photography To Beat The Competition

Another leader in 3D product photography, Iconasys offers a wide range of solutions to businesses looking to showcase their product online. It offers versatile and customizable solutions for varying 3D product photography needs. What makes Iconasys stand out from the crowd is Shutter Stream, which gives users to control and automate every aspect of the image-capturing process.

3. Pencilone

3D Product Photography To Beat The Competition

A 3D product photography service provider, Pencilone has been in the business of creating high-quality, lifelike 3D models and animations from just a few photographs. With more than a decade of experience, they have been helping businesses showcase their products interactively and engagingly.

4. 3DPhotomation

3D Product Photography To Beat The Competition

A 3D product photography service provider, 3DPhotomation uses state-of-the-art technology to capture the essence of every product they photograph. They are known for implementing an efficient workflow that strengthens their ability to produce high-quality images faster.

5. Tulfa

3D Product Photography To Beat The Competition

Tulfa is a 3D product photography service that produces high-quality, interactive, and engaging product visuals. It is known to help e-commerce businesses, manufacturers, and retailers with high-quality 360-degree spins, animations, and virtual reality experiences. Tulfa processes use state-of-art technology, and its ability to offer customizable solutions makes it a brilliant choice for businesses looking for an innovative way to showcase their products online.

6. Voila Studio

3D Product Photography To Beat The Competition

Voila Studio offers 3D product photography solutions to e-commerce businesses in fashion, furniture, and more industries. They are known for helping businesses develop innovative ways to present their products to customers. Their commitment to delivering quality work at a faster turnaround time makes them stand out from the crowd. 

7. Rapid Renders

3D Product Photography To Beat The Competition

Rapid Renders, a 3D product photography service provider, helps businesses boost their engagement with visually appealing and stunning visual content. They offer various customization solutions, helping businesses tailor the final image according to their specific requirements. Their transparent and competitive pricing structure makes them an affordable option for businesses looking for top-notch 3D product photography without breaking the bank.


There is no shortage of 3D product photography service providers in the market, but what makes House of Blue Beans a preferred option for businesses across industries is its ability to deliver top-notch quality products in a quicker turnaround time without burning a hole in your pocket. We can help you elevate product imagery with our 3D Product Photography technology.

Enhance your online presence by showcasing the product in a new dimension with House of Blue Beans. We look forward to helping you show your best angle to the customers!