3D Product Animation Software to Amuse Customers

Engaging Audience With 3D Product Animation Software

Captivate your audience, enhance brand presence, and increase conversion rate with immersive and visually stunning capabilities of 3D product animation.

3D product animation can help your business stand out by bringing your products to life. Companies can use it to showcase their product features, functionalities, and unique selling points dynamically and engagingly, providing the audience with an interactive and memorable experience.

3D product animation is the process of creating digital, three-dimensional representations of the product through specialized software. It involves building a virtual product model and adding realistic textures, lighting, and other visual elements. The product is brought to life by using visual effects and motion.

The primary objective of 3D product animation is to enable marketers to showcase their products in a compelling and engaging manner visually. It is a powerful tool for brands to establish an emotional connection with their target audience, encouraging them to take desired actions, such as making purchases or engaging further with the brand’s website. Animations and three-dimensional visuals facilitate better product understanding and desirability, boosting customer engagement and conversion rate.

How Does 3D Product Animation Work?

3D product animation is a straightforward process. Its steps may vary depending on the complexity of the animation or the specific project’s requirements, but the basic steps are the following.

3D Modeling: The first step is to create a three-dimensional model of the product using specialized software. This involves creating the geometry, structure, and surface details based on reference materials provided by the client to the service provider.

Texturing: Textures, colors, and materials are added to make the product look realistic. It can also include surface finishes, reflections, transparency, or any other visual property needed to represent the scene accurately.

Lighting and Rendering: This involves setting up lighting sources and the environment to generate the desired visual effects. It also includes adjusting the various lighting parameters to showcase the features of the products effectively. After setting up the scene, 3D software is used to render the frames into images or sequences.

Animation: This process involves animating the 3D model to display the product’s features, functionality, and assembly process. In drawing animations, keyframes are defined, the model’s position, rotation, and scale are adjusted, and smooth transitions between animations are created.

Sounds and Effects: Sound effects make the 3D product animation immersive and engaging. This step involves adding sound effects to the animation to convey the message to the target audience and enhance the impact of the animation.

Drawbacks of Investing in A 3D Animation Software

While 3D animation software can initially appear as an easy and cost-effective solution for generating 3D product animations, it is important to consider the following drawbacks that may convince you to hire a professional service provider instead.

Steep Learning Curve: 3D animation software is complex, requiring significant time and effort to learn and master. The interfaces of these software programs are often difficult to navigate, demanding technical expertise. This learning process can divert your attention from your core business objectives.

Substantial Resource investment: Creating animation in-house using software means dedicating resources to different aspects like designing, modeling, texturing, and rendering. This allocation of resources can slow down the project and potentially impact overall productivity.

Lack of Customization: 3D animation software typically comes with pre-built features and templates that may not align with your brand guidelines and specific requirements. Engaging a service provider can address this issue by ensuring a thorough understanding of your vision and creating customized 3D product animations that effectively showcase your products.

You can alleviate these concerns by hiring a 3D product animation service provider like House of Blue Beans, providing you with high-quality 3D animation that will showcase your product effectively and enhance your brand image.

House Of Blue Beans: All-In-One 3D Product Animation Service Provider

House of Blue Beans offers premium quality 3D product animation service by bringing your product to life through visually striking and captivating animations. Whether you represent a start-up or an established eCommerce brand, our team of highly skilled 3D artists is dedicated to showcasing your product dynamically and engagingly.

We understand how important it is to generate and deliver visual experiences that can leave a lasting impression on the target audience. This is why we carefully craft our animations to showcase the product’s features, functionality, and benefits to capture the audience’s attention. Whether you want to demonstrate the product assembly, showcase the product from a different perspective, or inner workings with our 3D product animations, we offer high clarity and engagement.

House of Blue Beans deploys talented artists and secures the services of state-of-the-art tools and technologies to create hyper-realistic and engaging 3D product animations that highlight all the intricacies of the product. Whether it is a furniture piece or an electronic device, with us, you can trust that our animations will showcase every intricate detail of your product with utmost precision and finesse. Our comprehensive range of services includes:

Videos: A well-made video can leave a lasting impression and drive results. We specialize in creating visually striking and engaging videos that will leave a long-lasting impression on your target audience. Combining our cutting-edge technology with the skills of our animators, we will transform your concepts into visually captivating videos. Check out this video we created for a client showcasing the diverse features of a watch that doubles up as a health tracker.

Our process begins with creating 3D assets wherein our artists create 3D product images. These images are then used in hyper-realistic CGI videos for a wide range of applications- whether you want to create an explainer video, functionality video, how-to, or more.

You can use these videos as a versatile marketing asset across different channels like social media, website, Youtube, etc. Our videos will help increase brand awareness, educate your audience, and boost conversions.

  • Functionality: We offer comprehensive and engaging videos showcasing your products’ features and functionalities. Our team will collaborate with you to create videos that effectively highlight the value and versatility of your products.
  • How-to: Empower your audience by creating informative and engaging how-to videos. With our videos, you can easily understand complex processes and get valuable guidance from your viewers. Take a look at this video we created about a CCTV installation.
  • Product: Capture your target audience’s attention and boost sales with visually stunning and engaging product videos. We will help you create visually stunning and engaging videos highlighting your products’ features and benefits. Check out this interactive fence assembling video.
  • Inspirational: Storytelling and visuals are powerful tools for evoking powerful emotions. Whether you desire to convey a powerful message, share the product story, or tell a transformative tale, we have the expertise to turn your vision into a reality. Go through this inspirational video we created for our client to engage their customers.
  • White background: A white backdrop sets the stage for your message, and we use our expertise in lighting, camera techniques, and post-production editing to ensure you get the best results.
Engaging Audience With 3D Product Animation Software

3D Modeling: Create realistic and intricately crafted 3D models that accurately showcase every angle and texture. Whether you are looking for architectural visualizations, product design, character models, or any other 3D modeling requirements, our team of experts will bring your vision to life.

Images: Transform concepts into stunning 3D images that display your ideas from every angle. Leave a long-lasting impression with 3D images that perfectly align with your vision.

Engaging Audience With 3D Product Animation Software
  • White background: Make your product shine with our clean, professional, and visually stunning images that will put your product in focus. We will ensure that your image is free from distraction and that the products hold the customers’ attention.
  • 360 Spin: Give your audience the freedom to zoom in, rotate and examine the finest details of the product through our immersive and engaging 360 spins. Enhance your customer’s online shopping experience and boost creativity by bringing in a new level of creativity.
Engaging Audience With 3D Product Animation Software
  • Lifestyle: Create visually stunning and impactful images that reflect your unique story and values. We will assist you in creating lifestyle images that will authentically showcase your products.

Social Media Content: Whether it’s stunning graphics and illustrations, animated videos, or custom infographics, we’ve got you covered. We take the time to understand your brand identity, your target audience, and your campaign goals to deliver best-in-class social media visual content.

Architectural Rendering: Our team of skilled 3D artists and architects will bring your architectural concept to life with exceptional precision and attention to detail. Our rendering techniques create realistic and immersive visuals that convey your design’s essence. Look at how we transformed a client’s architectural concept in this video.

AR/VR Experience: Using our AR/VR services, you can engage your audience in a truly immersive and interactive experience. You can engage your audience unprecedentedly with our 360-degree virtual tours, interactive product demonstrations, realistic simulations, and gamified training modules. Check out this 360-shoppable room video we created for our client.

Why Choose House of Blue Beans for 3D product animation?

House of Blue Beans has been a trusted provider of 3D product animation services for over a decade, catering to leading brands and Fortune 50 companies such as Lowe’s, Target Retail, Henkel, Honeywell, and more. Our commitment to delivering the best-in-class service has helped these companies elevate their marketing campaigns and achieve remarkable results.

Here’s why House of Blue Beans is the ideal choice for your 3D product animation needs:

Engaging Audience With 3D Product Animation Software

High-quality Output:  With House of Blue Beans, you can rest assured that every 3D product animation will be of premium quality. We have a quality assurance standard to ensure every CGI-powered 3D product animation meets the industry standards for accuracy and appeal.

Quicker Turnaround Time: Unlike the traditional method, which can take up to 3 months to deliver the output, House of Blue Beans assures you that your 3D product animation will be delivered in 10-12 days. Our CGI-based solutions create 3D product animation at a relatively faster pace, ensuring that you save 80% of the time otherwise spent on shoots and re-shoots associated with the conventional methodology.

Detail-Oriented Work: The smallest detail can make or break your impression on the target audience. That’s why, we adopt,a meticulous approach that ensures that you get 3D product animation that is precise. With our detail-oriented approach, we plan to exceed your expectations and deliver results that leave a lasting impression.

Customer-centric Approach: Everything we do, is done with keeping the customer in mind. With us, you are not just a client but a valued partner whose expectations we aim to exceed with our exceptional service. Our expert team will collaborate with you to ensure transparency and communication throughout the process. We guarantee you a journey of outstanding service and partnership.

Budget-friendliness: Our 3D product animation service will cost you 1/4th the cost of conventional methodology. We don’t need the physical product but only a reference image to start the project. Since no shipping is involved, there would be no damage which significantly reduces the cost. Furthermore, the overall cost comes down since there is no cost associated with renting the location for a shoot or hiring a dedicated photographer.

Don’t believe what we are saying? Check out our reviews which speak for themselves.

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Top 6 3D Product Animation Software

While now you know the benefits of hiring a 3D product animation service provider, if you want to go ahead with investing in a software, here are our top picks for you.

Engaging Audience With 3D Product Animation Software


Blender is a free 3D animation software that can be used for anything possible through 3D- modeling, from rigging, animation, texturing, rendering, composting, simulation, and motion tracking to video editing. It has been used for various applications like advertisements, feature films, TV series, video games, visual effects, architecture, and more. It offers many high-quality tools like a skeleton, envelope, texturing, sound synchronization, fluid, and smoke simulations. Blender can be used for directly drawing in 2D and 3D with complete workflow freedom. It serves as an excellent alternative for top-paid software like Autodesk Maya.

3D Product Animation Software To Amuse Customers

2. Cascadeur

Cascadeur is a physics-based animation software that can create physically accurate animation for games and movies. Designers can develop realistic animations of any character, be it human or animal, without using motion capture technology. Cascadeur offers animators the convenient tools to create hyper-realistic animation from scratch. Since it supports importing and exporting FBX/DAE data to other software, it can be easily integrated into existing workflow automation. Since it has numerous tutorials and extensively documented guides, beginners and advanced professionals can use it without hassle. It is free software but also offers a paid version for big organizations.

3D Product Animation Software To Amuse Customers

3. AutoDesk Maya

AutoDesk Maya is regarded as one of the most versatile 3D animation software for its ability to create complicated structures, realistic effects, and lifelike worlds. It has been used in famous movies like Harry Potter and Transformers and series like Games of Thrones and South Park. With its Bitfrost feature, designers can create dazzling effects, build custom graphs or use ready-made effects like explosion or weather. The Arnold feature can be used to create characters and sceneries. Some other useful features of Autodesk Maya include geodesic vortex binding, a native motion library plugin, and a range of automation tools.

3D Product Animation Software To Amuse Customers

4. Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is a simple yet robust 3D product animation software used by both beginners and experienced animators due to its intuitive interface and the wide range of tools it offers to ensure high-quality 3D product animation. It is an easy software known for its stability with its features and functionality tested by QA and Beta testers. What makes Cinema 4D stand out is its easy learning curve. Alongside various tutorials, there is a professional community that helps first-time animators to strengthen their skills. There is also a site called Cinversity which offers free membership when you purchase the software.

3D Product Animation Software To Amuse Customers

5. Houdini

Houdini is an industry leader in 3D animation, visual effects, and game development which is known for processing complicated crowd simulations and creating highly accurate animations. Developed by SideFX, Houdini is famously used by large VFX companies like Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, and Sony Pictures for creating 3D imagery.

3D Product Animation Software To Amuse Customers

6. AutoDesk 3DS Max

3DS Max is another AutoDesk product known for its 3D modeling and rendering service used for animation, visual effects, and architectural visualizations. With its two separate character animation tools, 3DS Max has encompassing animation capabilities. The CAT tool allows to rig and animate of non-human characters, while the Character Studio creates bipedal characters.

3D product animation has revolutionized how businesses present their products and engage with customers. By utilizing CGI and the power of visual storytelling, House of Blue Beans will help you showcase the product’s features, functionalities, and benefits to the customers in a visually stunning and compelling manner. We make the 3D product animation process accessible and cost-effective with our state-of-the-art tools, technologies, and expertise of 3D artists.

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