Top 11 3D Product Animation Services

3D Product Animation Services Overview

Why limit your product display to a flat surface when you can leverage 3D product animation service to engage customers with immersive product animations and boost conversion rates?

3D product animation involves digitally presenting your product in a three-dimensional space, adding depth along with the length and width of the product. Executing 3D animation professionally can enrich your customer experience by promoting interactivity and enhancing visual experience, thus increasing the likelihood of converting your visitors to customers.

If you are looking for 3D product animation services, you are at the right place. This post lists the top 11 3D product animation service providers to cut short your research time.

3D product animation revolutionizes how businesses showcase their products by bringing them to life in a virtual environment. Advanced computer software creates a detailed and accurate digital representation of the product. This digital model is then animated within a three-dimensional space, showcasing the product’s capabilities, assembly process, and usage scenarios through dynamic movements, transformations, and interactions. The result is an engaging and interactive experience that effectively communicates the product’s unique selling points and value to customers.

Businesses across various industries, including marketing, advertising, product design, and eCommerce, leverage the power of 3D product animation. It serves as a powerful tool for generating interest, desire, and engagement among customers. With its versatility, 3D product animation can be utilized to create captivating promotional videos, informative product demonstrations, interactive applications, immersive virtual tours, and more. By harnessing the potential of 3D product animation, businesses can captivate their audience and effectively communicate the essence and benefits of their products.

Top 11 3D Product Animation Service Providers

Now that you know the benefits of hiring a 3D product animation service provider, let us look at the top 11 best 3D product animation service providers who have been garnering positive reviews with their ability to generate top-notch 3D product animation. 

1. House Of Blue Beans

House of Blue Beans offers premium quality 3D product animation services to businesses across industries. We have been helping Fortune 50 companies and industry leaders like Lowe’s, Target Retail, Richemont, Omnimax International, Temple & Webster, Costa Coffee, and more engage their customers with visually appealing and informative 3D product animations.

3D Product Animation Services Overview

House Of Blue Beans- A Comprehensive 3D Product Animation Service Provider

We understand the importance of showcasing the products in the best light and meticulously craft 3D product animation that highlights intricate details and demonstrates the product’s features, functionalities, and benefits with maximum precision. It is because we secure the services of state-of-the-art technology and skilled animators to transform concepts into captivating animations that engage the audience and drive sales. Our team of 3D product animation experts works towards bringing products to life through compelling visual storytelling.

3D Product Animation Services Overview

3D Product Animation: Transform static product designs into captivating visual experiences with House of Blue Beans 3D product animation service. Our team of skilled animators and designers will combine innovation with creativity to generate an animation that will showcase the product from the best angle. Whether you are planning to launch a new product or simplify the complexity of a device, we will help you craft compelling and engaging animations that will captivate your audience and leave a long-lasting impression. With our keen eye for detail, realistic rendering, and streamlined process and pipeline, we will make sure that product differentiation is created that leads to improved engagement time, enhanced consumer experiences, better conversions, and all in all better returns on marketing investments. 

3D Product Animation Services Overview

3D Modeling: Unlock the potential of highly detailed and realistic 3D models that will enhance your visual content, impress your customer, and boost your possibility of increasing your conversion rate with House of Blue Beans.

We understand that different visual content have different requirements. Take for example, images and videos need high level of detail, realism and accuracy. But, AR/VR on the other hand, have their focus on immersion and interaction rather than the minute details. This is why we create 2 type of 3D models: high fidelity and low fidelity.

  • High-fidelity:  In order to achieve a greater level of realism and detail, we create 3D models with high polygon count. It has a fine detailed geometry and high resolution texture which ensures that every small detail is captured and the model is able to simulate characteristics of the real world. Furthermore, to mimic the real world, we add reflection, shadows, intricate skeletal structures, advanced rigging, wear and tear, surface irregularities and detailed textures. These 3D models are used to create images and videos be it product lifestyle image, white background image, functionality videos, product animation and more.
  • Low fidelity: 3D visualizations like video games, augmented reality and virtual reality need the foundation to priortize simplicity and efficiency over intricate details and hence we create low fidelity 3D models. The have a low polygon count which contributes to a simplified geometry and reduced detail. It enables faster rendering and beter performance in real time applications. Furthermore, being a low-poly model, it reduces the demand on hardware resources which results in a smoother and comfortable user experience.

Once the models are created, we use them as a foundation to create the following visual contents:

Images: Get every aspect of your product captured by photography experts at House of Blue Beans. Whether you want 3D product animation, 360-degree spin, white background image, or product lifestyle image, House of Blue Beans covers you.

  • 360-Degree Spin: Allow your customers to explore the product from all angles by rotating, zooming in, zooming out, and more with our futuristic 360-degree spin.
360 degree view of a product360 degree view of a product360 degree view of a product
  • White Background Image: Provide your customers with distraction-free images against a white backdrop and showcase your product in the best light.
360 degree view of a product, 3D Product Animation Services Overview
  • Product Lifestyle Image: Show how will your product look in different settings with our wide range of product lifestyle images covering from home decor and fashion to consumer electronics.
3D Product Animation Services Overview

Videos: Capture the essence of the environment, characters, and objects in visually stunning videos designed by House of Blue Beans experts to entertain and engage your customers.

  • How-to-Videos: Understanding the importance of having a well-infromed user, we, at House of Blue Beans create videos that offer clear and concise instruction on the usage and installation. Our videos are created with the aim to empower audience by reducing uncertainties and boost their confidence in the product. Take a look at how we breakdown installation of a fence in this video.
  • Functionality Videos: Explain a product’s features, functionalities, and benefits in an engaging manner with House of Blue Beans. Let your audience understand how your product works and what value it will add to their life.
  • White Background Videos: Elevate your visual content and make your product shine with House of Blue Beans white background videos that will put your products in complete focus.
  • Product Videos: Showcase the intricacies of your product through our meticulously crafted product videos. Take a look at how we helped a client showcase their wearable device in this video
  • Inspirational Videos: Evoke desire to buy among your customer base with inspirational videos delivering messages that will drive and uplift positive change like we did in this video

Social Media Visual Content: Make your product stand out with appealing and informative content. Take your social media strategy to new heights by incorporating our visual content to build brand awareness and drive engagement.

AR/VR Experiences: Give your customers the experience of shopping like a physical store in a virtual world with House of Blue Beans 360 shoppable room and the visualizer app. The 360 shoppable room lets customers view and interact with products as if they are in the store. The visualizer app lets them understand whether or not the product will look good in their preferred setting, be it home or office.

3D Product Animation Services Overview

Architectural Rendering: Convey the true essence of your architectural vision with House of Blue Beans. Whether you are looking for architectural visualization for marketing purposes, presentations, or to offer AR/VR experience, we have got your back.

Why Choose HOBB As Your 3D Product Animation Partner?

We leverage CGI to generate top-notch 3D product animations to ensure that we elevate your product marketing strategies by bringing products to life in a way that leaves a lasting impression on your target audience. House of Blue Beans solutions are:

  • Cost-effective: Our CGI-based 3D product animation solutions cost 1/4th that of the conventional methodology. Furthermore, we don’t require you to ship physical products because reference images are enough for us to create 3D product animations. The overall cost further comes down since there is no cost associated with shipping physical products, creating a setup, or renting a place for shooting.
  • High-Quality: We take immense pride in delivering high-quality 3D product animations to businesses from different sectors. All our processes use CGI technology by 3D animation experts who deliver visually appealing and informative output so your brand can differentiate itself.
  • Faster Turnaround Time: Unlike conventional methodology, which can take up to 3 months to deliver results, House of Blue Beans will provide output in 2 weeks. The go-to-market time is further reduced since we use proprietary software for collaboration and asset management.
  • Customer-Centric: All our processes are carried out, keeping customers in focus. This is why we have successfully delivered 3D product animation for industry leaders, assisting them in developing and strengthening relationships with their customers.
  • Detail-Oriented: We believe quality comes from being detail-oriented. All our 3D product animations are made keeping precision and intricacy in mind. We aim to ensure that your 3D product animation goes beyond being captivating into being informative.

You don’t have to believe what we say. You can check out our reviews which speak for themselves.

Testimonials Matt Crosby
Testimonials Matthew Van Swol

2. Pixel Perfect Studio

Since 2013, Pixel Perfect Studios has provided top-notch 3D animation services to clients worldwide, including character design and modeling, motion graphics, and virtual reality. By showcasing the intricate details of the watches, Pixel Perfect Studios has demonstrated its craftsmanship while also being visually appealing. It is distinguished by its attention to detail and commitment to quality. Their experienced animators use the latest technologies and software to produce enthralling visuals.

Pixel Perfect

3. Big Move Agency

The Big Move Agency is one of the top providers of 3D animation services in Egypt, offering clients high-quality, innovative solutions. The company’s impressive portfolio includes healthcare, education, entertainment, and advertising, proving its position as one of the leading 3D animation services providers in Egypt and worldwide.  Along with staying abreast of modern technology trends, the company uses interactive video creatively for storytelling purposes as well as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and even virtual reality (AR).

Big Move Agency

4. Flink Studio

Founded in the United Arab Emirates in 2007, Flink Studios specializes in 3D animation. The team consists of highly skilled professionals who specialize in creating animations and visual effects that will captivate audiences. With years of experience, they have become a leading player in the industry. It offers 3D modeling, character animation, architectural visualization, product visualization, motion graphics, and more. You can hire them for a short promo video or a full-length feature film production.

Flink Studio

5. Fivekit

A German-based 3D animation service provider, Fivekit offers various industries visual effects and animation services that aim to engage the audience and encourage them to take action. In addition to photorealistic product animations, virtual reality simulations, and architectural visualization, they also provide virtual reality simulations. Whether it’s creating animated videos for social media campaigns or developing interactive presentations, Fivekit ensures every project is customized to meet the needs of each client. Fivekit is an excellent option for businesses looking for 3D product animation services at a competitive price.


6. Gorilla Agency

Gorilla Agency is a London-based 3D animation service provider that offers high-quality animations for the advertising, gaming, and film industries. Its portfolio of past projects demonstrates the agency’s capability to create stunning visual effects and realistic character models. Gorilla Agency offers post-production services such as sound design, music composition, editing, and colour grading, which is convenient for clients who prefer to work with one agency rather than multiple vendors. 

Gorilla Agency

7. Studio Piraat

Since 2005, Studio Piraat has provided 3D animation services to different industries, and its team of talented animators, designers, and creative thinkers has produced high-quality animations for various clients. Studio Piraat’s work, including the animated short film “The Last Knit,” was highly acclaimed and won numerous awards at various international film festivals. The company also offers visual effects, motion graphics, character design, and animation. A leading 3D animation service provider, Studio Piraat combines exceptional quality with excellent customer service standards to deliver unique visuals.

Studio Piraat

8. Nectart Production

Nectart Production is a visual production agency based in Belgium specializing in 3D product animation. It offers various 3D animation services like 360-degree spin, 3D modeling, asset creation, and more for industries like advertising, gaming, and film. Every aspect of their animations is meticulously crafted from start to finish. Their highly skilled animators use cutting-edge technology and software to bring their client’s visions to life. Nectart Production’s dedication extends beyond just creating beautiful animations; they also strive for sustainability by using renewable energy sources and eco-friendly practices.


9. Duck Design

Duck Design has been offering high-quality animation and visualization services for 3D products for over a decade. They specialize in bringing products to life through animations and visualizations. Their team uses cutting-edge software technology to present your product’s features and functionality in a realistic and eye-catching way. The ability of Duck Design to work across a wide range of industries, including auto, aviation, medical equipment, and consumer goods, is one of the company’s distinctive features.

Duck Design

10. Webeagentur Neubert

A leading provider of 3D product animation services, Werkagentur Neubert GmbH is based in Bisingen, Germany. During the past twenty years, they have established themselves as experts in the field, and clients across a wide range of industries trust them to bring their products to life. The quality, affordability, and timeliness of Werbeagentur Neubert are what set them apart. Whether you’re looking for simple animations or complex visualizations, Werbeagentur Neubert delivers outstanding results.

Webeagentur Neubert

11. Vacuum Studio

An Italian studio, Vacum Studio creates stunning 3D product animations for businesses of all sizes. The team at Vaccum Studio has extensive experience creating realistic and visually appealing animations for various industries, including automotive, furniture, and electronics. Vacuum Studio also uses advanced technology to create high-quality visualizations that can be used for marketing purposes or even as educational tools to train employees about products. Not only is their animation aesthetically pleasing, but it is also informative and engaging.

Vacuum Studio

3D product animation gives you an unparalleled opportunity to bring your products to life with creative and interactive product displays. You can transform your customer’s product experience by allowing them to thoroughly explore and understand the customers’ features, functionality, and unique selling points. Captivate your audience and create a long-lasting impression on them with a 3D product animation service by House Of Blue Beans.

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