10 Best 3D Modeling Services

3D Modeling Services for Products

The 3D model provides the necessary structure and realism to create engaging and impactful visual experiences across different industries by serving as a building block for diverse visual content. 

Intricate 3D model creation is a technical procedure that requires specialized skills and experience. Attempting to create intricate 3D models will result in subpar results without proper training.

You need knowledge, experience, and expertise navigating CGI to create 3D models. This is why we suggest outsourcing 3D modeling to a service provider. 

A well-crafted 3D model must highlight the product’s features and functionalities in the images or videos. But doing 3D modeling by yourself can be challenging for the following reasons.

  • The complexity of 3D Technology: Creating a 3D model requires using specialized software. Learning can be tricky since they have a steep learning curve, which would mean investing significant time and effort. If you are still learning the ropes and the object is complex, it might take you hours, days, or even weeks to create a single model. Furthermore, multiple iterations and revisions go into achieving the desired result, prolonging the process even further.
  • Technical Knowledge: To be able to create an accurate and realistic 3D model, you need to have a thorough understanding of different concepts related to 3D modeling, like geometry, topology, UV mapping, shading, and lighting. 
  • Hardware and Software Requirements: Complex 3D scenes or animations can be computationally intensive, requiring a powerful computer with adequate hardware. Furthermore, 3D modeling software receives updates regularly with new enhancements and features. To keep up with the latest updates, it may be necessary to learn additional skills. 

10 Leading 3D Modeling Services

Understanding the gravity of these challenges and the impact they can have on product presentation, we bring you a list of top 3D modeling service providers who have been leading the way and helping businesses across industries with accurate and realistic 3D models.

1. House of Blue Beans

You can trust House of Blue Beans to help you with realistic and accurate 3D models, which will serve as the foundation for developing different types of visual assets for your eCommerce platform or any marketing campaigns. We understand the importance of attention to detail, proper texture, and precise proportions, and hence craft 3D models with such precision so that the elements align perfectly and match the intended dimensions. 

To ensure that your 3D model can perform efficiently in various applications, be it a white background image, lifestyle image, animation, or AR/VR; we avoid any complexity with our clean and optimized 3D models. Leading brands and Fortune 50 companies like Lowe’s, Accenture, Titan, and Cadbury have benefitted from our 3D modeling services to create a wide range of visual assets for over a decade.

3D Modeling Services for Products

Our process begins with you sending us reference images about your specific requirements. Yes, that means you don’t have to worry about shipping the physical products when working with us. 

3D modelling stages of a consumer packaged good3D modelling stages of a consumer packaged good3D modelling stages of a consumer packaged good

Once we have the details, we will create a 3D model that can serve as a foundation for visual assets like images, videos, or AR/VR experiences.

What are the types of assets House of Blue Beans creates?

At House of Blue Beans, we generate three types of assets based on the complexity of the model, performance, and aesthetics. These are – high-fidelity 3D models, low-fidelity 3D models, and variants.

3D Modeling Services for Products

High-fidelity 3D Models: These are large files containing all the details of the physical product and are used to create hyper-realistic renders of the product, which will be used in marketing campaigns.

Low-fidelity 3D models: These are small files created with optimum detail to ensure that the product is well-represented but does not cause any lag in performance. They are used to render products on applications like gaming and AR/VR experience.

Variants: As the name suggests, these are multiple variations of the 3D models, which include different sizes and shapes. It can be used to create different versions of the same product in different contexts.

Once these 3D models are created, we use them to create the following visual assets:

Images: Using computer-generated imagery, our team of skilled artists and designers creates stunning visuals that resonate with your target audience in a way you’ve never seen before.

3D Modeling Services for Products
  • White background Image: In every shot, our skilled photographers and image editors ensure a clean, seamless white background to highlight your products.
3D Modeling Services for Products
  • Lifestyle Images: You can count on us for dynamic lifestyle shots for your fashion label, heartwarming family photos for your advertising campaign, and engaging content for your travel website.
3D Modeling Services for Products
  • Product Images: You can count on us to capture every detail so your products stand out with stunning clarity, enticing colors, and a touch of artistry. We can help you sell on e-commerce platforms, advertise in print, or showcase your products online.

Videos: With House of Blue Beans, you can experience the power of visual learning and deliver high-quality content that resonates with viewers. We aim to elevate your storytelling, so embrace creativity, impact, and House of Blue Beans. Take a look at the wide variety of videos we have created.

  • How to: Creating high-quality how-to videos tailored to the specific needs of your brand is our goal. Our video production team works hand-in-hand with you to craft engaging videos that impact your audience, like how we created a video showing how to install a fence.
  • Product: Our carefully crafted product videos will help you create an emotional connection with your audience, leaving a lasting impression and driving them to purchase.
  • White Background: Creating clean, polished videos against a seamless white background is one of the best things our team of video producers and editors can do. Whether it’s a product showcase, a corporate presentation, or educational content, our approach ensures your message is clear, concise, and engaging.
  • Inspirational: With our team of visionary creators and storytellers, we craft emotionally charged videos that inspire your audience and move your business forward. With captivating visuals and heart-stirring narratives like this video, we bring stories to life, whether you want to inspire your team, share your brand’s mission, or share a powerful message.
  • Functionality: The videographers and storytellers on our team excel at creating videos highlighting your products’ features and benefits. Our videos showcase software applications, demonstrate complex machinery, or explain consumer goods clearly and simply.

Architectural Visualization: From the tiniest intricate detail to the largest spatial arrangement, our cutting-edge 3D technology brings every detail to life. In addition to captivating your audience, our photorealistic visualizations, like those in this video can accelerate decision-making and project approvals, whether you are an architect, developer, or interior designer.

Social Media Content: We specialize in creating visually stunning content tailored specifically to fit social media platforms by our creative wizards. Whether you need eye-catching graphics, captivating videos, or animations, we have the skills and imagination to make your brand stand out.

AR/VR Experience: We create immersive AR/VR experiences that redefine reality with our team of visionary developers and designers. If you want to wow your audience with interactive product demonstrations or gamify your brand message, House of Blue Beans has the expertise to turn your ideas into reality, like in this video where we created a 360 shoppable room for a client to help their customers understand how the product will look in a real-life setting.

How is the House of Blue Beans’ 3D modeling service different from others?

High-Quality 3D Models: We guarantee that our 3D models will be 100% accurate in terms of size and scale when compared to the actual product. Moreover, since we use a proprietary 3D modeling pipeline, we have generated over 21000 models for businesses worldwide. 

Costa Coffee was having issues creating the exact 3D replica of its physical product.  They wanted to showcase every minute detail of their product so that customers could view every component. This is where we stepped in. We carefully crafted every tiny detail of the 3D model and ran it through strict quality control protocols to ensure that the 3D model and product visual are the spitting image of the real-world coffee machine. Our high-quality 3D models and product visuals helped Costa Coffee launch a successful marketing campaign.

Versatile: Images and videos created from our 3D models are versatile and can be effectively used in different software and platforms, making integrating with different workflows easy. Furthermore, our 3D models’ versatility makes them a universal usable asset for various applications like creating images, videos, and augmented reality and virtual reality experiences. Understanding that these two applications require different configurations, our team of 3D experts creates high-fidelity 3D models for generating images or videos and low-fidelity 3D models for AR/VR applications.

Optimized File Size: Our 3D models have optimized file size, which reduces the computational load and enhances the overall performance of the visual content by speeding up uploading. It also streamlines the collaboration process, since optimized files make sharing models with team members and clients quick and easy.

Future Proof: Our 3D models are optimized to ensure they remain relevant and usable in changing hardware and software requirements, thus preventing compatibility issues in the long run.

Not convinced yet? Take a look at testimonials by our clients to see for yourself.

Best 3D Modeling Services
Best 3D Modeling Services

2. CGI Furniture

Best 3D Modeling Services

As the name suggests, CGI Furniture is a 3D rendering studio dedicated to helping businesses in the furniture industry present their product in the best light possible. With a team of 192 professional 3D artists, modelers, and designers, they have provided CGI imagery and design services to over 1094 furniture companies for over 12 years. In terms of 3D modeling, they offer high-poly modeling, which involves creating highly detailed 3D models. They also provide AR and VR 3D modeling, developing and modifying low poly models to configure game engines and interactive online tools like VR/AR-based apps and 3D configurations. 

They also make 3D models for the room set to display the furniture’s appearance. To optimize the 3D model surface and ensure that the model seems detailed and realistic, CGI Furniture incorporates 3D retopology technology, which transforms high poly 3d models into realistic low poly 3D models so that they can be used to create visual content for apps and social media, and AR/VR experience.

3. Cadesign Form

Best 3D Modeling Services

Cadesign Form is a visual communication agency that has been offering interactive visual content solutions for brands across industries for over 25 years. Among its many services, Cadesign Form offers 3D modeling for all types of visual content- images, videos, or AR/VR experience. They also offer low poly modeling to ensure that the visual content loads on the user’s screen without any glitches, and users can remain engaged with the product as they view the visualizations.

4. Cylindo

Best 3D Modeling Services

By offering 3D modeling services, Cylindo is revolutionizing how businesses create and showcase product visuals. Through its 3D content creation service, brands can create photorealistic and interactive 3D product visuals, providing customers with a memorable shopping experience. Cylindo’s 3D modeling service elevates the online retail experience by providing brands with an accurate representation of their products before a customer makes a purchase decision. 

It boasts of having powered four quintillion product visualizations and serves 18 million unique users per month. Cylindo has helped furniture retailers, and businesses boost their conversion rate by 36%, average order value by 88%, and reduce visualization costs by 58%. Their 3D content creation expertise has helped brands create engaging and seamless shopping experiences that ultimately drive growth and success.

5. Ikarus3D

Best 3D Modeling Services

Ikarus3D is a leading 3D modeling company specializing in creating VR and AR-ready 3D models. Its 3D modeling service encompasses a broad array of capabilities like custom 3D models, metaverse-ready 3D assets, and VTO ready 3D assests. Their highly skilled artists and technicians create highly detailed and realistic 3D models of various objects, environments, characters, and products. 

Models are optimized for real-time rendering, ensuring seamless performance on AR and VR platforms. To enhance the authenticity of their 3D models, Ikarus3D uses high-quality textures and realistic materials. This results in an immersive and visually appealing experience for users. As their 3D models feature interactive elements, users can engage with objects and environments in AR and VR scenarios, enhancing engagement and creating a deeper level of immersion.

6. MG Design UK

Best 3D Modeling Services

With MG Design, businesses can showcase their product offerings with utmost precision and detail by producing realistic 3D representations of their products through CGI visualization. Through the use of advanced 3D technology and rendering techniques, MG Design ensures that its 3D models are not just visually appealing but functionally accurate as well. Marketing materials, product catalogs, packaging design, and e-commerce platforms can all benefit from these 3D product visualizations, enhancing customer engagement and brand visibility. 

With their 3D modeling service, clients can also make informed product development decisions. A business can evaluate design concepts, explore different color and material options, and identify potential improvements before moving forward with production with lifelike 3D visualizations. The expertise of MG Design also extends to creating interactive 3D product configurators, which allow customers to customize products live.

7. JSEngineering

Best 3D Modeling Services

JS Engineering, a leading 3D architectural visualization company in the United States, specializes in providing clients in the architecture, construction, and real estate industries with a comprehensive suite of top-notch 3D modeling services. It specializes in creating highly detailed 3D models that accurately represent architectural designs, allowing clients to visualize and assess their projects in exceptional detail. 

With JS Engineering, clients can experiment with various design options before implementing the desired ambiance by viewing stunning three-dimensional interior models highlighting furniture, lighting, decor, and other elements. In addition to cityscapes and townships, the company offers 3D modeling for urban planning projects. As part of its marketing services, JS Engineering helps real estate developers create compelling 3D visualizations to engage potential customers and aid in the pre-selling of the property.

8. UFO3D

Best 3D Modeling Services

UFO3D is a renowned 3D modeling company that offers various exceptional 3D modeling services to clients worldwide. The team comprises skilled artists and designers who design and create photorealistic 3D models for multiple industries, such as architecture, real estate, gaming, fashion design, appliance manufacturers, watch, jewelry, and interior design. 

By producing accurate and detailed 3D models of products, the company allows businesses to showcase their offerings in marketing materials and e-commerce platforms. The company’s 3D modeling services have successfully enhanced visual communication, streamlining design processes and providing engaging experiences to various industries.

9. SuperDNA3D Lab

Best 3D Modeling Services

SuperDNA 3D Lab is the leading 3D tech innovator that offers a wide range of 3D solutions to businesses across the globe. It provides custom 3D modeling solutions. Whether you want to ensure that the visual content is compatible with the mobile application or will the detailing fade if the user views it in a real-world environment, they offer realistic and editable 3D models that are a high-quality representation of the product. SuperDNA 3D Lab is known for helping businesses with smooth web integration through seamless cloud hosting of 3D assets. They boast about offering 3D representation that is lightweight, deployable, compatible, and can be used repeatedly.

10. Marxent 3D Cloud

Best 3D Modeling Services

The Marxent 3D Cloud is a cloud-based platform that offers comprehensive 3D modeling solutions and services, primarily in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). For businesses in various industries, including furniture retail, home improvement, properties, and real estate, 3D Cloud provides tools and technologies to create, manage, and deploy interactive 3D content. 

In AR and VR environments, 3D Cloud lets businesses create photorealistic 3D models of their products so that customers can visualize and interact with them. By doing so, customers can virtually place products in their homes or spaces before purchasing, improving the shopping experience. Users can virtually design and decorate rooms, experiment with different layouts, and visualize how furniture and decor will look in their rooms using the platform’s 3D modeling services.

We hope this list has helped narrow your search for the best 3D modeling service provider. While in-house 3D rendering gives you control it is important to understand that with an able 3D modeling service provider like House of Blue Beans, all your visual content will have the precision, detail, and finesses required to entice the audience towards your brand. You can captivate, engage, and inspire your customers with the proper foundation for your visual asset. 

Reach out to House of Blue Beans 3D experts today!