7 Best 360 Product Photography Software

360 Product Photography Software

360 product photography software creates interactive product images that can be rotated 360 degrees in a digital space. This software typically uses a series of photographs taken from multiple angles and combines them into an interactive display that allows the viewer to rotate the product and see it from any angle.

The software is highly favored by eCommerce businesses, online retailers, and marketing & advertising teams to showcase products on their websites, online marketplaces, and advertisements.

Have you ever shopped online for a product but got disappointed when it arrived because it didn’t quite look like what you saw on the website? Surely, we all did!

This can be frustrating. It’s common for customers to experience disappointment when the product they receive doesn’t match their expectations based on what they saw online. This can happen because online product images/photographs may not always provide a complete product view. 

For instance, the images may sometimes fail to show the product from all angles or accurately depict the size, color, or texture. 

This is where technologies like 360 product photography come in handy. They enable you to provide customers with a more immersive and accurate representation of products online, which can help reduce the likelihood of disappointment when a product arrives.

How 360 product images enhance the online shopping experience?

360-product photographs have immense benefits for both—customers and businesses. It improves customers’ experiences, which, in turn, increases website conversions for marketers and sellers. 

Let’s have a look at how it adds value to both customers and businesses.

For Customers:

  • Enhanced product visualization: As discussed earlier, 360-product images allow customers to view a product from every angle, giving them a more accurate sense of its size, shape, and features. This can help customers make more informed purchase decisions as they better understand what they’re buying.
  • Increased engagement: Interactive 360-degree views can capture a customer’s attention and keep them engaged with the product for longer. This can lead to a more enjoyable, realistic and satisfying shopping experience.
  • Improved confidence in purchases: Customers can be more confident in their purchase decisions with a better understanding of the product and its features. This leads to increased satisfaction and less likelihood of product returns.

For Businesses:

  • Competitive advantage: Offering 360 product photography can set a business apart from competitors, providing a more immersive and engaging shopping experience to customers.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: By providing customers with a better understanding of the product and its features, businesses can increase customer satisfaction, leading to more repeat business and positive reviews.
  • Improved conversion rates: 360 product photography has been shown to increase conversion rates by up to 27%, as customers are more likely to make a purchase when they have a better product understanding.
  • Reduced return rates: 360 product images help customers to see how the complete product looks, and because of that, there is no difference in customers’ expectations and the product they receive. This reduces the chances of the product return.
  • Increased engagement time on Product pages: More product visuals help customers to get complete understanding of the product. 360 product images increase the time spent on the product page as customers check the product from different angel to get an overall idea about the product.

How a 360 product photography software work?

360 product photography software creates interactive, three-dimensional product images that can be rotated and viewed from any angle. 

Though every software may work differently, these are the usual steps involved:

  1. Setup: First, you must prepare your product and camera in a well-lit environment. The object is often spun while photographed from various perspectives on a turntable.
  2. Capture: Next, you would capture photographs from various angles. You must make camera and lighting adjustments between photos to maintain constant lighting and focus.
  3. Stitching: The software will automatically stitch the photographs together to create a single 360-degree image once they have been taken. 
  4. Editing: The software alters the 360-degree image after production, modifies the lighting, and adds other features or interactive components. 

Ultimately, you can upload your 360-degree image to your website or e-commerce platform so that users can interact with it and see the item from all directions. 

360 Product Photography Software: Top 7 Players in the Market

Before introducing the software options, we would like to introduce ourselves. 

With 10+ years of experience, 10,000+ visuals created, and 20,000+ products visualized, we are one of the finest CGI (computer generated images) agencies. We at House of Blue Beans use CGI to help businesses with 360 product photography for marketing, advertising, and other use cases.

0. House of Blue Beans – A complete solution for product visuals requirements for online sellers

360 Product Photography Software Features

We provide best-in-class visualization solutions for various industries, like consumer electronics, furniture and decor, and real estate. 

360 Product Photography Software Features

Industries we serve

We have worked with customers around the world, including Fortune 50 companies like Lowe’s Home improvements and Target Retail creating 360 spins of products along with   lifestyle images,videos, custom AR/VR experiences, and other solutions that enhance their customers’ experiences.

The best brands in the industries trust us.

360 Product Photography Software Features

At HOBB, we create 360-degree images/photographs of the products completely using CGI, which is faster, cheaper, and easy to scale when compared with traditional photography and also without any requirement for the physical products.

See some of our customer reviews:

Testimonial of Lowe's Director of AD Paula Miller
360 Product Photography Software Features

Let’s learn about some of the services we offer businesses in visual content that helps them increase sales.

In the context of 360 product photography, HOBB focuses on 3D Asset Creation and Product Visualization in different components. 

Let’s have a look at these components in detail.

3D Asset Creation

3D product modeling and 3D texturing are two important aspects of 3D asset creation that enable the creation of realistic and visually appealing 3D models for various applications.

At HOBB, we provide 3D asset creation services such as 3D product modeling and 3D texturing to assist clients in creating high-quality and realistic 3D models of their products.

Types of 3D Assets

Here’s a brief explanation of each with relevant examples and their benefits:

  • 3D Product Modeling: 3D product modeling is the process of creating a three-dimensional digital representation of a physical object. It involves using specialized software tools and expertise to construct a virtual product model that can be rotated and viewed from any angle.

Here are a few examples of 3D models of some products we have created:

Examples of 3D Products Model
  • 3D Texturing: 3D texturing is the process of adding color and texture to a 3D model to make it look more realistic. This involves applying digital textures and materials to the surfaces of the 3D model, simulating the look and feel of real-world material.
3D Product texturing example

Check out this video to see texture creation for a furniture product.

Overall, our 3D product modeling and 3D texturing services benefit online sellers with product visuals that can be used for showing on websites and marketing purposes. These visuals help the sellers by enhancing the end consumers’ buying experience.

360-degree Spins: 360-degree spins are a type of product visualization that allows the audience to view the product from all angles. They involve creating multiple product images from different angles and then stitching them together to create a 360-degree view. 

An e-commerce website might use 360-degree spins to showcase a product in detail and help the customer make an informed decision.


  • 360-degree spins provide a comprehensive view of the product, allowing the audience to inspect the product from all angles.
  • They can increase customer confidence and reduce the likelihood of returns or complaints.
  • They provide a more interactive experience, increasing engagement and time spent on the website.

Overall, product visualization is an essential tool for businesses to showcase their products in a visually appealing and realistic manner. Businesses can create a more engaging and memorable experience for the audience by using different media types, ultimately driving sales and increasing brand awareness.

Why Choose HOBB For 360 Photography?

360 Product Photography Software Features

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Inputs for CGI visual content

Other types of Product Visualization

Product visualization is the process of creating visual content to showcase a product in a visually appealing and realistic manner. It can include different media typesother than 360 product photography such as white background images, lifestyle images, videos and AR / VR experiences. The primary goal of product visualization is to showcase the product’s features and engage the audience. 

Here are the three categories of Product Visualization and their benefits:

  1. White Background Product Photographs: At HOBB, we create white background product images using CGI without having the need for physical products. These photographs are often used in e-commerce websites, product catalogs, and advertisements. 


  • White background product photographs are easy to produce and can be used in various settings.
  • They provide a clear, focused view of the product, highlighting its features and details.
  • They can be easily edited to remove any distractions or imperfections.

Here are examples of our work. 

360 Product Photography Software Features
  1. Lifestyle Images: Lifestyle images are photographs that show the product being used in a real-life setting. They help the audience to visualize how the product fits into their lives and how it can be used. 

At HOBB, we leverage CGI to create the environment required for lifestyle images. Contrary to traditional photography, we create these environments fast and at a much less cost. Lifestyle images help customers to make better decisions. Moreover, it also helps in reducing the return of products.


  • Lifestyle images connect emotionally with the audience, showing how the product can enhance their lifestyle.
  • They can be used to target specific demographics and highlight the benefits of the product to them.
  • They provide a more comprehensive view of the product, showing how it fits into a larger context.

Below you will find examples of lifestyle images:

Lifestyle image example
Lifestyle image example
  1. Videos: Videos are a more dynamic form of product visualization that can capture the audience’s attention and provide a more immersive experience. They can include different types of footage, such as live-action, animation, and special effects. 

At HOBB, we create product videos for marketing, advertising, and other requirements to improve customer experience and help businesses sell more products.


  • Films can create a strong emotional connection with the audience, evoking different emotions and feelings.
  • They can showcase the product more engagingly and memorably.
  • They can be used to communicate complex ideas and features in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

This video will give you an idea of how CGI videos can be extremely useful for your business.

1. Webrotate 360

Web rotate 360

Webrotate 360 is a 360-degree product viewer and publishing tool that resulted from years of study, several hours spent taking 360-degree product photos, and interactive 3D product visualization. 


Webrotate 360 offers its services in the following three pricing packages: 

  • Basic: Excellent for proof-of-concept or trial runs, students, nonprofit, and commercial use at free of cost.
  • PRO: Ideal for companies, professional photographers, agencies, online stores, and design studios with a one-time fee of $399.
  • Enterprise: Popular among large internet merchants, producers, global businesses, and agencies with a one-time fee of $599.

2. Shutter Stream

Shutter Stream

Shutter Stream is a 360 product photography software and a comprehensive product photography solution developed by Iconasys. The software is the world’s first and only completely automated and integrated 360-degree product photography software. It is a useful tool for businesses that need to capture and edit large volumes of professional-grade product images quickly and efficiently.

Pricing: The 360 photography automation solutions from Shutter Stream are offered in various configurations and packages starting at only $299.

3. Glo3D


Glo3D is a reasonable 360-car photography software that assists vehicle dealers with all of their digital merchandising. In just 5 minutes, you can make professional video tours and interactive virtual tours of your car with just a smartphone! With the Glo3D software, you get bespoke backdrops, unique banners, and seamlessly synced inventory management with your website and social media.


  • Dealer-Basic: You can either opt for a monthly subscription @$50 or a yearly subscription @$500.
  • Dealer-Plus: You can either opt for a monthly subscription of @$199 or a yearly subscription of @$1990.

4. PhotoRobot


PhotoRobot is a 360-product photography software developed and designed to automate the process of capturing, editing, and publishing 360 product images. 

Apart from the software, PhotoRobot provides sophisticated photographic camera equipment like a turntable, vario, case 850, etc.


  • Cloud (superfast): The pricing for the superfast cloud category is $149 per month plus cloud operating costs.
  • Hybrid (for slow internet): The pricing for the slow internet users under the Hybrid category is $99 per month plus cloud operating costs.
  • Local (for low budget): The pricing for low-budget users under the Local category is $600 per year with self-hosting.

5. Ortery


Office Photo Machine (OPM), introduced by Ortery, is one of the best 360 product photography software. It enables to capture of high-quality images, interactive 360/3D product views, and flyover films with the touch of a button, and the technology is backed by multiple patents. 

With 4-axis control, the camera can tilt, zoom, and fly over objects as they spin on the embedded turntable.

6. Sirv


Sirv is the world’s finest 360-degree product viewer. You can identify the top local specialists in 360-degree product photography software through the Sirv Experts program. Sirv provides immediate access to any photograph you post in any size or format. Your website or app will feel much quicker since files are significantly fewer.


  • Free: With the free version of Sirv, you get essential features, with CDN for rapid image delivery @$0.
  • Business: With the business version of Sirv, you get the complete features, large allowances, and no branding at @$19/month.
  • Enterprise: With the Enterprise version of Sirv, you get tailored solutions for your unique needs at @$999/month.


There are many different options to choose from when it comes to 360-degree product photography software. It’s easier to become overwhelmed with the various options out there, but it’s important to do your due diligence when making a decision. 

Take the time to do the research and ensure you have the right software packaged with benefits to drive unique outcomes. 

House of Blue Beans is a complete 360-product photography solution.


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Contact us if you have any other questions or concerns about using our product photography services. We pride ourselves on being a customer-focused company and are always happy to help you with any questions you may have!