Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions

3D asset or 3D models are the foundation for creating CG eCommerce images, lifestyle images, videos, AR/VR experiences etc.

No, we do not require the physical product to create 3D models.

Not really, however CAD files help in the overall process in terms of reducing cost and time. We just require few images, dimensions and texture scans (in case of complex texture finishes)

Pricing depends on the complexity of the model, and the complexity is not related to the size of the product but rather the level of detail required in the design. You can find our price list below for more information, or if you have any questions, feel free to email us at .

We provide all commonly/globally used file formats that can help you get eCommerce ready as well as AR / VR ready.

Reference images from all angles, close up reference of complex areas of the product, pattern or texture reference images, pantone colors & dimensions.

With slight modifications & cost a Highpoly 3D asset can be converted to AR / VR ready 3D asset.

We charge basis the complexity levels with our core focus being on quality.

Unlike traditional photography, we do not require physical products. So you can save on shipping costs and time. Also, technically, CGI brings in a lot of flexibility and reusability.

We can share images in any format you need. Whether you need a photoshop file or a simple PNG with a white background, we can create it and share with you.

We only require a short project brief to get things moving. Once we understand your requirements, we will share with you drafts of images and edit them based on your feedback until we deliver the final set.

The timeline usually varies on the project's intricacy and the type of images required. However, usually, it may take anywhere from 6 days to a few weeks.

We can provide videos as per your requirements for all major online platforms such as eCommerce, social media, YouTube, TV commercials or large screens.

We can provide you videos with stock music at an additional cost but we do not write scripts, create voice overs and music mixes.


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