Case Study

Costa Coffee - Brewing Success with 3D Visualization

The Client

Partnered with Costa Coffee, a global leader in the coffee industry

The Problem

Needed exact 3D replica of complex coffee machines



A New Level of Growth for a Global Coffeehouse Giant

Costa Coffee, a multinational coffeehouse company and the UK’s largest, is renowned for its extensive presence in the coffee sector, boasting over 3,400 outlets across 31 nations. CostaX, a subsidiary of Costa Coffee, specializes in the production of coffee vending machines for business-to-business clientele. Costa Coffee sought our expertise at House of Blue Beans (HOBB) when they encountered a hurdle in generating photorealistic 3D visuals of their diverse range of coffee machines for a promotional campaign.

The Challenge: Brewing the Perfect 3D Model

Costa Coffee’s coffee machines were complex appliances with numerous components. The challenge was to create a 3D model of the product that would be an exact replica of the physical product. Every component, including the minute internal parts, needed to be recreated in 3D to showcase the product’s functionality accurately.
3d Product visualization of consumer and electronics
3d Product visualization of consumer and electronics

The Solution: A Blend of Expertise and Precision

We at HOBB were born from a philosophy that technology should serve the customer’s needs rather than vice versa. We were well-equipped for the task with this customer-centric approach and our prior experience in creating 3D models and product visuals of sophisticated appliances for industry giants like LG, Whirlpool, and Samsung.

Our team of highly skilled 3D artists meticulously recreated every detail of the coffee machines. The process involved multiple layers of quality assurance to ensure that the 3D models and product visuals matched the actual coffee machines with laser precision.

The Result: A Successful Marketing Campaign

The final 3D models and product visuals of the Costa Coffee machines were ready after minor iterations. The marketing campaign featuring these visuals went live across various marketing channels in the UK.

The 3D models and product visuals created by us at HOBB were instrumental in the success of the marketing campaign. They provided potential B2B customers with a detailed understanding of the coffee machines’ design and functionality, contributing to an increase in sales inquiries and conversions.

The project demonstrated our expertise in creating high-quality 3D models and product visuals for complex appliances, further strengthening our reputation as a leading provider of 3D & CGI services.

Super quality work and responsive team

The quality of work from the HOBB team and their project management has been excellent for our 3D product rendering requirements. Their attention to details is great for any technical and complex projects. I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking to use their services and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

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Account Manager

What We Did

  •   Created high-quality 3D models and product visuals of complex coffee machines
  •   Ensured laser precision in recreating every detail of the coffee machines
  •   Conducted multiple layers of quality assurance
  •   Contributed to a successful marketing campaign

The success of this project has set a new benchmark for us at HOBB in the field of 3D modeling and product visualization. We continue to strive for excellence in delivering high-quality services to our clients.

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